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SMART board in the classroom

SMART board in the classroom

Smartboard in the Classroom SMART Technologies An online community for educators using SMART products. SMART Technologies Website (Download Notebook Example) (Download Notebook Example) Download Examples Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement Contents Issue Context Research Results ActivInspire software for the ActivClassroom : Promethean. With ActivInspire software, teachers transform traditional, lecture-based classrooms into learning environments infused with imaginative, interactive experiences that captivate students’ attention while granting them the freedom to take ownership of their achievement. Designed to foster collaboration and active learning, ActivInspire empowers teachers to blend real-time assessment and real-world experience into the learning process. ActivInspire integrates ActivArena’s dual-user functionality and Promethean’s award-winning student response systems to support collaborative teamwork and ongoing assessment in the classroom.

Learning Disability Help: Children with Learning Disabilities « – your guide to disability rights and disability truths. Children with learning disabilities may have certain disabled children rights but they can still have a very tough childhood. They have to try extra hard to cope up with the others and may still fall behind if they lack proper learning disability services. A child with learning disability may never be cured but there are a number of learning disability resources available which makes their lives easier. Understanding a leaning disability student and providing them with appropriate help ensures a very prospective future for them. Understand a Child with Leaning Disability

Education The Henry Ford is a Legendary Place Huge and inspiring, it's filled with an unparalleled collection of over 26 million artifacts cataloging the human stories that make up American History. It's a place where students can come face-to-face with the tales of the inventors, scientists and social visionaries who steered and are steering America into a place of global pre-eminence. A place where innovation is a state of mind, that can be taught and nurtured as a culture. Build My ActivClassroom : Our Solutions : Promethean. The ActivBoard 300 Pro is a feature-rich interactive whiteboard that combines graphics, motion and interactivity with integrated sound and dual-user functionality. The ActivBoard 300 Pro, like all Promethean products, was created to provide maximum ease of use and adaptability in the classroom. With a durable, classroom-ready surface and dual-user functionality, every student is encouraged to collaborate and participate.

IEPs, Special Education, Autism, Assessment, Learning ... One obstacle in advocating for a child with a disability is finding the time to do research. We spend hours collecting information so you can spend your time learning, not searching. From this page, download free publications about IEPs, special education, transition planning, reading, children's mental health, harassment, high-stakes testing, retention and social promotion, zero tolerance and discipline. The contents of this page change often as we add new publications. While you are here, be sure to check our list of free online newsletters about legal, special education law and advocacy, disabilities information, and education.

Graphic Life Map ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us. If you've got lessons plans, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. More Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and strategies, and find out how you can connect with other literacy professionals. More

Interactive Whiteboards « Think Bank We can show you how to make the best use of your Interactive Whiteboard in both Primary and Secondary school classrooms and also at colleges and university level. We can provide Bespoke Beginners and Advanced sessions and either Subject specific or general sessions. We can train on Smart, Promethean or Easiteach software and have delivered IWB training to Educational, Commercial and Military customers in the UK and overseas over the last 10 years. Learn the ins and outs of an Individualized Education Program (IEP). By Jan Baumel, M.S. You asked to have your child evaluated for special education services. Now it's time for the IEP meeting, but you're not sure what to expect. What's in an IEP? How can you prepare for the meeting?

Whiteboards under the microscope Millions of pounds have been spent on providing schools with interactive whiteboards in the belief that they could act as powerful aids to raising attainment, yet the boards are having no discernible impact on children's test scores. That was the surprise conclusion of a two-year study covering six LEAs carried out by Newcastle University and published by the government's ICT agency, Becta, earlier this year. It found that pupils in schools with whiteboards scored no better in key stage 2 Sats than pupils in schools without boards. Failure to make a difference was underlined by the fact that those teachers surveyed were deemed to be using the boards interactively and creatively. Moreover, around 85% of teachers believed the whiteboard would improve children's scores. "There is a tension between direct instruction, which benefits Sats results, and developing understanding over the longer term, where a slower pace and longer responses are needed," he says.

Teach the Earth Finding Visuals, Classroom Activities, Course Descriptions and People Undergraduate Introductory Geoscience Courses, Upper Level Geoscience Courses, Two-Year Colleges, and K-12 Classrooms Strengthening Your Teaching Google Tutorials This page contains tutorials for using Google tools. The tutorials that I've created you are welcome to use in your own blog, website, or professional development session. Before using the tutorials created by others, please contact their creators. Google Docs for Teachers 2012 Google for Teachers Google for Teachers II - Is Your Child "Learning How to Learn"? Ed Note: Shelley Wright is a high school teacher in Moose Jaw, SK, who has recently been making some significant changes to her teaching in the classroom. The post below first appeared on Wright's blog with The Daily Riff adding bold for emphasis. We find Wright's point-of-view valuable as it relates to how technology is changing the way teachers teach, and how and what students learn. Most of all, we appreciate her openness by sharing her un-learning and re-learning journey in this new world of teaching.

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