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10 roliga bildredigeringssidor

10 roliga bildredigeringssidor
PicMonkey Bästa bildredigeringssajt, mycket enkelt att använda. Det finns som en app också. Här hittar du olika bildefekter. Ribbet Fotoflexer En mycket avancerad online-bildredigerare Picadilo Fler än 100 teckensnitt, 40 bildefekter, 19 olika verktyg, 140 klistermärken Photocat Det finns som en iPhone app också.

9 Best Free Image Editors Adobe Photoshop may be dominant among industry professionals, but the software can be daunting for beginners and amateurs who just want to touch up the occasional photo. There are many simpler, easier-to-use alternatives to Photoshop, some of which offer features the latter does not. Plus, many image editors don't have the hefty sticker price of Adobe products. We rounded up nine free image editors that range from basic programs with plenty of filters to near professional-grade software for pixel-to-pixel editing. Check out the gallery and let us know if we missed any of your favorites in the comments below. Image: Flickr, Färglägg Ritmallar och Pyssla Photo Sketch Cartoon Portrait Mit “Cymera” kann jeder wie ein professioneller Fotograf fotografieren! “Cymera” ist eine Applikation, die für Selbstporträten geeignet ist. Mit nur einer Berührung können Sie an Ihre Fotos einen besonderen Zauber verleihen. Hauptfunktionen der ALL-IN-ONE Kamer-App - Cymera ■ Viel seitige Kamera-Funktionen Cymera bietet 7 verschiedene Kamera-Objektiven. ■ Farbfotofiltern Mit den “Analogue-Emotionen” Farbfotofiltern können Sie Leben in die Fotos zaubern. 20+ verschiedene Farbfotofiltern, Licht-, Rand-Effekte sind jederzeit zu haben. ■ Verschönerungseffekt mit dem "Gesichtserkennungdetektor" Der Cymeras eigene Gesichtserkennungsdetektor ermöglicht “größere Augen”, “schmaleres Gesicht” und sogar “Lächeln” nach dem Fotografieren. ■ Collage Auf unterschiedliche Hintergrundbilder oder in ordentlichen Rahmen bringen Sie Ihre Fotos einfach hin und bearbeiten Sie die zahlreichen Fotos in nur EINEM Foto. ■ Dekoration mit Cymeras Details & Accessories ■ Andere Bearbeitungsfunktionen ■ Teilen ■ Sprachen

FUN FRIDAY - 9 VERY easy steps to draw Doodle Flowers Drawing a Doodle Flower is easy! This 9 step process will have you drawing Doodle Flowers in no time. A fine line waterproof pen and some good quality cartridge paper. Draw a circle or an oval Draw a spiral in the centre Draw 5 spider legs coming from the round shape Join the lines up to make petals (You are half way there to drawing a Doodle Flower! From the centre draw 3 lines and on the centre line draw 3 dots Draw a shading line on the corners of each petal. Draw a line around the whole of the flower shape Use a squiggle pattern to fill in the outline Join up the shading lines at the top of each petal with lines or dots. There you have it! That's all there is to it! NOW: Using the same formula, go and make some of your own. Try drawing some leaves as well! Changed the shape of the petals.... or add some more. Get the kids involved and above all else, Next week on Friday Fun Day I'll show you how to add some colour, my way! All you will need are some WATER BASED BRUSH PENS (Non-waterproof, non-pigmented)

Borders Communication 4 All Resources to Support Inclusion The borders below have been created using Microsoft Publisher. They print over multiple landscape pages of A4. Please email if you have any order requests. These letters are available in plain black but feel free to email with another colour choice Download in upper and lower case: a-g, h-n, o-t and u-z. Letters also now available in blue: a-g, h-n, o-t ,u-z , numbers, 0-9, yellow: a-g, h-n, o-t ,u-z , numbers, 0-9 and purple: a-g, h-n, o-t ,u-z , numbers, 0-9 , pink:a-g, h-n, o-t ,u-z , numbers, 0-9, green: a-g, h-n, o-t ,u-z , numbers, 0-9 Fireworks border: click the image to download Sunshine border: click the image to download Dragons border: click the image to download Story Pot border: click the image to download Farm themed border: click the image to download Easter Bunnies border: click the image to download Easter Eggs border: click the image to download Circus border: click the image to download Toys border: click the image to download

inspiration monday i recently came across this fabulous little birdie how-to over at non dairy diary, and i was so inspired that i declared that very moment "play time"! start by painting some watercolor splotches on your paper...... and then outline them with a permanent marker. add eyes, a beak, and all those other birdie things...... and you have a nice little flock of chickadees! but why stop there? and mousies..... and bunnies......oh, my! cyberspace is jam-packed with spectacular ideas...... let inspiration and a little play help you to put your own spin on them!! click here for non dairy diary's tutorial!

Photo Editing and Effects | Autodesk Pixlr Bästa sajterna för att hitta högupplösta bilder Du kan använda Compfight för att leta efter bilder som du snabbt behöver. Om du vill ha slumpmässiga bilder, klicka bara på "Show me what compfight can do?"-knappen. Du kan hitta gratis högupplösta bilder utan copyrightbegränsningar. Nya bilder läggs också upp varje vecka. Superfamous ger dig gratis bilder i högupplösning för nedladdning . Här finns det en samling av gratis bilder för kommersiellt bruk. Om du letar efter bilder med en annan synvinkel, kan du hitta dem här. Public Domain Archive har en omfattande samling av gratis foton utan upphovsrätt. Söktjänst för bilder Andra förslag