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10 roliga bildredigeringssidor

10 roliga bildredigeringssidor
PicMonkey Bästa bildredigeringssajt, mycket enkelt att använda. Det finns som en app också. Här hittar du olika bildefekter. Ribbet Fotoflexer En mycket avancerad online-bildredigerare Picadilo Fler än 100 teckensnitt, 40 bildefekter, 19 olika verktyg, 140 klistermärken Photocat Det finns som en iPhone app också.

Ladda ner och konvertera videoklipp från Youtube och andra hemsidor Infographics & Data Visualization | Dumpr - Photo Fun Office Lens - Digitize Handwritten Notes and Diagrams Office Lens is a new app for iOS and Android (still in limited beta) designed for converting pictures of notes on whiteboards and paper into notes that can be edited in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. If you don't need to edit the notes that your take pictures of, you can simply export the file created by Office Lens to JPEG or PDF. Probably the neatest aspect of Office Lens is that hand-drawn images and figures captured through the app can be separated from the text to move and manipulate as individual objects in PowerPoint slides. See the video below for an overview of Office Lens. Applications for EducationOffice Lens could be a great app for students to use to snap a picture of something on a whiteboard then add their own comments to it in a Word Document. The option in Office Lens to separate hand-drawn objects could be a good way to digitize a brainstorming session. H/T to Lifehacker and about a half dozen other tech blogs I read this weekend.

Barcode Yourself by Scott Blake Barcode Yourself is a complete, interactive experience in the series of barcode art, created using the personalized data of participants. Enter an individual's gender, weight, height, age and location, and the barcode is formed using real-world data. The individualized barcode can then be printed, mapped, scanned, even depicted on a t-shirt or coffee mug. Uber-geeks can even test out their barcodes on their next grocery run. It is in scanning a barcode that the project reveals its humor, like a banner that reads: Disclaimer! Human beings are not merely worth somewhere between one cent and 10 dollars. It is here, within the confines of an American obsession with "worth," in which the fun begins. The data entered into Barcode Yourself takes a topsy-turvy twist to its personalized end numbers, with the exception of the hard-data that correlates with "location," which tallies up in the Gross Domestic Product of each country. More info in FAQ.

Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing