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Bike Furniture Design

Bike Furniture Design

Rafael Morgan: furniture Click on the images to make them larger The HEX is another project for the U.D.O Collection (Unidentified Design Object). It works as a cloth hanger, a coat rack, a book shelf or whatever you want. Its modular design allows you to use one or many of them and it´s supposed to be produced in several cool gradient colors. HEX is another great object for you to throw things on and it´s inspired by a cool plastic darts game that I used to love when I was a kid. ‘Chairless’ for Vitra by Alejandro Aravena At the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this week furniture brand Vitra present a strap designed by Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena to be wrapped around the body and used instead of a chair. Called ‘Chairless’, the product wraps around the user’s back and knees to relieve tension while sitting on the floor. Some further information from Vitra: Chairless is a simple tool for sitting – a textile strap joined into a loop, measuring 85 cm in length and 5 cm in width, which can be wrapped around the back and knees in order to stabilise the body and relieve tension, while in a seated position.

Developer Display Requirements Introduction The power of Twitter is in the network of people using it, and its ability to bring users closer to what's most meaningful to them. When we first launched, Tweets were simple 140 character updates. A completely renovated first apartment Pages Search Eames Lounge Chair, Barcelona Chair, Marble Tulip Tables - Exclusive at Rove Concepts Colorado real estate and homes Kim's personal links MY FAVOURITE DECOR SHOPS IN OTTAWA kitchen remodel in my last house my twin sister's mostly kid's rooms decor blog danilo calvache - Pasto, Colombia - furniture furniture by danilo calvache Views: Favorites:

Combo Couch: All-in-One Lounger, Love Seat + Sofa Bed = « Dornob Sofa beds sneak two functions into one piece of furniture, but these designs go beyond the binary ‘convertible couch’ typology to be completely modular, comfortable for sitting up, laying back or lying down in any number of custom configurations. This seating set from Zuiver builds on the classic fold-out footrest and flip-up backrest concepts of an easy chair, but take such loungers to new levels by expanding the entire idea horizontally into a multi-person love seat, then stretch it further to a full-length sleep-friendly sofa. Each modular segment can be flipped in, out, up or down as desired by the people using each part of the seating space – a pair of chairs can be formed within the larger whole of the couch, or the entire system can open and accommodate a couple comfortably. Smaller versions are also interesting craft experiments, but the purpose seems less clear in a simple lounge chair variant.

Reclaimed Skis Bottle Racks Michael Bellino Michael Bellino started making SkiChairs back in 1993 after purchasing a house on a lake and building an enormous dock that needed furniture. Looking for an alternative to plastic patio furniture, he found inspiration in O'Neils Bike and Ski Shop, which he managed. Two weeks and two prototypes later, he created the first SkiChair with his old racing and bump skis. Michael says he's still sitting in that original chair today! In bed with good design Like most designers, you’ll want your home to be looking good or at least well-design. This collection presents some beds that I could make mine. Bookcase into a bed Floating bed Bed Up

Upcycling your unwanted items A Throwback to Days Gone By: Upcycling It may look like an old piece of clutter, but that item you are planning to throw away could have a new life. Welcome to upcycling. It’s a method of finding a new use for things that otherwise would end up on a rubbish tip. Disappearing Doorknob Concept Innovative door handle system, designed by Arnaud Lapierre, promises to ensure your privacy by hiding the knob when the door is locked. Doorknob Condition uses clever pulley system that retracts the exterior door knob when pulled from the inside. Also check out: Gun Shaped Door Handle

Honey when you said pool room ... Pages Search Jo on Instagram Kim on Instagram Kim's twin sister's blogKim's fav decor shops in Ottawa Bedsos for Leather beds & Mattresses The Chairs of Mid-Century Modern January 3rd, 2011 It’s a new year and along with it comes a remarkable collection via Flickr from one my most-favorable categories: Mid-century Modern. These chairs come from the 50s, 60s, and 70s; while some lived on, a number fell by the wayside for obvious reasons. Some of my favorites in this collection include the iconic Eero Aarnio Ball chair, Eames Molded Plywood chair and of course the Eames Lounge chair. Colorful Volcano Inspired Fireplace If you think that modern fireplace designs are boring than the Terragen fireplace by a young UK company, Flying Cavalries. It’s inspired by those natural pheonomena that are a source of enourmous energy: volcanoes. This fireplace can easily become the heart of your home and become a source of energy for you after the working day. Its colors go from red and melt into gray so even when it isn’t working it’s still an eye-catching sculptural object. Besides being just a fireplace, the Terragen is also a stylish coffee table.