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Carbon Disclosure Project - Global climate change reporting system

Carbon Disclosure Project - Global climate change reporting system
Non Financial Reporting Reinforced in EU The European Parliament voted in favour of a new law governing corporate reporting of non-financial information. As a result large listed companies in the EU will be asked to disclose their environmental and social impacts as part of their mainstream reporting to investors. Climate change means business change Climate change will affect European businesses in critical ways, making adaptation efforts instrumental for their prosperity. According to the CDP snapshot report major companies across Europe already experience climate impacts and are taking the issue seriously. Water scarcity threatens profitability of European companies A report published by CDP 'Safeguarding Europe’s Water Resources' finds that for an increasing number of European companies, water already has and will continue to have a profound effect on both their short term and long term profitability.

Best Foot Forward Leading international advisor, Anthesis Consulting Group PLC, acquires European firm Best Foot Forward in breakthrough deal London, 7 October 2013: Sustainability specialist Anthesis Consulting Group PLC (Anthesis) has created a new global sustainability consulting platform with the acquisition of UK blue-chip advisors Best Foot Forward, announced today. The agreement combines Best Foot Forward’s Europe-based team with the existing US and Asian operations of Anthesis to form a worldwide expert group. Corporate Market At-A-Glance The page you have requested no longer exists. Please update your bookmarks. Important Notice of Site Wide Change Please be advised that, as of October 1, 2012, ceased to provide certain bond pricing information currently available on this site. Much of this information is made available to the public by financial industry regulators.

BOB WILLARD The Business Case for Sustainability Bob is a leading expert on quantifying and selling the business value of corporate sustainability strategies and has given hundreds of keynote presentations to corporate, government, university, and NGO audiences. Bob applies his business and leadership experience from his 34-year career at IBM Canada to engage the business community in proactively avoiding risks and capturing opportunities by using smart environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies. He has authored four books: The Sustainability Advantage (2002), The Next Sustainability Wave (2005), The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook (2009), and The New Sustainability Advantage (2012).

Tax Exemption Information For Tax Exempt Groups If you are a tax exempt group, then you will not be charged sales tax on your fundraiser order. Please note that you MUST provide a Tax Exempt Certificate from your STATE stating "exempt from sales tax" somewhere on the form or you will be charged tax on your order. Celebrating Home cannot accept a "Resale" sales tax certificate from retail stores or a federal tax ID number, listed as an EIN Employer Identification Number. Bruce Munro’s stunning LED Installations light up Longwood Gardens Visitors poured into Longwood Gardens this past Saturday to see 23-acres of breathtaking ‘Light: Installations’ by artist Bruce Munro. Although Munro describes the installations as simply “sketchbook jottings realized”, this “large-scale one-man-show” is anything but a simple feat. Eight large outdoor installations, two installations within the 4-acre Grand Conservatory and a collection of illuminated sculptures in the Music Room are keeping visitors mesmerized for hours.

The Business Sale Process: Private Auction vs. Neg When selling your business, there are several different methods to choose from; a broad auction, a private auction and a negotiated sale. In most cases, the owner of a privately held company wants the highest degree of confidentiality. They want to minimize disruption to customer, supplier and employee relationships. Owners also want to mitigate the risk of competitors discovering their intent to sell and using it as a tool to try and gain market share from them.

How do we redesign a new economic theory framed by ecological systems? Economics as we know it today is broken. Unable to explain, to predict or to protect, it is need of root-and-branch replacement. Or, to borrow from Alan Greenspan, it is fundamentally "flawed". But where do we look for inspiration in facilitating what is the mother of all paradigm shifts? Export Outlook Emails and Attachments Outlook is a pretty popular email client, however it does provide users with the ability to export individual emails or emails from folders, or save attachments into a separate folder from several emails. Outlook Export is a handy freeware utility that will allow users to export individual emails or folders, and also quickly export email attachments and save it to a different folder. Outlook Export Features Quickly and easily export emails (individual or entire folder)Quickly and easily export email attachmentsQuickly and easily extract links from all emails in a given folder In addition to exporting emails, Outlook Export will also do a reverse DND lookup for senders email, include the full header into the email, include both text and HTML versions of the emails and produces a readable list of links in the email. Outlook Export has been tested using Outlook 2003, however I was able to use the software on a Outlook 2007 installation.

Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator Calculator Use Use this calculator to calculate an accelerated depreciation of an asset for a specified period. A depreciation factor of 200% of straight line depreciation, or 2, is most commonly called the Double Declining Balance Method. Use this calculator, for example, for depreciation rates entered as 1.5 for 150%, 1.75 for 175%, 2 for 200%, 3 for 300%, etc.