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25 Incredibly Useful Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark

25 Incredibly Useful Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark
As a budding entrepreneur, you will come across thousands of sites while you search for the information that you need to start and run a successful business. While some of these websites are one-shot deals, a number of them will become favorites that you visit over and over. Here are 25 websites every entrepreneur should bookmark. These are sites that will prove incredibly useful to you as you change the world. These sites will provide priceless tools, strategies and inspiration for you ranging from marketing, information for starting up and building soulful businesses. 1. Tagline: Start, Run and grow Your Business: Why You Should Bookmark: This Entrepreneur Magazine companion site does an excellent job of living up to its name. Must Read: 10 Lessons every entrepreneur must learn 2. Tagline: None 3. Why You Should Bookmark: The Business Owner’s Toolkit is the where entrepreneurs should start when they are certain they want to start a business. Must Read: Startup 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

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Tough sacrifices entrepreneurs must make Every entrepreneur starts out with big dreams and excitement. As an entrepreneur, you control your own destiny, and with the right ideas, the right skillset and unflinching dedication, you can build wealth or establish an enterprise to serve as your legacy. This is the bright side of entrepreneurship, but unfortunately, there’s also a darker side. 31 Things You Can Do To Build A $1 Million Dollar Business In 3 Years. It’s been almost three years since my wife Irene and I quit our day jobs to pursue the dream of building a business. We were both at a stage in our lives where merely working to make a dollar was not rewarding enough. We wanted to create something. And we did, in a way. Today, Arielle has a team of 5 staff and in 2015, our revenue will reach $1 million. All without taking a single dollar of debt or investment.

How to Have Massive Success With Your Blog Your blog is like your baby. You spent months getting it up and running, your design is just right, you’ve created the most enticing opt-in and you’ve been perfecting your content. You’ve put some darn hard work into making it is what it is today yet you STILL don’t feel like you’re where you thought you should or could be.

The 5 Minute Guide To Cheap Startup Advertising The following is a guest post by Rob Walling. Rob Walling has been an entrepreneur for most of his life and is author of the book Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup. He also authors the top 20 startup blog Software By Rob, that's read by tens of thousands of startup entrepreneurs every month and he owns the leading ASP.NET invoicing software on the market in addition to a handful of profitable web properties. Imagine that you've just completed version 1 of your product and you're preparing for launch. You’ve greased the wheels with a few bloggers, targeted some keywords with SEO, created a bit of linkbait, and scheduled the press release to launch in the morning. At this point your co-founder turns to you and says: “What are we going to do with the $300 we have stashed away for advertising?”

Expert Advice: 8 Tips for Creating or Acquiring Great eLearning Content In Start Your Own eLearning or Training Business, the Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. explain how to create a successful distance learning business from the ground up. In this book, you'll find information on all the steps you need to start and run a distance learning business. In this edited excerpt, the authors offer some tips to help you create content that keeps your students interested. With an eLearning business, you can either create your own content or buy it. In either case, it has to be relevant to the learner.

lifehack In my daily work as an academic advisor in higher education, a large percentage of my professional communication is composed via email correspondence. Though it is a part of daily routine, email correspondence from students who are training to enter the work world as competent professionals are often littered with barriers to effective communication. Whether you are a student making the leap to the “real world,” applying for jobs, or a new professional, what can you do to project a more polished image? Start by considering these 10 common pitfalls in professional email etiquette, and learn how each may be damaging your professional image. 10 People Who Became Wildly Successful After Facing Rejection Sometimes, you jump out of the gate with a great idea that you can polish and run with. Everything’s going well -- until you get hit with a failure. Failure punches you in the gut, leaving you with throbbing wounds and the inability to do anything but moan about what might have been.

How to Start a Business With Less Than $20 If I were to start a new business right now and had no experience, no connections, no specific idea, and very little money, here’s exactly what I’d do. Step 1: Find an idea I think everyone has something they can build a business around. Where do you find this idea?

5 Skills That Are the Foundation of Entrepreneurial Success Entrepreneurship requires many skills, from financial planning to human resource management, and it’s at times both intimidating and frustrating. Fortunately, if you’ve got a good idea and the commitment to making it work, most of these skills can be picked up along the way. Throughout the course of your business ownership, you’ll make mistakes, learn valuable lessons, and gain experience that teaches you these skills over time. Top 50 Earning Blogs Home Make Money Top 50 Earning Blogs Top 50 Earning Blogs Posted By: Nancy Badilloon: In: Make Money2 Comments Have you thought about starting a blog and the potential earning you can make? In the beginning stages of setting up a blog it can be a bit over whelming since there is a lot of work to do and you might not be making any money. We all need a bit of inspiration at times check out these top blogs.