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Appellation Beer: Celebrating Beer From a Place A quick exchange of comments here Monday provoked this thought from Boak & Bailey about what happens to even the most dominant of breweries over time: Our suspicion is that, of the current wave of new brewers (1970s to now) some will inevitably become the new Whitbreads and Watneys.We don’t see, say, Sierra Nevada going into the Lite Lager business any time soon, but we can imagine, in thirty years time, a business which seems complacent and arrogant, and of which people will say: “They’re so dominant that no-one else can get into the market, and all they produce is that bland, dumbed-down, sub-6% pale ale crap …”If that does happen, there will be plenty of brewers waiting to challenge them, and the cycle will continue. Of course change is inevitable, but is complacency? Five days ago, August Schell Brewing Company, established in 1860 and the second oldest brewery in the country, won two medals at the World Beer Cup. It earned gold for Schell’s Firebrick, a Vienna-style lager.

New Year’s Rituals – Tecolameco « The Cookie Shop On New Year’s Eve, we Brazilians have tons of “mandingas”, or little good luck rituals you have to do at midnight SHARP. If you are at the beach, you should jump over seven ocean waves. If you are indoors, you should eat 12 grapes, and make a wish for each of them, or eat seven pomegranate berries, and keep the seeds in your wallet for the year. Then, you must eat a fullspoon of lentil, for money, and you can NEVER eat animals like chicken, or turkey, cause they scratch the soil backwards (bad luck) – fish is much better, because, you know, they swim straight ahead always. And you MUST wear brand new underwear, and choose the color accordingly – white for peace, red for love, yellow for money, and the other colors have meanings too, but I can’t recall of them all – my bad. In that spirit, I decided to make a very rich and delicious dessert for our New Year’s Eve dinner, because I really wanna have a rich and delicious 2010.

The Cocktail Guru Superbowl Cocktails – as seen on The Today Show 1/30/14 Mile High Mojito 1 1/2 oz. The Mixoloseum Blog • Michael Dietsch of A Dash of Bitters furthers our education on SeriousEats with Cocktail 101: Juicing without a Juicer . He also got an article about apple brandies Ralph Lauren online and posts more vintage booze ads on his blog. • Alcademic’s Camper English is currently off in Mexico running rampant through the agave fields, but that does not stop Camper from posting. Here he is riding ATVs through piña fields, visiting the Olmeca Altos distillery, judging a worldwide cocktail competition in Arandas, and touring the La Fortaleza distillery.

Home Brewing Blog by BeerSmith - Making Beer at Home This week we discuss how to keg your home brewed beer with Chris Graham from MoreBeer. I highly recommend watching the video as this week Chris provides a detailed overview on kegging equipment, kegging techniques and how to make the transition from bottles to kegs! Download the MP3 File – Right Click and Save As […] Dry yeast for home brewing is sometimes maligned and often overlooked. Many years ago when I started home brewing, the quality of dry yeast included with many prepackaged kits was poor.

Refrigerator Soup is a delicious photo collection of recipes, cooking, baking, photo contests and culinary giveaways! The best recipes by the best food bloggers on the planet! - Part 3 Home faq submit Headline» The Pegu Blog “… and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” In case you missed it, there is a big legislative slap fight going on in Tennessee right now between corporate distilling giants Brown-Forman and Diageo. Diageo makes George Dickel brand whiskey, and Brown-Forman runs a little micro-distillery called Jack Daniels. (Disclaimer: I happily own a chunk of Diageo stock.) The dust-up is over a new bill currently pending in Tennessee that would remove all restrictions on how distillers make whiskey that will be labeled as “Tennessee Whiskey”. Diageo is pushing the new law, and while their motives are murky (Dickel is already made in compliance with the current standards), please don’t think that this is some corporate ninja assault by Diageo on long-time tradition.

The Feiring Line Impressed by the handling of the Olivier Cousin case, I stopped in to talk lawyer Eric Morain when last in Paris. With a case of Frank Cornelissen 2009s resting against the wall, the avocat sat behind his desk in his art-filled office. His handsome-cherubic face is angled in by a gently silvering beard. Mail constantly beeped into his computer. Dalloyau Opera cake Dalloyau Opera cake, original watercolor, 9" x 12" It's "Chocolate Friday" and we shall discuss the classic Opera Cake or gateau.. Dalloyau has happily taken on the mantle of ownership of the multi-layered CHOCOLATE Opera Gateau.

EMBURY COCKTAILS [Download full 11x17 GOLDENCOCKTAILMILE]When I met Alastair Walker at The Everleigh in the Fitzroy District of Melbourne this past November, I couldn't have predicted that a week later he'd have come up with 12 cocktails inspired by the 12 pubs in Edgar Wright's "The World's End". As I sat at the bar chatting with him the film came up--he recounted going with a friend who'd gotten tickets for "This Is The End"--somehow the two guys had been talking about the two different, similarly named films, something I'd speculated must have happened at some point. Apparently it wasn't the ideal set-up for enjoying Franco, Rogen & Baruchel when you were primed for Pegg, Frost & Freeman. That led us to talking about the Edgar Wrightini and the stunt shot "The World's End" we'd done with Jacob Briars. The pub names do indeed work remarkably well for cocktails. We wanted throw a little spotlight on the artwork of the signs themselves in this project.

Tablas Creek Vineyard Blog By Robert Haas Congratulations to Jean-Pierre and François Perrin, "Men of the Year" in the current issue of the venerable English wine magazine Decanter. I cannot think of any French wine family with better credentials. We love them. My first encounter with the Perrin family was with Jacques in 1967. It was during my short (1967-1970) period at Barton Distilling trying to create a wine division.

Operation Street Food – Day 1 (Food Safety) Preparing my lunch My first day of street food went surprisingly well. I focused on grilled meat products because….well…it was easy to order. Here is how the day broke down:Breakfast – 3 pieces of chicken satay. 15 baht (US$0.45)Lunch – 3 grilled chicken wings and chopped grilled pork. 40 baht ($1.21)Dinner – Chicken with rice, soup and a mango/sticky rice desert and a sprite. 140 bhat ($4.24) The first thing that should jump out at you is that street food is REALLY cheap.