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Emma Watson Delivers Game-Changing Speech on Feminism for the U.N.

Emma Watson Delivers Game-Changing Speech on Feminism for the U.N.
Earlier this summer, fresh from college graduation, Emma Watson, was named a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador. Though the ripples of her involvement over the past few months can be seen online (crashing the U.N. Web site, using Twitter to denounce a sexist politician in Turkey or respond to the gender politics of the recent celebrity nude photo hack), Watson’s power in person is an entirely different matter. The actress gave an impassioned speech on feminism and gender at the U.N. headquarters in New York this weekend to launch the “HeForShe” campaign which aims to galvanize one billion men and boys as advocates for ending the inequalities that women and girls face globally. Watson’s speech, which was met with a thunderous standing ovation, not only called for action from male allies, but clarified a persistent misconception about feminism in general. I decided I was a feminist and this seemed uncomplicated to me. You might be thinking who is this Harry Potter girl? Related:  Women RightsRetorikPost feminisme

[WATCH] Emma Watson’s Gender Inequality Speech At The United Nations ‘Harry Potter’ star Emma Watson helped launched the ‘HeForShe’ gender equality campaign on Sept. 20 at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Click to WATCH her amazing speech! Emma Watson, 24, is taking her new role as U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador very seriously. Emma Watson’s Gender Inequality Speech Emma is ready to put an end to gender inequality. Before her speech, she was introduced United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Then, Emma stepped up to the podium to read her speech. “Today, we are launching a campaign called HeForShe,” she started off. <a href=" Our Poll</a> She discussed her journey to becoming a feminist. “Women are choosing not to identify as feminists,” she continued. Emma also called upon men to help make this change happen. Emma, we fully support your campaign. Check out Emma’s full speech below: HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Emma’s speech? – Avery Thompson More Emma Watson News:

M-kampanj mot rödgröna får kritik "The End of ungdomsjobb", "Boom! Där rök försvaret" och "R.I.P. Rut". Stockholmsmoderaternas nya valaffischer går till hårt angrepp mot de rödgröna — en kampanj som kritiseras för att skruva upp tonläget rejält. – Det här är "negative campaigning" — att man inte talar om sin egen politik utan bara om vad motståndaren vill göra, säger professor Bengt Johansson som forskar om politisk kommunikation. Inför valet 2010 täcktes KD-ledaren Göran Hägglunds ansikte av stämpeln "helsjukt". Stockholmsmoderaternas valaffischer, som sätts upp i huvudstaden, går till angrepp mot oppositionens politik med budskap som "Ajöken nio nya tunnelbanestationer" och "140 000 nya bostäder kan hälsa hem". – Vi vill skapa uppmärksamhet och få en klarhet i var de rödgröna partierna står i dessa frågor, säger Stockholmsmoderaternas kommunikationschef Elisabeth Somp, som slår ifrån sig kritiken. – Att lyfta en fråga tycker jag inte är negative campaigning. PR-konsult Patrik Westander anser att tonen har hårdnat.

Is Emma Watson the right woman for the job? "Emma Watson delivers Game-Changing Speech on Feminism for the UN" blazed a headline in Vanity Fair on September 21. Game-changing? In 2014, what about what Watson said was even remotely novel? After her speech at the UN last week, it is apparent that it will take more than just waving a magic wand (sorry, cheap shot, Emma) to enact real change to deeply engrained normative gender discourses. The United Nations is supposed to represent all people, particularly those without a voice. Why, then, did they choose Emma Watson to represent the new UN Women HeForShe campaign? Large audiences How can we blame this decision? Let me underline, italicise, put in bold, that this is not supposed to be a criticism of Emma Watson. What I do criticise, then, is that the United Nations chose to use a white, western, heterosexual, upper-class woman to speak for a group of united nations. In 2014, though, this isn't good enough. Gender binary I am often reprimanded by friends for being too critical.

My Dad Was James Brown. I Saw Him Beat My Mom. -- Vulture It's no secret that James Brown had a dark side. This summer's biopic Get On Up left out many of the weird, uncomfortable, and simply violent incidents that Brown instituted or participated in. But it wasn't until now that we've been able to get a look at just how frightening the singer could be. Earlier this month, his daughter Yamma Brown published a memoir titled Cold Sweat: My Father James Brown and Me (co-written with Robin Gaby Fisher) that details her life growing up with her often volatile dad. In the excerpt below, Yamma flashes back to a moment when Brown beat her mother in front of her and her sister, then writes about how that violent legacy stayed with her into adulthood. The beatings always begin the same way, with the same terrible sounds. I swear that during those fights, I could feel the whole house shake with my father’s crazy rage. James Brown conducting business while getting his hair set. The author, taking after her father's style. “No!” He was so sorry, he said.

