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Easy to Make Eid Mehndi Designs of all Cultures Pakistani Indian & Arabic Henna Pattern Celebrate chand raat and eid with new mehndi designs. Amazing designs for all occasions eid ul fitar eid ul adha chand raat diwali 2011. Mix Collection of Best Pakistani Indian Arabic and Sindhi designs. Simple yet eye caching Henna Design Beautiful Mehendi(Henna) design pattern for parties Dark and light mehndi design colour comparison Circular elegant henna pattern simple leafy pattern work Floral Mehndi pattern art Beautiful bridal Hinna pattern (BBHP) Henna design art for healthy hands Peacock design for mehndi Petals mehndi design pattern for feet Black henna heavy design for feet Decent mehndi design for long fingers Henna design for mayoun ceremony Net mehndi design for feet fingers Mehndi design pictures with dark outlines

DOs and DON’Ts – Colour – Inspiration Bit Did you know that colour and visual elements activate the right brain (emotions), while the printed words activate the left brain (logic)? Colour and Typography remain to be the two most important elements in design. When you harmoniously combine them all you attract a quicker attentionx to the subject, reinforce impact and recognition, help in establishing powerful identities and brand, set a mood. Today we’ll examine the DOs and DON’Ts in designing with colour, and next time we’ll investigate the topic of Typography. Babies are colour-dominant: they are more attracted by colour than form. DO take time to learn the colour wheel. made up of three primaries: red, blue and yellow. Every colour has a temperature: from the red/yellow side of the spectrum it’s warm, and from the blue/purple side it’s cool. DON’T miss on understanding the basic colour wheel rules: Most colours look great when combined with the shades in various values or intensities. DO analyze the colour undertones.

Open letter to Google: free VP8, and use it on YouTube - Free Software Foundation Dear Google, With your purchase of On2, you now own both the world's largest video site (YouTube) and all the patents behind a new high performance video codec -- VP8. Just think what you can achieve by releasing the VP8 codec under an irrevocable royalty-free license and pushing it out to users on YouTube? You can end the web's dependence on patent-encumbered video formats and proprietary software (Flash). To sit on this technology or merely use it as a bargaining chip would be a disservice to the free world, while bringing at best limited short-term benefits to your company. Why this would be amazing The world would have a new free format unencumbered by software patents. You have the leverage to make such free formats a global standard. This ability to offer a free format on YouTube, however, is only a tiny fraction of your real leverage. But even some smaller actions would also have an impact. We all want you to do the right thing. More resources Translations

Various quotations | #222 In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design. Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe. Quote by George Bernard Being happy… Sometimes I pretend to be normal… Colour / color tools, palettes, schemes and theory Colour and emotion are closely related, so it makes sense to pay particular attention to the colour we choose. This list of 48 tools and resources will help, and I’ve separated the links into the following categories: colour palettes and combinations (#1-6), colour theory (#7-16), colour tools (#17-41), colour patterns (#42-44), and colour code (#45+). Colour palettes and combinations 1/ COLOURlovers “COLOURlovers gives people who use color – whether for ad campaigns, logo design, or in architectural specification – a place to check out a world of color, compare color palettes, comment on news and read color-related articles / interviews.” 2/ Nature’s Color Palette “Nature provides some of the most striking and beautiful color palettes imaginable! 3/ Color combinations – cure for designers block “Choosing the right color combination is vital for any design – logos included. 4/ Color combinations, schemes and palettes 5/ “ has been around since March 2005. Colour theory

Scalable Inman Flash Replacement Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR) is an open source JavaScript and Adobe Flash dynamic web fonts implementation, enabling the replacement of text elements on HTML web pages with Flash equivalents. It was initially developed by Mike Davidson and improved by Mark Wubben. It is a scalable variety of HTML text-to-flash replacement pioneered by Shaun Inman. Overview[edit] CSS support in web browsers did not, at the time of sIFR's creation, allow webpages to dynamically include web fonts, so there was no guarantee that fonts specified in CSS or HTML would show as intended, as the browsing user may or may not have had the specified font installed in their system. sIFR embeds a font in a Flash element that displays the text, pre-empting the need for a font to have been manually pre-installed on a user's system. A common technique is to use raster graphics to display text in a font that cannot be trusted to be available on most computers. Criticism[edit] Alternatives[edit] Trivia[edit]

Skout™ • resources + for designers + by designers Flash Web Design: Pros and Cons Flash is a powerful web technology that achieves a high level of visual impact from the graphical point of view. Unfortunately, it is widely misused in web design. There are still many problems with Flash, especially related to usability and search engine behaviour; we need to thoroughly understand what those problems are before we decide to use Flash for our site. As with any business decision, it all boils down to understanding what our target audience wants. If you want to make a big impression from a graphical point of view, Flash is definitely a good approach. However, concrete evidence still points to the fact that most web users utilize the web to find information, and what they regard most important is: a) quality of content b) ease of navigation, and c) speed. Users also consider the web a highly interactive medium: they are unlikely to watch a computer screen for long periods of time without giving some sort of input. c) When you want to dress up a minimalist site.

Sketchbook Secrets: 50 Beautiful Sketchbook Scans The sketchbook is—to borrow a term from the new millenniums’ popular discourse—an artist’s BFF. It’s a diary for the visually inclined—a place where artists can most comfortably explore their personal thoughts, work out their visual needs, practice, maintain a visual history, and hopefully create the unpolished work that will eventually lead to amazing work for the world to see. But, sometimes, when we’re lucky, we get to see the process. Allen Sutton Mattias Adolfsson Laura More Amore David Fullarton Irena Zablotska Rafael Bertone Alena Lavdovskaya Beka Pkhakadze Christian Borku David Sossella f1x Grino Anna Rusakova Hanna Viktorsson Ignacio Veiga Irina Vinnik Jenkins Jenkins Jose Domingo Betancur Gomez Joshua Philippe Julia-Grigorieva Katia Petrunina Kyle Letendre L Filipe dos Santos Luishock Mamz Hu Michael Murdock Nacho-Yague Nicolas Cuestas Ooli razead Roger Haus Sabine ten Lohuis Taylor White Timothy Duong Trevor Henry Yissus Galiana Author: Shane Ward