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Erica B. Business Lead For years, I’ve used a tedious cut-and-paste approach to laying out timelines and schedules for important meetings. I was searching for a better way and eventually found Office Timeline. What a god-send! It’s a snap to add or adjust timelines and schedules. Jonathan W. I was looking for a new way to convey Project Schedules and key milestones to my customers and managers. Now I present just the right amount of detail, in the right format, and my audiences really appreciate seeing this graphically. See how to make impressive timelines in under 3 minutes. Impress colleagues. We believe project professionalism should be quick and easy...and we're glad you are here.

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Gantt Chart Excel - Test Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Gantt Chart in Excel I like Excel. I use it daily. In companies and homes all over the world, people use Excel for everything – from a makeshift calculator to tracking massive projects. Given the software's omnipresence, it’s no wonder so many people try to repurpose it for tasks that Excel was never meant to do. To demonstrate, I created this How to Create a Gantt chart in Excel tutorial.

Music for Video Take a film out of context... you know you want to! You could re-cut that cheesy sci-fi flick into an interstellar romantic comedy, or poorly dub alternate dialogue onto an action sequence to make it a slapstick routine. We've put together a list of public domain films; pick one and make an Unreel Trailer! In less than three minutes, tell us a touching story of ghosts in love, a science experiment gone wrong, a training montage for puppies, or whatever seems appropriate (or inappropriate) to preview a movie that doesn't exist (yet). Dramatic voiceovers, superfluous sound effects, and imaginary titles are encouraged.

960px grid templates — Robbie Manson I’ve created a selection of 960 pixel-wide uniform grid templates ranging from 3-columns to 16-columns, for both Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks: View the repository on GitHub → Although the margin widths of these uniform grid templates do vary, each one adheres to an overall width of 960px. Google Cloud Platform Blog: Cloud rendering solutions by VFX artists for VFX artists From its inception, Zync has been a rendering solution designed by VFX artists for VFX artists. Since joining Google, the team has been hard at work integrating Zync into the broader Google Cloud Platform offering. The result allows artists to use the rendering tools they’re familiar with such as Maya and Nuke to seamlessly tap the performance, scale, and economic benefits of Google’s infrastructure.`

FlippedNormals Lighting Scenes Description Our easy-to-use lighting scenes allows you to spend less time on technical hassles and more on making your work look great. The product comes packed with 12 unique lighting scenes and more than 30 different materials. All of these can be mixed and matched for even more awesome results! We provide 6 different products - a Maya lighting scene for Vray 3, MODO lighting scene for MODO 901, 3ds Max with both Vray and Mental Ray and our newest addition, a Maya lighting scene for Arnold as well as Mental Ray. Everything is organised neatly which enables you to render out well presented models in no time.

Aspect Ratio Calculator (ARC) Use the form below to calculate the missing value for a particular aspect ratio. This is useful, for example, when resizing photos or video. <p><strong style="color: #c00;">You must have JavaScript enabled to use this page.</strong></p> Instructions

48+ Android & Windows Phone Mockup Templates - 365 Web Resources In the previous post, we collected and shared a collection of 38+ iPhone Mockup Templates For App & Web Designers. Today I’m happy to shared with you another mobile phone mockup collection of 48+ Android & Windows Phone mockup templates, including Samsung Galaxy Serious (S4/S3, Note 3/2), HTC, Nokia, Google Nexus 5/6, Motorola, LG, Sony, and more other Android & WP based mobile phones. Feel free to use them to showcase your App, website, or other project on Android and Windows Phone devices.

Free PSD Mockup templates for Website, Application designs - YoArts If you’re a designer, this collection are a great resource to have on hand, you’ll be displaying your work professionally in no time! Responsive Showcase Free PSD Mockup It’s common use to showcasing our web design/app creations on Apple devices. With this resource I wanted to provide you a different version of Apple products: not realistic but minimal, following the flat trending in web and app design. Enjoy! Download link