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I Want to Write Android Apps. Where Do I Start?

I Want to Write Android Apps. Where Do I Start?

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Teach Your Kids to Code: 6 Beginner's Resources for Parents Introducing computer programming to your kids can be a challenge, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the nuances of code. Fortunately, in the last few years, a number of apps, software, and guides have been produced that make the often-complex subject of computer coding easy to grasp for young learners. So where to begin? These are a few resources that parents can share with their kids to help them start learning about programming. Programming Tutorials From Made With Code by Google: Google's Made With Code project has a mission of encouraging girls to pursue careers in computer science.

Tinder: 5 Reasons The Dating App Works For Women It seems many people still falsely assume that women are not interested in casual sex -- an outdated notion that is painfully obvious in the world of hook-up apps. Women reportedly make up 36 percent of dating app users, yet their needs are practically ignored by the market (perhaps because only 19 percent of software developers are women). But it seems like one app finally understands that there are plenty of women interested in hooking up with the help of technology: Tinder. Google offers sweet new SDK to let Android devs join 'Lollipop' guild Managing SSL certificates with ease Android 5.0 "Lollipop" won't ship to the public for a couple more weeks, but Google has tossed developers a bone by releasing the final SDK and system images for select Nexus devices ahead of launch. The new Lollipop SDK that posted on Friday replaces the earlier Android L Developer Preview that the Chocolate Factory offered up at its annual Google I/O conference in June. There's a lot in it for developers to explore. Google describes Lollipop as "the largest Android release yet," with more than 5,000 new APIs. Technically, the release brings Android up to API level 21.

The 20 Websites You Need to Learn Math Step by Step Advertisement Learning math online for free can seem too good to be true. But it’s not. There are plenty of resources and plenty of sites that can teach you the necessary skills. How to get a job when you’re a self-taught developer November 9, 2015By Callie Johnson Applying for a new job is nerve-wracking, but it can be especially scary when you’re self-taught. Aside from not having access to career assistance from a university, you don’t have that expensive degree some employers still want. Commons:10,000 paintings from Directmedia This project page in other languages: Directmedia[1] is the publisher that releases the German Wikipedia CD/DVD. There is a good and productive relationship between Wikipedians and Directmedia. Directmedia has provided 10,000 paintings from the Yorck Project DVD "10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei"[2] (10,000 Masterpieces of Painting) and the associated metadata to the Wikimedia Commons community. These files are now available at Category:The Yorck Project and in their respective specific topic and artist categories.

16 Best YouTube Channels To Start Learning Web Development Want to be a web developer but not sure where to start or which programming language to begin with? There are plenty of resources you can fall back on to start learning languages like Swift or frameworks like AngularJS or even responsive design or just coding in general, if you know where to look (they’re everywhere on the Web). Then again, there are some of us who learn better via video, and this contributes to many web design lessons being made available on Youtube. In this compilation, we’re featuring some of the best Youtube channels you can go back to over and over again, to learn a variety of aspects to do with web development. We have listed some of the topics that are expected from each of the videos, to make your search easier for you. Let us know, via the comments, of any other channels that you think should be in this list.

Online Courses - Anytime, Anywhere You’re here because you’re ready to start building professional, career-boosting websites. Or maybe you’re coding already and want to take things to the next level? I’m here because I’m the creator of the best-selling, highest-rated coding courses on Udemy—and I love to share my secrets with you. thenewboston - Free Educational Video Tutorials on Computer Programming, Web Design, Game Development and More! Material DesignMaterial design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. Java / Android DevelopmentJava is a very popular language used to create desktop applications, website applets, and Android apps. How to Create a Hyperlink to Another Slide in PowerPoint 2007 - dummies By Doug Lowe A PowerPoint hyperlink is text or a graphic that you click to summon another PowerPoint slide, or presentation, or a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. Your PowerPoint hyperlink may also lead to a page on the World Wide Web.