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6 Secret Monopolies You Didn't Know Run the World

6 Secret Monopolies You Didn't Know Run the World
The American revolutionaries gave their lives for a future in which each man would have the freedom to make his own choices. That dream has come true in the form of supermarket aisles that contain 50 different cereals with the word "oat" in their name, five marshmallow based cereals with a monster theme and 12 different varieties of Cheerios alone. God Bless America. What would you say if I told you that dream was a lie? I don't know what you would say, but we're about to find out. Luxottica Makes All Your Sunglasses Remember back when you watched The Matrix for the first time and ran down to the store to buy sunglasses and a trench coat? Which was famous for its sunglasses. The thing is, all of those are made by one manufacturer -- Luxottica. Well, at least you get to pick between stores, right? That has got to be really heavy. This is of course why they can charge you $200 for a piece of plastic with two hinges -- because most of the "competition" isn't actually competing with them. Corn! Related:  the "Elite"

Charter of the Federal Reserve Act expires in 2013 December 23, 1913, while most of Congress was on Christmas break a few that stayed in Washington sneaked the Federal Reserve Act by, and it was quickly signed into law before the other members of Congress could get back to Washington to do anything about it. This Federal Reserve Act is expiring NOW; will the Congress sell the nation back to the criminal banking system again? I think we all know the answer to that one! 100 more years of slavery... The Federal Reserve Act was enacted on the 23rd of December in the year 1913 The Federal Reserve System, a Christmas Gift that Keeps on Taking by Szandor Blestman Ninety nine years ago this month, the law that brought the Federal Reserve System into existence was passed. It took three years to set things up, but just before Christmas, on the 23rd of December in the year 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was enacted. Think about the date it was passed just for a second. As many of you may know I am not a big fan of laws and regulations.

14 Wild Ideas Many Worlds , Medicine Useless , A.I. via Common Sense , Cryonics , Uploads , I'm in Sim , Fast Growth , Growth Stops , Colonize Galaxy , No Aliens , Aliens Came & Left , Private Law , Futarchy , No One Honest . by Robin Hanson , Oct. 18, 2001 A wild idea is one that many people think is obviously quite unlikely. I'd say at least a third of these wild ideas are likely true. (Parenthetic links are to more of my writings .) Many times each day, your mind permanently splits into different versions that live in different worlds.

Memphis Jury Sees Conspiracy in Martin Luther King's Killing A jury in a civil suit brought by the family of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. decided today that a retired Memphis cafe owner was part of a conspiracy in the 1968 killing of Dr. The jury's decision means it did not believe that James Earl Ray, who was convicted of the crime, fired the shot that killed Dr. After four weeks of testimony and one hour of deliberation, the jury in the wrongful-death case found that Loyd Jowers as well as ''others, including governmental agencies'' had been part of a conspiracy. The family has long questioned Mr. ''This is a vindication for us,'' said Dexter King, the youngest son of Dr. He said he hoped history books would be rewritten to reflect this version of the assassination. Mr. Mr. In an unlikely alliance, the King family was represented in the case by William Pepper, who had been Mr. Mr. Mr. One juror, David Morphy, said after the trial, ''We all thought it was a cut and dried case with the evidence that Mr.

List of ongoing military conflicts Locations of ongoing conflicts worldwide, June 2015 Major wars, 10,000+ deaths in current or past year Wars, 1,000–9,999 deaths in current or past year Minor conflicts, 100-999 deaths in current or past year Skirmishes and clashes, fewer than 100 deaths in current or past year The following is a list of ongoing armed conflicts that are taking place around the world and continue to result in violence. List guidelines[edit] This list of ongoing armed conflicts is for the sole purpose of identifying present-day conflicts and the death toll associated with each conflict. Armed conflicts consist in the use of armed force between two or more organized armed groups, governmental or non-governmental alike.[1] Interstate, intrastate and non-state armed conflicts are listed. 10,000 or more deaths in current or past year[edit] Conflicts in the following list have caused at least 10,000 direct violent deaths in current or past calendar year. 1,000–9,999 deaths in current or past year[edit] See also[edit]