Academy Awards Acceptance Speeches | Margaret Herrick Library | Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences When a Little Objectification Is a Good Thing -- The Cut For all of the highly contentious debates among feminists — what is a woman? what is feminism? is Beyoncé a feminist? is Taylor Swift a feminist? This latest study piqued my interest because, while we can all agree the objectification of women has some pretty awful cultural consequences, it’s a far trickier matter within a relationship. Within a healthy relationship or sexual interaction, a little objectification is a good thing. Especially when you're several years deep into a relationship, a bit of remove is often essential to getting it up. This is especially true for women. Of course, objectification is only a positive force in a relationship if you aren’t dating a total jerk. When it comes to even the most settled feminist issues, context is everything.

Fannies, feminism and why girls rule the world with Girls Only The brainchild of coral-haired beauty Antonia Marsh, Girls Only is a studio residency programme, curatorial body, gallery and event space, aimed at supporting the work of female artists and creatives in London and New York. Putting the grrrl in girl power – sorry no boys allowed – last week this group of bright young things transformed one of the empty units in Old Street Underground Station into a temporary exhibition space. Featuring the work of 12 female artists including Shrimps’ Hannah Weiland and photographer Bella Howard, the space was a shrine to girlhood, friendship, and great art. We caught up with Antonia to talk about fannies, feminism, and why girls rule the world. Where did the idea for a girls only collective come from? How did you find the 12 Girls Only LDN artists and what was it about them that struck you? Why did you choose to leave curatorial control with each artist as opposed to establishing a typical central theme? Who is the quintessential Girls Only girl?

Timbuktus tal - ord för ord I dag höll Fem i tolv-rörelsen sin årliga manifestation i Sveriges riksdag. Men när rapartisten Timbuktu tog emot pris närvarande inte talmannen Per Westerberg (M). – Som talman undviker Per Westerberg att närvara vid prisutdelningar som kan uppfattas som kontroversiella, säger hans pressekreterare Samira Zayane. Då höll han känslofyllda talet. "Jag tog med med mig en sak i dag som jag bara brukar ha med mig när jag lämnar Sverige, och det har jag inte gjort nu, för jag kom med en väldigt kort taxifärd. Jag tog med mig detta här (visar upp sitt pass). Det brukar jag bara ha, som sagt, när jag ska lämna Sverige för att påminna alla ställen jag kommer till, och var jag kommer ifrån. Det här betyder väldigt mycket för mig, detta, den här samlingen papper. Det är inte alla som bor i Sverige, och som lever i Sverige, som har ett sådant. Jag tog med den i dag för att säga att detta är mitt bevis i varje fall, på att jag inte är någon främling. Ni behöver inte vara toleranta mot mig. Tack."

Are the hacked J-Law photos another example of the sexism women face in their daily lives? i-D Executive Fashion Director Ger Tierney discusses how for many women their intellect, wit and opinions are still over shadowed by the fact that they’ve got boobs. On Monday morning I was emailed the leaked Jennifer Laurence photographs. I didn’t know anything about the hacking scandal at this point. “Is this from a forthcoming film?” I naively asked. It transpired no, this was a young woman’s most intimate moments sat there on my phone. A woman choosing to show her body for art, film, fashion or a political statement is an empowering act. Why is it that no images like the ones of Jennifer, Kirsten Dunst and Selema Gomez ever appear of men? In the Western world, we live in a privileged society with countless opportunities open to us all. I’m not suggesting that we go on a tirade against men and modern society, what I am proposing is that we learn from the fall out of the hacking scandal and we stand up for Jennifer and the other celebrities it affected as fellow human beings.

