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Service Design Amsterdam Customer Journey Lab Design Thinking

Service Design Amsterdam Customer Journey Lab Design Thinking

Design the new Business Service Design Amsterdam Customer Journey Lab Design Thinking How to improve the Customer Experience of your Brand? The Customer Journey LAB provides an environment where TRUE customer centric service innovation takes place involving relevant stakeholders using a 'design driven' approach. We offer our creative LAB sessions for identifying improvements and new opportunities. Our creative thinkers can help your company improve the customer experiences of your brand using tools like: Customer Journey Mapping, Persona's, Stakeholder & Value Network Mapping etc.. We can use our creative space in Amsterdam to have the LAB sessions, but it can also be implemented as a continuous process in your organization. The LAB sessions deliver: Strategic guidance, Customer Insights, Service Improvements and New Service Concepts and Roadmaps for implementation. We have developed different modules to meet your companies needs: Customer Journey LAB - Module 1 Quick Insights through Customer Journey Mapping Customer Journey LAB - Module 2 Improve your Customers' Experiences

How Volvo Changed the Way We Travel? ← GoFoolish A decade ago, buses were built on truck chassis and were more or less a by-product of trucks. Body builders bought chassis primarily from Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland . The difference between city and inter-city buses, normal or deluxe, was just a stylish paint job . But the game changed when Volvo , a Swedish company bid for a tender by the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) in 1998 showcasing its B10LE low-entry city bus which drew a lot of attention. And thats marks the start of totally new era for luxury buses. This low-entry coach prompted more weighty concerns: Were India’s roads ready for rear-engine buses, and What about 10 times more cost than a normal state transport bus? Selling to state companies was proving tough. Volvo refused to compromise on product specifications . In 2001 – within a year of demonstrating the inter-city coach – Volvo sold 20 in India . The development of expressways helped things along.

Creating a mood board with Evernote -- part of Evernote's Creative Series - Evernote Blog Today we’re kicking off Evernote’s Creative Series, a collection of posts about creative uses for Evernote and the creative people behind them. Recently, we learned that lots of people use Evernote to create mood boards, which got us thinking…what the heck’s a mood board? Luckily, Julie Gomoll was kind enough to explain and show off her process. When dealing with a client, how does one elicit the kind of presence they want to convey? What exactly is a mood board? Mood boards are a great way to get you and your client on the same page early on. Evernote and mood boards For me, Evernote provided the perfect starting point for my most recent mood board. Basically, I was starting from scratch. Getting started I started a new notebook in Evernote with the client’s name, and clipped everything I ran across that was relevant. After a while, I had a pretty hefty notebook. The new Berkeley Bionics corporate ID and website is actually done, but isn’t public yet.