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Make People Click: Tips to make your web content interesting

Make People Click: Tips to make your web content interesting
Everyday there are more than 2 million blog posts published, 294 Billion emails sent, 250 million photos uploaded, and 860,000 hours of YouTube videos uploaded. Think of these godlike statistics of interactions happening in the Web everyday as you write down your own blog or upload a picture and video, probably you’ll start wondering how people will ever notice your web contents. How to make people click? This question is perhaps buzzing in your head. In a congested E-market where everyone has the equal ability to create their own content, it is extremely difficult to get an edge in lead generation and conversion. Here are some tips to make people click: Be yourself Don’t write because someone else told you to do so. Be concise On the average, readers take 45 seconds or less before they give up reading certain content. Give exclusive scoop People will always want to be the first in every exclusive scoop.Give people information they can’t get anywhere else. Connect to the reader Source:

Why talking on the phone is better than sending an email The conveniences offered by the internet are boundless. Email has become the main channel for B2B marketing, allowing lead generation campaigns to engage prospects across different locations. We can always vouch on the internet for having the ability to get people closer together in spite of geography. But the question remains: Is direct mail really that effective? For modern marketers, emails may seem like the way to go to expose your product to existing and potential customers. When in doubt, trust that the traditional practice of telemarketing can be effective in getting higher conversion rates. Here are three reasons why picking up the phone is better than sending direct mail: Humanistic. Higher Response Rate. More Direct. It would seem wise to engage your prospects by phone rather than e-mail. Source: Phone vs.

Searching for a New Hope in Lead Generation? Take it from Star Wars Stormtroopers If businesses can learn three important things about B2B lead generation, they should come from popular science fiction films. Every movie within the genre often features an army hell-bent on taking over the world. In GI Joe, we have the Cobra organization. In Captain America, we have Hydra. Underneath the white armor and beyond the intimidating name though lies sheer incompetence. In the same manner, some businesses often struggle with inefficient lead generation processes that function like stormtroopers. But since lead management is akin to organizing a galactic empire, managers should always think about how best to prospect for leads, improve their marketing campaigns and prevent their businesses from failing like the Death Star. Stay current and competent with technology. Lacking an ability to shoot straight at a rebel smuggler, stormtroopers compensate for this weakness by having the latest tech galactic credits can buy: tracking devices and high-tech weaponry, the works.

How Marketers can Solve Marketing Challenges the Easy Way The top three challenges for marketers this year would be new business development, lead quality, and demand and lead generation. This is from the 2015 State of B2B Marketing, a report published by Salesforce that recognizes the important things companies care the most. And with these challenges in mind, they care a whole lot about solving them. For Salesforce contributor Jena Hanington, these challenges can easily be overcome through marketing automation: Challenge 1: New Business Development First and foremost on our list of challenges is “new business development.” Marketing automation gives marketers the ability to track these revenue sources and attribute closed deals back to the campaigns that created them. Challenge 2: Quality of Leads This year, the focus continues to shift away from lead quantity and toward lead quality. Instead, B2B marketers can implement a lead scoring and grading system to better qualify leads. Challenge 3: Demand and Lead Generation See the full post here.

How to Fail at Fill Forms for Lead Generation If your business wants to succeed in yielding qualified leads, trust that your fill forms will do just that. However, online marketers often ignore the fact that making efficient fill forms are as important in lead generation as having them in a landing page. It is thus wise to nurture your fill forms, make them capable of capturing leads, and avoid counter-effective practices, the most infamous of which are as follows. Overfeed your visitors. Make your prospects do finger work. Not giving a hoot about privacy. Overusing the word “submit.” Knowing how to fashion your fill forms efficiently and positioning them at an advantageous location in your landing page entails an important facet of online lead generation. Source : 7 Tips for Lead Generation Forms That Generate Leads

The 'PERFECT' Time to Call a Prospect in Singapore Topics have been discussed and debated in many telemarketing books and blogs about this, but according to, the best days and time to call are during Wednesdays & Thursdays, 6:45 – 9:00am and 4 – 6pm – the perfect timings to get hold of prospects as these are non-hectic hours during weekdays. However, prospecting strategies like reaching the target decision makers at the most perfect time, has greatly evolved with processes and technology development. The evolution of marketing automation in particular, where a prospect’s action and intent to communicate can be tracked through the integrated power of nurturing tools and the crm, has made the call activity multi-functional, and the telemarketer more productive, taking both into a new perspective: Call the prospect at the time he is most convenient to talk. As mentioned earlier, automation tools can track actions like visiting a website or clicking a contact me form in an email, so strike the iron while it’s hot:

How to Build a B2B Appointment Setting Strategy from Scratch Every B2B business has its eyes locked on a set of goals. Most of these goals involve gaining as many sales closes as possible. To reach this point however there is a need to optimize one’s lead generation and appointment setting campaign. For marketers, sales meetings serve as critical transitions to a purchase. This is a process that lets you engage your B2B leads head-on and keep them interested in your offers. However, one could find ways to formulate an effective strategy from scratch. Streamline customer profiling. Analyze neglected issues. Nurture B2B leads. Explore the possibilities to get around gatekeepers. Keep in mind that your sales meetings present the relevance and value of a company. Please follow and like us:

