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USA - The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

USA - The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

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BELGIQUE - Red Star Line Museum Book your ticket Would you like to visit the museum during the weekend? Reservations are required.Tip: Visit the museum in the off-peak hours on weekdays between 12 am and 1.30 pm Address Red Star Line Museum Missouri Digital Heritage Explore our Collective Past More than 9 million records can be accessed through Missouri Digital Heritage, including the collections of the Missouri State Archives, the Missouri State Library and other institutions from across the state. We’re always working to help local organizations digitize their collections and share them online. If you have ideas or suggestions, please send them to Videos and Featured Content

Wikipedia - Family History Center (LDS Church) Family History Centers (FHCs) are units of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). In 2009, there were more than 4,500 FHCs in 88 countries. The centers supply resources for research and study of genealogy and family history. Family History Centers vary greatly in size, hours staffed, and resources available.[1] Because of changing demographics, many smaller FHCs are closing with their resources being directed into "Library Class" facilities similar to the Los Angeles Family History Library, but not like the Riverton FamilySearch Center that has computers only.[2] Most smaller FHCs cannot order microfilm and microfiches from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City (these do not circulate, but are used only in the FHC using FHC machines).

Desktop Earth 2.0 Desktop Earth is a wallpaper generator. It creates desktop backgrounds that are accurate representations of the Earth. The imagery is based on NASA's Blue Marble Next and Earth's City Lights. NORVEGE - Det norske Utvandrersenteret The Norwegian Emigration Center: Does genealogy work for all of NorwayGives you tips on internet - sourcesArranges genealogy - coursesActs as a contact liason between families in Norway and the USA Learn to Use Google in Genealogy Searches - Google Genealogy Tips Since the Google search engine went live in September 1999, it has changed the way people search the web. Today, many genealogists use Google for their genealogy internet and surname queries, and for good reason. Not only does Google produce accurate and relevant search results, Google is extraordinarily fast and flexible. However, Google has evolved over the years and the tips and tricks have changed and evolved also. Below are some tips for genealogy searches to get the most from all that Google has to offer. (Many of these ideas apply to all search engines)

Genealogy Research in Military Records How can Military Records help in my genealogy research? Military records can often provide valuable information on the veteran, as well as on all members of the family. For example: Compiled Service Records: Compiled service records consist of an envelope containing card abstracts taken from muster rolls, returns, pay vouchers, and other records. SUEDE - Multicultural centre - Mångkulturellt centrum The Multicultural Centre works for a society where diversity is reflected in the national image and in which migration-related phenomena are naturally included in the Swedish heritage. Our research profile is multidisciplinary, with an emphasis on an ethnographic approach. Main focus The Multicultural Centre is a forum and a meeting place for research and artistic expression relating to migration and social and cultural diversity. We develop and disseminate knowledge about social and cultural factors that facilitate the creation of a long-term sustainable society.

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries Project National Data Click on the national map to see all of the Atlas' content related to the nation at one view. Like the state map above this content includes interactive maps, shapefiles, and metadata. Boundary Animations US Historical State & Territorial Boundaries, 1783-2000 (3:00) US Historical County Boundaries, 1629-2000 (0:30) US Historical County Boundaries, 1629-2000 (3:00) US Historical County Boundaries (1629-2000), with State/Territorial boundaries (1783-2000) (0:30) US Historical County Boundaries (1629-2000), with State/Territorial boundaries (1783-2000) (3:00) US Historical State & Territorial Boundaries, 1783-2000 (0:30) US Historical State & Territorial Boundaries, 1783-2000 (3:00)

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