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Margarine Tub Boat Craft: Classic Crafts for Kids

Margarine Tub Boat Craft: Classic Crafts for Kids

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Christian crafts - Jonah and the big fish A whale of a craft to help kids remember the story of Jonah and that walking with God in obedience is always the best choice. Before class, cut out one big fish for each child from Gray©Fun Foam using the “Big Fish Template.” (Construction paper can be substituted for Fun Foam but it won't last s long.) MixMax To think I actually doubted to buy this game! I didn't like the illustrations at first but when I photographed it the game actually grew on me. Such fun! It's a classic theme, of course, mixing and matching the several pieces.

Spring Tissue Paper Flowers - Woo! Jr. Kids Activities 65 7 0Google +0 5 1225 When my daughter was really little, she got this unbelievably cool book for her birthday on making Tissue Paper Flowers . Stuffed Paper Bag Whale This is a classic craft that we've likely all made when we were young. It continues to be loads of fun for the kids! Materials: paint - blue or grey (tempra, poster or acrylic paints all work well) paper lunch bag newspaper blue construction paper elastic band or masking tape scotch tape glue, black marker Optional: wiggly eyes

2015 Calendar Main Page Download the artwork pages and the monthly grids. Tape each month's artwork and grid together, trim the edges, and either tape or spiral bind the top. You can print out each page on a standard printer and then tape the artwork and the grid together to form the finished calendar which measures 10 x 16 inches after you trim the edges.

THANKSGIVING STORY BRACELET - Dr. Jean & Friends Blog Every year I receive requests for the “Thanksgiving Story Bracelet.” You will need to purchase the beads and pipe cleaners and demonstrate how to make the bracelet before asking the children to do it. Practice reading the poem several times as children touch each color. Encourage the children to tell the story of the first Thanksgiving independently using the beads as a clue. Send home a copy of the poem so the children can share it with their families. With this bracelet you will know (Start with a pipe cleaner.)The first Thanksgiving that was long, long ago.The Pilgrims set sail from far awayOn the Mayflower with tall white sails. Use Crayons to Create Color Block Candles We know that July was the month of color block, but we can’t help ourselves when it comes to a good hack. Consider this a late but worthwhile entry into our color block category. Introducing Color Block Crayon Candles! While we’ve seen crayons used to create candles before, most of the projects we see are all about swirling and making sort of a tie dye look. We wanted to keep things clean and crisp, just the way we like it.

Star Wars Snowflakes 2013 Published on Sep 09 Written by Anthony Herrera Hits: 511437 It happens every year. Keep 'em Busy at the Kids' Table Sometimes, the kids’ table is the envy of every adult in the room! It’s where the fun happens! It’s messy, it’s loud, it’s full of laughs and it can also be incredibly creative.