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60second Recap®: Overviews of the Classics

60second Recap®: Overviews of the Classics

Reading Games Project Appendix D Promote the inclusion of diverse voices in K-12 classrooms with a unique model for culturally responsive text selection and a growing list of teacher-recommended titles. A Tool for Selecting Diverse Texts Appendix D: A Tool for Selecting Diverse Texts walks users through four distinct—but interconnected—considerations: complexity, diversity and representation, critical literacy, and reader and task, modeling the method we used to identify texts for our K-12 anti-bias curriculum, Perspectives for a Diverse America. Traditionally, tools that aid text selection have focused on quantitative and qualitative measures, giving teachers the means to select based on inherent text complexities; for example, word and sentence length, text cohesion, language features and knowledge demands. Appendix D: A Tool for Selecting Diverse Texts is different. A List of Diverse Texts Get started now and browse the grade level bands for a title, author and lens to use in your classroom. Informational Informational

Bad Blurbs Leaves of Grass -- "Walt Whitman is as unacquainted with art as a hog is with mathematics. His poems, we must call them so for convenience, resemble nothing so much as the war-cry of the red Indians . . . or rather, perhaps, this Walt Whitman reminds us of Caliban flinging down his logs, and setting himself to write a poem." London Critic, 1855 Poems of Emily Dickinson -- ". . . for the most part the ideas [in Miss Dickinson's book] totter and toddle, not having learned to walk. In spite of this, several of the quatrains are curiously touching, they have such a pathetic air of yearning to be poems." Atlantic Monthly, 1892 Huckleberry Finn -- "If Mr. Louisa May Alcott, member, Concord Library Committee that banned Twain's novel (1885) "Daisy Miller" -- "There are many ladies in and around New York today who feel very indignant with Mr. The New York Times, 1879 "The Awakening is too strong drink for moral babes, and should be labeled 'poison.'" St. Chicago Times-Herald, 1899 H.E. Gen.

A Gold Mine of #EdTech Resources As I am sure it is for any educator, my student teaching experience was definitely memorable for many reasons. Some good. Some bad. So, in the spirit of Mrs. Back Channels and Mobile Interactive Learning InfuseLearning- I am still waiting for this cool site to take off. Kahoot- Turn a lesson into a game by leveraging the possibilities with any internet-connected device. Socrative- Now owned by MasteryConnect, this always awesome site just keeps getting better. PollEveryWhere- Love it. TodaysMeet- Picture this: students get extremely interested in a class topic and hands are raised all over the classroom. Blended Learning Video Editor EduCanon- Have you ever found a video and thought, “Hmmm, I only need a section of it, and I want to customize the video”? EdPuzzle- What’s better than having one option? TubeChop- Nothing like the two resources mentioned above, but TubeChop may be the tool you need for capturing snippets of videos in an efficient and simple manner. Comics and Avatars

mslcblevins: I love using @Wonderopolis... Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank | A Globe Education Project Free Study Guides A Gold Mine of #EdTech Resources: Part II In continuation of Part I of “A Gold Mine of #EdTech Resources,” please find below the accumulated list for Part II. As always, I have given you my best, but I am quite sure I have left off some technology tools that may flabberghast you. No problem. Simply help us all improve by adding comments at the bottom of this blog post. After reaching a word-count limit for this blog post, I quickly realized a Part III could be necessary. Website Creation Weebly- Take your career to new heights by using Weebly to create a website, online store, or blogspot. Wix- Choose from a plethora of gorgeous templates and create an inviting website for your digital audience. Squarespace- In all honesty, I have not tried this website creator. Learning Management Systems (LMS) By no means, do I claim to be an expert on the following list of available learning management systems. Edmodo- I do not know of many educators who have not at least heard of Edmodo. Google Classroom- I know, I know. Blogging Platforms

Historical Tweets Shakespeare for Children Introducing the Bard to Young Learners When should students first be exposed to the world famous works of William Shakespeare? Should it be during high school or college years? Isn't it true that Shakespeare is inaccessible for most modern readers and certainly for all children? No, not at all. Although your ultimate goal is for your children to read and enjoy Shakespeare's original works, don't wait until they can before offering them a taste of these classic works. Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb Charles Lamb and his sister Mary together wrote these prose adaptations of Shakespeare's plays intended for young readers. Visit Tales from Shakespeare at Main Lesson. Or for a free PDF download (or many other ebook formats), go to In addition, free audio recordings of the stories can be found at image from Karen's Whimsy Since Shakespeare's works are available so widely, there is no excuse not to have some plays and poetry in your home library.

My Maps - Basic Apps and Ideas for Literature Circles on iPads Mobile Learning | Feature Apps and Ideas for Literature Circles on iPads By Margo Pierce05/08/12 Technology is sliding a power cord, app, or some other innovation into every aspect of education, even elementary reading classes. Darrow says that traditional methods for teaching reading have centered on a verbal-only methodology, which she describes as using one track in the brain. “You want to give [kids] different types of learning experiences so that learning sticks in the brain,” Darrow says. One method of getting kids to engage reading in different ways is through a tablet-based literature circle. But instead of using paper books, colored index cards and poster board to acheive these goals, Darrow uses iPads and apps. Don’t understand a word in the text? With an iPad, Darrow says, “you can quickly switch in and out of the book into the internet to get background research, whether that be video or images or articles.”

Glencoe Study Guides Glencoe Literature offers a collection of hardcover books that allows you to extend the study of literature to your choice of full-length novels and plays. Each Glencoe Literature Library book consists of a complete novel or play accompanied by several related readings, such as short stories, poems, essays, or informational articles. To order one or more Glencoe Literature Library book, please contact our customer service department at, or by calling 1-800-334-7344 (between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Click on a Glencoe Literature Library title below for a brief description of the novel or play, a list of its related readings, and a link to its individual study guide. Across Five Aprils Irene Hunt The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque . . . Animal Farm George Orwell The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin Top Bearstone Will Hobbs The Friends Rosa Guy

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