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A Wonderful Chart of Educational Web Tools to Use in Class

A Wonderful Chart of Educational Web Tools to Use in Class
September 22, 2014 Here is a wonderful chart featuring a plethora of diverse tools arranged according to the task they are to perform. From web tools to create digital quizzes to note taking and brainstorming tools, this chart is definitely a must have. The only inconvenience I see in it is that the web tools mentioned are not hyperlinked so you need to Google them yourself to access them. I am not really sure who has created this chart. I did an extensive search online but still could not figure it out. However, I came across this work in David Andrade's blog Educational Technology Guy. Check out the full graphic from this page

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Three Places to Find and Download Public Domain Video Footage This afternoon I received an email from a reader who was looking for some places that her students could download free videos to re-use in their own video projects. These are the sources that I recommended as a starting place. The Internet Archive is the first place that comes to mind when I am asked for a source of Public Domain media. The Moving Image Archive within the Internet Archive is an index of more than 1.7 million video clips. Most of what you will find in the Moving Image Archive can be downloaded in a variety of file formats.

A Set of Educational Web Tools You Might Not Be Aware of June 7, 2014 From elementary school to college, students of all ages have a growing pool of educational tools available to them. Here are a set of tools you might not be aware of, and have been recommended by students to their teachers. A student planner that also tracks how long assignments should take, based on teacher estimates and classmate feedback. EdPuzzle for interactive video assignments EdPuzzle starts by having you pick an existing online video or uploading your own. Then they provide a simple clipping tool for selecting a section of the video. Now record audio notes and embed quiz questions. 10 Great iPad Apps for Learning English March , 2014 Over the last couple of weeks I received some requests for featuring a list of iPad apps for ESL learners and I never had time to compile it till tonight. Below are some of the titles I would suggest you try out with your students. Again, I included only the ones I believe are worth the mention here.

Literacy, Technology, Policy, Etc....A Blog: Word Lens in the Classroom Word Lens is a free app for iOS and Android that translates printed words instantly. You open the app, select the language and point the camera at the text. What appears on your screen though, is not what the camera sees, it's the translation. (Android version) I can't vouch for the accuracy of the translation, and I would hate to try to read a whole book by waving my phone over it.

11 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom The use of technology in the classroom is becoming more mainstream than ever. From using it as a way to gain resources and inspiration for lessons to leveraging the relationships with others in your Professional Learning Network (PLN) to find pen pals for your students, the benefits of using technology in and for the classroom are plentiful. However, it is also important to remember that access issues and outdated technology can create issues when integrating it in lessons. During the #TeachChat on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013, teachers voiced their concerns with using tech in the classroom. Connectivity issues, slow load time for devices, and limited access to apps and programs were among the top concerns.

The Best Tools For Creating Visually Attractive Quotations For Online Sharing I periodically find quotations that I think are particularly important and that I’d like to . them as plain text is functional, but displaying them in a visually attractive way increases the chances of people taking the time to read them. Here the the free and easy tools that I’ve used. I hope readers will suggest others: My favorite right now is a new smartphone app called Quipio (you can read more about it at TechCrunch). It’s super-simple to use — search for an image, type in the passage, and . Here’s one I just created as part of a Twitter chat I’m doing for my new book, Self-Driven Learning:

The best tools for your paperless classroom Whether you’ve had a paperless classroom for awhile, have tried to go paperless but have made it only halfway there, or if you’re just taking your first baby steps into emptying your classroom of its paper piles, selecting tools that will take the place of your papers. If you’ve already gone paperless (or partly paperless), you’ve likely already tried out a few tools or more, to varying degrees of ease and success. Part of the issue may be offerings – there are about a bajillion (yes, that’s a real number, and it is a really really big number). - Digital Citizenship Education: Over 20 Essential Resources, Part 1 0 Comments April 17, 2014 By: Michael Gorman Apr 16 Written by: 4/16/2014 5:56 PM ShareThis Welcome to a series that examines the importance of facilitating digital citizenship with today’s students.

The Top Tech Tool Infographic Nowadays, there are numerous platforms, web tools and apps that can be utilized to engage students in the learning process. Although this can be a good problem to have, choosing the right device and corresponding resource to meet educational needs can sometimes be an overwhelming task. But thanks to Clay Reisler, a technology integrator at the Pulaski Community School District in Wisconsin, teachers can easily locate a variety of tools for classroom use by referring to the infographic shown below. This super cool visual provides 18 concepts such as Audio Recording, Book Creation and Interactive Posters as well as suggestions for which tools within each category can be utilized with the iPad or a Chromebook/Laptop. The best part about this image is that it is interactive. Users can click on the icons of the recommendations for one click access to the tools’ site or the app’s iTunes Preview page for additional information.

10 Women in Education to Follow on Twitter We talk a lot about the value of Twitter for educators. It’s a medium that allows for easy connectivity, the sharing of many diverse, often lengthy and complex, ideas quickly and briefly, and the development of a network of thought leaders you may never have met. If you’re looking to build your Personal Learning Network, look no further than Twitter for some of the top thought leaders in education. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re recognizing the following 10 women who tweet prolifically and interestingly about various topics in education. 10 Teacher Tools to "Techify" Your Classroom By Bethany Petty The classrooms of today have the potential to look vastly different than those of the past. Many teachers have access to a vast array of technology tools that can be used in the classroom to increase student engagement. Sometimes, however, the world of educational technology can seem daunting and extremely overwhelming—especially for newcomers. Use this list of teacher tools to “techify” your lessons one step at a time.