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GW Mind maps

GW Mind maps
Below are various mind maps about global warming and related issues. For more information on each mindmap you can download the ebook Global Warming: A Mindmapper’s Guide to the Science and Solution by clicking here . Would you like to learn how to mind map? If yes, please click here . Would you would like to use one of our mindmaps? To do so, please click here . New mind map! Mind map 1: Combating global warming (Chapter 5) *New* Dutch translation: Oplossigen voor de opwarming van de aarde (Doe iets) Spanish translation: Soluciones para el calentamiento global Indonesian translation: Mengatasi pemanasan global Vietnamese translation: Chan dung nong len toan cau Japanese translation: Combating global warming German translation: Klimawandel vermindern Italian translation: Risolvere il problema del riscaldamento globale Mind map 2: Science of global warming (Chapter 2) Mind map 3: Impacts of global warming (Chapter 2) Mind map 4: Population and the planet (Chapter 4) Related:  mind mapping

Blog Archive » Some applications relating with XMind Posted on December 8th, 2011 in Opensource | 1 Comment » Every week, XMind receives many emails about the development. There are already some products in the market. Here introduces three of them. XMindlook. This is made by NG Logic, a company located in Warsaw, Poland. * This is commercial software, but can be trial 30 days free. Mind on Track I have to say the author is very great. XMind on Roozz This is an app in Chrome app store. * This is a paid app. We plan to release this kind news regularly. Leave a Reply

Whiz Kids At a time when American teens lag far behind other countries in math and science, WHIZ KIDS is a coming-of-age documentary that tells the story of three remarkably different yet equally passionate 17-year-old scientists who vie to compete in the nation's oldest, most prestigious science competition. Win or lose, these ‘whiz kids’ raise questions about class, courage, personal sacrifice, success and failure, and in the process, learn as much about themselves as they do about science. Over the past eight years, countries like China and India vastly increased support for research and development, while U.S. funding remained largely stagnant. Not surprisingly, U.S. teens now rank 24th in the world in math and science. As global economies become increasingly competitive, America's future rests on the shoulders of our next generation. The main characters in WHIZ KIDS demonstrate that American students can meet that challenge.

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What's That Stuff? You might ask yourself... What's That Stuff? Ever wondered about what's really in hair coloring, Silly Putty, Cheese Wiz, artificial snow, or self-tanners? C&EN presents a collection of articles that gives you a look at the chemistry behind a wide variety of everyday products. Sort: Alphabetically (Text Only) | Most Recent The 7 innovators of music The 7 innovators of music Mindmap made by Hans Buskes & Jeroen van de Beek Considering the period from 1960 up to now, who are the seven (we restricted ourselves to just seven) musicians or bands that had “no respect for the status quo”. This is our list (mind map).…音楽を変えた七人のイノベーターたちの内の一人がフェラクティです。 The 7 innovators of music #innovation— Innovation Junkies (@erlanovation) December 19, 2011 The 7 innovators of music | mastermindmaps : via @pearltrees— SébastienFreudenthal (@chaacattac) December 29, 2011 Like this: Like Loading... About mastermindmaps I am a professional mindmapper, I help companies map their business, I am author of two mindmap books. This entry was posted in innovation, music and tagged Bob Dylan, Fela Kuti, innovation, james brown, jimi hendrix, music, the beatles, the Sex Pistols, the velvet underground.

Science Stage » Test du logiciel de mind mapping Xmind (version 3.0.2) - Lettres et Cartes Heuristiques Le logiciel Xmind est maintenant disponible depuis un bout de temps, et je n’avais pas encore pris le temps de le tester à fond … c’est chose faite en cette période de vacances, et je vous livre ici le compte-rendu de mes essais, sous forme de carte, évidemment ! (l’image est cliquable) Mon travail n’est évidemment pas exhaustif, mais j’ai essayé de faire le tour de la question en 10 points, qui sont selon moi les plus importants : - le prix - la compatibilité avec les systèmes d’exploitation - l’ergonomie du logiciel - la sécurisation des données - les possibilités d’importation et d’exportation (vers d’autres logiciels, entre autres) Les 5 points suivants concernent la mise en oeuvre des maps à proprement parler : - les structures de maps - les options concernant le centre de la carte - les options concernant les sujets - les options concernant les branches - les possibilités d’illustrations de la carte En guise de conclusion, je dirais que Xmind a de sacrés atouts pour convaincre !