How to Farm for Leads and Harvest Hefty Conversions Too many articles liken B2B lead generation to maintaining a patch of farmland. Perhaps, no better metaphor could be conjured, since farming and marketing have characteristics planted on common ground. This is more so, because leads are like seeds that need incessant care and a good deal of nurturing for them to provide succulent fruits in the form of sales closes. And of course, you need the proper techniques and machinery in order to produce high-yielding varieties. High quality leads are indeed rare, with only 25 percent making up the total number of generated leads. But having the right equipment can convert the remaining 75 percent into eager buyers. Put your green thumb to work by applying these suggestions: Online and Telephone Marketing Tandem. Email has the ability to penetrate prospects regardless of time constraints, but its drawback is clearly summed up by the absence of immediacy. Frame your Audience. Farming is tough and so is lead generation.

Why Telemarketers Love/Hate their Job In B2B marketing, we are always faced by the prospect of getting rejected. You pick up a phone, conduct a cold call, and talk with a prospect only to find he or she has no interest in your offers. Isn’t it just frustrating? There’s no wonder why telemarketers hate their position, being at the frontlines of prospecting for leads and setting up sales appointments. Aside from securing a fresh group of B2B sales leads for our respective businesses, we are also partly responsible for solving certain issues that clients want to streamline or optimize. We can see here that the telemarketer is in a love/hate relationship with his or her line of work. There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to contacting leads through phone. Give value to politeness. Be clear and concise. Put down that call script for a while. Taking these tips into account will surely help you love more the challenges telemarketing has in store. #b2b event telemarketing#B2b telemarketers

Why Will You Fail To Generate Sales Leads In Australia? Trying to generate good B2B leads in Australia? Then be prepared to fail. That is a constant in all businesses, whichever part of the world you will go. Lead generation is not an easy task to complete, since you need to consider a lot of factors, like market trends, product offers, as well as the people assigned to do the task. But you, as the manager or owner, what are the things you do that can make your campaign fail? Let us put it this way: You want to control everything – micromanaging things may work in some businesses, but this might not be the ideal solution in an appointment setting campaign. If these are your kind of thing, it would be advisable that you change them immediately. 10 Fresh Email Marketing Ideas You Should Try Today - - B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Email marketing is not dead, but over the years, a few unsavory email marketing behaviors have soured a lot of recipients to the email messages that were filling up their inboxes. On the other hand, consumers jump for joy when they actually get an email that is interesting, helpful or innovative. There’s an art on how to craft an email newsletter that recipients will actually read, so we’ve put together ten examples of some awesome email marketing ideas that may convince you to reexamine how you think about using email today: 1. Truly great companies are always changing and evolving, and it’s something your customers expect. 2. You should create a sense of urgency with a call-to-action. 3. There’s nothing better than asking for as well as receiving feedback from your users, even if they aren’t exactly a power user. 4. Email from AmazonLocal is short and sweet, with only one call-to-action. 5. 6. 7. 8. If you have a referral program, do your customers know about it? 9. 10. Timm Danny

Lead Generation Phrase To Avoid in Australia – “Exceed Expectations” Claiming that you are the best in the industry is just a normal part of lead generation campaigns in Australia. But you have to be sure that you can back it up. Take for example, the term ‘exceed expectations’. There are also other things that you need to consider when making that claim during your business appointment setting. So, what should you be doing then? Lead Generation and Appointment Setting - B2B Lead Generation Australia I want to thank each and every one of you for making our May 19th Launch a resounding success! Each of your contributions helped us to exceed our initial estimates on attendance, and drive what we feel will be a very good outcome from the ensuing follow up meetings. We had excellent participation from both our internal support teams and external partners. Our original goal for registration was approximately 80, which we hit right on the nose, and our expected attendees (excluding members of the press) was 40. We actually ended up exceeding that number by driving 57 pax, so excellent work by all!! From a press coverage perspective, we ended up with 10 members of the press joining our Press Briefing, which is fantastic! Cortez Smith, Pure Storage What a wonderful day indeed! Helen Joronen, Greenkeeper Systems New Zealand I just wanted to write to you guys to say what a pleasure it has been working with you on our outbound lead generation campaigns in Singapore.

The Greatest Marketing Strategy Question: Inbound or Outbound? - - B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Marketing strategies are interesting. The fact that drafting an approach is a volatile task allows for a variety of options that B2B telemarketing companies could follow. There is simply no linear formula to follow as there are two vital forms of marketing which you can pursue, inbound and outbound. For a campaign to earn its success, it is important for a business decision-maker to know which method would prove the best. The following considerations will guide you in creating a successful marketing plan: Cost Efficiency. Content Engagement. Market Diversity. We can see that inbound and outbound marketing seem to oppose each other. For example, a business may send direct mails containing links to the enterprise’s blogsite and social media pages. Integrating the two will prove to be indispensable in translating marketing leads into actual sales.