THE REIGN OF EVIL THE REIGN OF EVIL (Kali Yuga)Home Evil [The Pathocracy, aka: Big Brother/Authoritarianism/Patriarchy/Fascism, The Matrix/Cryptocracy/ Secret or Shadow government. Groups at or near the top of the parasite dung heap go by names: Masonry, Zionism, Illuminati. "The world order is only there's no reason to fear them. [2010 June] Ponerology 101: The Political Psychopath "Knowing the true problem is 90% of the solution"-- Pianist Bill Evans There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." — President Woodrow Wilson "It's at that awkward stage, where it's too late to effect change from within the system, and too early to shoot the bastards." [2010 Oct] Meet Carol Two Eagle "But even if you kill me, that doesn't mean you have power over me. [2009 feb] 'Dear Federal Gov't: Drop Dead.' Slavery and the eight veils The Demonic Cabal by Dr.

Why has Morocco’s king survived the Arab Spring? 24 November 2011Last updated at 05:39 ET By Aidan Lewis BBC News, Rabat The king has a powerful propaganda machine - but is also genuinely popular Morocco's ruling elite thinks it has skilfully sidestepped the revolutionary fervour sweeping the Arab world by offering a milder, more peaceful vision of change. Following Friday's elections, King Mohammed VI is for the first time obliged to choose the prime minister from the largest party, rather than naming whoever he pleases. However, many of the protesters who took to the streets in February feel the reforms still fall far short of their demands for a democratic, constitutional monarchy, and have called for a boycott. A low turnout in the parliamentary poll would detract from the legitimacy of King Mohammed VI's reforms and could hint at future problems. Ahead of the poll, the sleepy calm of the capital, Rabat, was occasionally punctuated by the marches of unemployed graduates. Symbols of power Symbolic rituals also boost his status. "Why?

Dealing with corruption in the UK This week, the Council of the International Bar Association (IBA) will consider Anti-Corruption Guidelines for Bar Associations. I remember when this was discussed in one of the IBA policy groups of which I am a member. The representatives from bars in the west (and from at least one other developed country) fell silent as if a rude word had been said, and commented in embarrassment that this had nothing to do with them. Of course, they could not oppose the IBA issuing such guidelines, but they felt it had no relevance to their work or the work of their lawyer members. We in the UK fall into the category of thinking that corruption is something which largely happens elsewhere, where people have religions or skin colours different from our own. There was a debate about the conference on Radio 4 Today’s programme, where the representative from Transparency International UK (TI-UK), an NGO committed to fighting corruption, disagreed that the UK faced such a serious problem.

Astroturfing Definition[edit] In political science, it is defined as the process of seeking electoral victory or legislative relief for grievances by helping political actors find and mobilize a sympathetic public, and is designed to create the image of public consensus where there is none.[1][2] Astroturfing is the use of fake grassroots efforts that primarily focus on influencing public opinion and typically are funded by corporations and governmental entities to form opinions.[3] On the Internet, astroturfers use software to mask their identity. Sometimes one individual operates through many personas to give the impression of widespread support for their client's agenda.[4][5] Some studies suggest astroturfing can alter public viewpoints and create enough doubt to inhibit action.[6] In the first systematic study of astroturfing in the United States, Oxford Professor Philip N. Policies and enforcement[edit] Debate[edit] Effectiveness[edit] Justification[edit] Impact on society[edit] Techniques[edit]

5,000-year-old pyramid destroyed in Lima Related Articles Archaeologists blame two building companies for destroying part of ancient pyramid in the Lima district of San Martin de Porres. The pyramid El Paraiso, located near the river Chillon, is one of the oldest structures constructed in the Americas, made up of 12 pyramids and covering over 64 hectares. Archaeologist Frederic Engel said in a report that El Paraiso could have held between 1500 and 3000 inhabitants and required over 100,000 tons of rock to construct, which was taken from the hills surrounding the structure, and was likely used for religious and ritual purposes. Evidence shows the culture living there was from the Late Pre-Ceramic Age (2000-3000 B.C.E). Despite its obvious importance to Peruvian culture, this pyramid was knocked down and later burned by several clandestine groups that entered the site on Saturday. “This isn’t the first time they have tried to take over this land,” Guillén told the daily.