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Emma Watson HeForShe Speech at the United Nations

Emma Watson HeForShe Speech at the United Nations

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IKT Förra veckan drog vi igång igen efter sportlovet! =D Härliga ungar som glatt studsade runt i vår fina lärmiljö. Det gällde att fånga upp dem igen, hitta lugnet och samla tankar. Perks of Being a Wallflower - Literature; Discussion Questions: 1. There are many life-lessons in this story. Describe one.

A Male And Female Co-Workers' Experiment Revealed The Deafening Sexism That Men Don't Experience Men have often been inclined to dismiss claims of gender biases in the workplace — take the debate on the wage gap, for example — but one male worker recently experienced firsthand the challenges that women run into in his line of work. In a series of tweets, Martin Schneider, a writer and editor at an entertainment publication, detailed the pushback he faced when his email correspondence was accidentally signed with the name of a female colleague, Nicole Hallberg. When he corrected the error and told a difficult client that he had "taken over" the project for Hallberg, he was immediately met with a much more agreeable attitude from the client. Realizing that something might be amiss here, Hallberg and Schneider decided to switch places, signing emails with each other's names. "I was in hell," Schneider wrote of the experience.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower In 1999, MTV premiered Making the Video and The Tom Green Show, their hit reality show The Real World went to Hawaii, and they got a lot of airplay out of that Prince song. You know the one. Oh, and on top of all that, they published The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This novel by Stephen Chbosky features the three sensational things that make The Real World (and MTV as a whole) so successful: sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. Although, now that we think about it, it might be more Rocky Horror Picture Show than rock 'n' roll—but there's enough music in Perks to keep you humming for hours. The novel follows a fifteen-year-old introverted boy named Charlie through his freshman year of high school.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a coming-of-age epistolary novel by American writer Stephen Chbosky which was first published on February 1, 1999 by Pocket Books. Its narrator is an introverted teenager known as Charlie, who describes his experiences in a series of letters to an anonymous stranger. Set in the early 1990s, the novel follows Charlie through his freshman year of high school in a Pittsburgh suburb. Intelligent beyond his years, he is an unconventional thinker; as the story begins, the reader learns that Charlie is also shy and unpopular. Breaking is Not So Bad When it Comes to Engineering We asked leaders in the engineering field to share with us why and how they fell in love with engineering. Here's what Michelle had to say. I love engineering because... it lets me build solutions to help solve some of the world’s biggest issues such as how to provide clean water or how to make renewable energy. The one thing that people don't know about engineering is... it's not all about wearing hard hats.

For ESL English Language Learners What is most notable about this funny, touching, memorable novel is the resounding accuracy with which the author captures the voice of a boy on the brink of adulthood. Charlie is a freshman. And while's he's not the biggest geek in the school, he is by no means popular. He's a wallflower--shy and introspective, and intelligent. We learn about Charlie through the letters he writes. The Perks of Being a Wallflower Questions Okay, we'll ask: what exactly are the perks of being a wallflower?Is Charlie a static character—one who stays basically the same—or a dynamic character—one who changes throughout the course of the novel?Does not knowing the character's real names affect your attachment to them?What kind of role model is Bill to Charlie?Charlie's sister says that Sam and Mary Elizabeth have low self-esteem. Do you agree with her?

Fly It Forward: Women Pilots Introduce Girls To Aviation By Giving Them Their First Flight Experience In late 2009, airline transport rated pilot Mireille Goyer was searching for events celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first female pilot license earned worldwide by Raymonde de Laroche on March 8, 1910. To her dismay, she found none. Determined to not let this important milestone for women pilots go unrecognized, Mireille launched Fly It Forward™, a global campaign designed to honor the pioneers by inspiring the next generation of women aviators. “I thought that the female pioneers that opened doors for all of us would be disappointed to see our lack of progress (0% to barely 6% in 100 years) and that the best way to celebrate them was to have a positive impact on female population growth, thus the idea to encourage pilots to pay specific attention to introducing girls to flying,” Mireille told Runway Girl Network, an innovative, airline passenger experience news site founded by aviation journalist Mary Kirby that highlights the work and accomplishments of women in aviation.

National Girls Collaborative Project Resources NGCP offers many resources to strengthen Collaborative networks and advance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for girls. Mini-grants. Mini-grants are awarded to girl-serving STEM focused programs to support collaboration, address gaps and overlaps in service, and share promising practices. Newsletters. Girl Rising A collaboration with the Pearson Foundation Girl Rising provides teachers with a unique opportunity to introduce students to the issues surrounding girls' education in the developing world, and it’s transformational power. To help teachers learn about the girls’ education movement and effectively share the information with their students, the Pearson Foundation has created this standards-aligned curriculum. Using the curriculum, teachers can engage their students in meaningful, theme-based social studies, political science, math, economics, and language arts lessons by encouraging them to think about important political, cultural, historical, and geographic issues tied to educating girls — and about their role as global citizens and their responsibilities to their own communities. The curriculum addresses inquiries of global scope such as, “How do economies grow when girls are educated?”

Why aren't YOU a feminist? - a question from my wife This is a guest post by Peter Nuckley, a Liverpool born, Yorkshire living, married father of two. He is a keen writer of poetry, novels and songs surpassed only by a love for whisky and classical fiction "Why aren't YOU a feminist?" My wife contemptuously asked of me, after a particularly long discussion with her sister on the role that men should play in the feminist movement The Trouble With Bright Girls Successful women know only too well that in any male-dominated profession, we often find ourselves at a distinct disadvantage. We are routinely underestimated, underutilized, and even underpaid. Studies show that women need to perform at extraordinarily high levels, just to appear moderately competent compared to our male coworkers. But in my experience, smart and talented women rarely realize that one of the toughest hurdles they'll have to overcome to be successful lies within. We judge our own abilities not only more harshly, but fundamentally differently, than men do. Understanding why we do it is the first step to righting a terrible wrong.