M.Y.: Me gusta tener la regla Me gusta tener la regla aunque no siempre ha sido así. Y no lo digo porque durante los primeros días de sangrado experimente un dolor que solo puedo describir como mis ovarios intentando matarme desde dentro. Lo digo porque durante mis primeros años menstruando convertí mi regla en un oscuro secreto que debía ocultar a toda costa para, solo algún tiempo después, ascenderla a la categoría de engorro. Pero, ¿de qué me avergonzaba si en el colegio había estudiado la antiséptica historia de los óvulos que descendían por las trompas de falopio como por un tobogán? Ahora sé que entonces muchas compartimos armario, sin saberlo, porque la misma antigua vergüenza seguía ahí en forma de tabú. Pero os diré una cosa sobre la regla, y me vuelvo a dirigir especialmente a quienes nunca la hayan experimentado, la regla no tiene nada que ver con anuncios de tampones en la piscina ni con todos esos chistes malos aprendidos en películas y series de televisión.

Tacktal Tal på filmgalor utmärks av gråtmildhet, tacksamhet och oro över att inte minnas alla man borde tacka. Men några har brutit normen och gjort något helt annat. Julia Roberts bröt ut i gapskratt Emma Thompson parafraserade Jane Austen När Emma Thompson fick en Golden Globe för en roll i filmatiseringen av boken Förnuft och känsla av Jane Austen så läste hon upp en text om arbetet med filmen, skriven i författarens stil. Kjell Bergqvist tackade sig själv Kjell Bergqvist fick en Guldbagge för 2009 års bästa manliga biroll rollen som Jonny i filmen Bröllopsfotografen 2010. Selma Lagerlöf frågar sin far Här läser Thyra Freding, föreståndare på Mårbacka, det tacktal Selma Lagerlöf höll när hon fick Nobelpriset 1909. "Har du en näsduk? 2009 fick författaren Herta Müller nobelpriset i litteratur. >> Se Herta Müllers nobelföreläsning (på tyska) >> Se Herta Müllers tacktal (på tyska)

feminism 2.0 - the women who rule the web Social media has been changing our perception of women ever since we first logged on. Aside from square eyes, itchy fingers, and an obsessive-compulsive need to post pictures of everything we see, eat, and sleep with, has social media unleashed a new kind of sexist hell? Or has it actually brought about a sense of female empowerment? From rape threats to rape jokes, leaked footage of naked ex-girlfriends to violent images of women, misogynist memes (‘’they say a woman’s work is never done, maybe that’s why they get paid less”) to Women Who Eat on Tubes – the Facebook group which makes women think twice about chowing down a six inch Sub on the Circle Line - there’s no doubt about it, social media has been bad for women. Especially since it’s also given rise to bitchiness amongst them. As leading feminist Germaine Greer wrote in a recent article, feminism exists both as ‘’a media phenomenon and as an academic discipline.’’

Emma Watson, feminism and thoughts from my college advisor | Lisa Jakub “All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.”~Emma Watson, quoting Edmund Burke at the United Nations I recently watched Emma Watson’s speech to the UN about feminism. I had shivers the whole time. Then I read about all the horrible threats she is getting as a result of her speech and shamefully, my first thought was “how terrifying – well, I can’t write about feminism now.” And that is exactly why I’m posting this. I am a feminist. This means I believe that women deserve political, economic and social equality to men. This does not mean I hate men. That is sexism. Here are some things about me: I prepare my husband’s lunch every day and cook dinner most eveningsI knitI like flippy floral skirts I am still a feminist. I do the DYI fix-it projects in our homeI like bugs and dirtI don’t know how to apply make up A few years ago when I was graduating from college, my advisor asked me what my plans were. That’s why I’m a feminist.

Politiska tal Politiker ska vinna väljare och ena rörelsen. Några av de allra skarpaste talarna finns förstås därför inom politiken. Här hör du några av dem. Julia Gillards brandtal om sexism och hyckleri Australiens premiärminister Julia Gillard tryckte till oppositionsledaren Tony Abbott om sexism och blev en riktig snackis i såväl sociala medier som i internationella nyhetsmedier. "Den största segern vinner man i motståndarnas hjärta" Under sitt tal till kongressen som just valt honom till partiledare den 1 oktober 1969, hyllar Socialdemokraternas Olof Palmeden avgående partiledaren Tage Erlander. "Vägen går genom våra allra kärleksfullaste kritiker" "Någon sa att det här var en otacksam uppgift..." 1970 blev Gösta Bohmanny partiledare för Moderata samlingspartiet efter Yngve Holmbergsom avsatts. ”En människa kan mördas, men inte idéer” Två framstående politiker har mördats i Sverige i modern tid.