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Bike Furniture Design

Bike Furniture Design

‘Chairless’ for Vitra by Alejandro Aravena At the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this week furniture brand Vitra present a strap designed by Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena to be wrapped around the body and used instead of a chair. Called ‘Chairless’, the product wraps around the user’s back and knees to relieve tension while sitting on the floor. Some further information from Vitra: Chairless is a simple tool for sitting – a textile strap joined into a loop, measuring 85 cm in length and 5 cm in width, which can be wrapped around the back and knees in order to stabilise the body and relieve tension, while in a seated position. Chairless is not a replacement, but rather an alternative for a chair, particularly in situations where a chair isn’t available: at the park, beach or anywhere else outdoors; at concerts; in lecture halls and at seminars; in crowded trains and airport lounges. Chairless takes pressure off the back and thigh muscles. Chairless is based on a sitting strap commonly used by the Ayoreo Indians.

Chaise banzaï by madeinskate for Hawaii surf skateshopMade In Skate – Meubles de skateboard en planches de skateboard On a plus besoin de présenter la boutique HAWAII SURF, skate-shop incontournable de la région parisienne. Le boss Eric utilise d’ailleurs 1 partie de ses réserves au sous-sol pour……entreposer une impressionnante collection de skate Old school!!!!! C’est un bon collectionneur qui se respecte, dénicheur de piéces rares et authentiques. Il s’est récemment offert 1 fauteuil powell-peralta……checker plutôt la photo !!!!!!! Imaginez-vous plutôt votre salon,bureau ou chambre équipé d’1 chaise faite de planchons !!!!

The Floating mug by Tigere Chiriga "..this nifty no-coaster-required coffee mug" made into lowbrow brilliant quadrant right next to Sarah Silverman. Check it out! The Floating mug has a facebook page, feel free to show it some love. Your support is awesome! If you can't pledge, you can help by pinning the project. In December of 2008, I had just relocated to North Carolina from New York when I came up with the idea of a "floating mug". So I'm a huge tea drinker, and I have come across numerous designs for cups that have some kind of built in coaster, however, the design's fell short of what I was looking for. After a great deal of research, I managed to find and work with a manufacturer in China to create the original prototype mugs for me, which I've been using for the past few years. I was fortunate, enough to discover Kickstarter recently and have realized the opportunity for me to see if this is a mug people really like. The money pledged will be used to manufacture a master mold of both the mug and and the handle.

The Coolest Elevator in New York & Scouting NY Last week, I was scouting office space in a building in Queens. My guide brought me to this totally unassuming elevator: Really, I have to show you this as I encountered it: WOW. It’s like Willy Wonka built an elevator to the land of Oz! Here’s a full panorama looking toward the rear of the elevator (that’s a railing beneath the mirror)… …and a reverse pan showing the front: Lining the ceiling are these great monster heads made out of mechanical bits… Each is poking through its own hole: More characters, including a king: Another character: The elevator is a last remnant from when the former Macy’s warehouse building catered to a more artsy clientele. Best of all, there’s a cool fish-eye mirror at one end, which makes it look like you’re leaning out of some parallel dimension: I’m a big fan of anything that makes my day a little more surreal, and this is the last thing I was expecting on the other side of those bland white elevator doors.

Contemporary Lighting & Home Accessories from DutchByDesign DESIGN >>> Moody Couch par Hanna Emelie Ernsting Cette semaine Hanna Emelie Ernsting a reçu le second prix du [D3] Contest pour les jeunes designers à imm Cologne. Nommé Moody Couch, le design consiste en un sofa comportant une couverture plus grande que la structure de base. La couverture est faite dans un textile qui conserve la forme. tristan. Pin It Pin It Emploi dans le domaine de l'environnement Emploi dans le domaine de l'environnement Description Fidèle à ses politiques de protection de l'environnement et de soutien de l'emploi, la Région apporte une aide financière aux activités environnementales créatrices d'emplois sur deux axes distincts d'intervention :elle soutient des activités nouvelles et générant des emplois pérenneset encourage des actions d'insertion pour des personnes en difficulté car l'environnement s'avère être un bon support pour réinsérer ces publics.Les projets liés à la gestion des déchets et de l'énergie, à la sensibilisation et à l'information sur l'environnement, à l'entretien et à la mise en valeur des espaces naturels font notamment partie des opérations soutenues par la Région. Public concerné Collectivités territorialesStructures intercommunalesAssociations de protection de la natureStructures d'insertion. Montant de l'aide/accompagnement proposé Modalités d'attribution Contact(s)

Design Sojourn | Strategies for Good Design and Design Leadership Bookshelves, Bookshelfes - 30 of the Most Creative Designs At Freshome, we try to find things to inspire you and make your home a better place to live. You can find all kinds of stories here, such as beautiful pieces of furniture, ideas for decorating your home, architecture news, home gadgets, tips and tricks for improving your home, and much more. Here is a collection of the best bookshelves we posted during the past year. The Equation Bookshelf, designed by Marcos Breder, uses the simple idea of organizing objects in a certain order. These Folding Bookshelves are really innovative and practical; they let you arrange the books in an interesting way, as you can see from these pictures. This multiple-sized shelf design called the Quad Bookcase can store your CDs, DVDs and books all in one clever product. Da-Eun Song designed this shelf that spells out “shelf.” This design might look cool, but I don’t think you could stay too relaxed in that space, I’d rather sit in a comfortable chair. This interesting shelf is called Bookworm.

DESIGN >>> Archetto Seating par Sybarite et Marzorati Ronchetti Pour célébrer la 70ème édition de Pitti Uomo ( le plus important rendez vous de la mode homme dans le monde qui se tenait à Florence du 11/14 janvier), Marzorati Ronchetti a confié à Sybarite la tâche de créer un concept de design pour meubler un secteur en combinant l’esthétique et la multi-fonctionnalité. Le résultat est un module qui joue avec la démarcation entre l’affaire, le loisir, le divertissement et l’hospitalité. Tout s’est exprimé par des formes biologiques, libres et gracieuses. Le projet trône dans une salle appelée « le Club des Acheteurs », une pièce utilisée par les membres de la Chambre nationale des Acheteurs qui cette année travaille avec la « Fashion Illustrated » pour organiser des réunions, des rencontres et des tables rondes. Tristan. Pin It Pin It

SNOW SKI WINE RACK | Reclaimed Skis Bottle Racks Michael Bellino Michael Bellino started making SkiChairs back in 1993 after purchasing a house on a lake and building an enormous dock that needed furniture. Looking for an alternative to plastic patio furniture, he found inspiration in O'Neils Bike and Ski Shop, which he managed. Two weeks and two prototypes later, he created the first SkiChair with his old racing and bump skis. Michael says he's still sitting in that original chair today! Over the next few years he expanded the product offering using different types of sports equipment. "I consider myself more of a deck and dock carpenter, but by trade, I graduated with an electrical engineering degree, and creating furniture was really a leap of faith." Currently, SkiChair recycles over 20,000 pieces of sports equipment each year, which includes snow and water skis, wake and snow boards, hockey sticks, baseball bats and golf clubs.

Industrial Design Sketching and Drawing Video Tutorials 5 Smart Contemporary Electrical Outlets Every home is full of outlets nowadays. It’s also full of power cords which most of us wish we could hide somehow. That and some other problems outlets producers tries to solve in contemporary outlets. Wall Cleats What use is an electrical plug when you’re not plugged in? Hang On Outlet It is a basic power outlet with a little extra lip to hold on to your lose plugs, keeping your power management neat and tidy. 360 Electrical Outlet 360 Electrical is an electrical outlet plate where the two sockets spin 360 degrees to help manage bulky plugs. Hidden Wall Safe Electrical Outlet The Hidden Wall Safe is handy because most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim’s home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. Swivel Sockets These outlets could be rotate 90 degrees. Via Other Check also out antler outlets and minimalistic outlet Via electrical outlets, outlet, smart furniture, smart outlets