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Introductory reading — Study Medicine Download the introductory reading list as a pdf document Students often ask for reading suggestions, in order to get their minds tuned into some of the topics that will be covered, or to simply provide a more general foundation for University. This list of suggested reading is not an exhaustive one, nor is it a list of material you must read. There are countless good general texts, so do explore: as well as books, read the local and national press, and look for relevant podcasts, websites, lectures, events and museums or exhibitions in your local area. This is not a list of books you should rush out and buy:

Home IT Services UCC Microsoft Home Use Program Now Available UCC Staff members are eligible to participate in Microsoft's Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables you to get a licensed copy of Microsoft Office to install and use on your home computer. Under the Home Use Program, UCC Staff who are users of qualifying applications at work my aquire a licensed copy of the correspnding Home Use Program software to install and use on a home computer. Villiers Park Educational Trust Our activities have been written by subject experts to provide resources for you to use as extended project ideas, contexts for your A-level studies, insight into higher-level study or simply exciting and thought-provoking topics to dip into. You may want to present your research in class or to your subject teachers. There are 210 activities. Just click into an ‘Introduction Film’ to find out what the activity covers. The author of each activity provides ideas for tackling the questions with a ‘Suggested Response’.

Directory of Open Access Journals 321 Free Tools for Teachers - Free Educational Technology Would you be interested in the ultimate list of free tools for teachers? At the following post you will find 321 Free Tools for Teachers separated in 18 educational technology categories. Enjoy! Engineering reading Engineering students in the past have found that the following books give an interesting insight into engineering. We have included a short review of each title, courtesy of, and, where possible, a reader's comments (again courtesy of Please remember that these books are NOT required reading for the course – you don't have to buy any books before you come to Cambridge. We hope you enjoy reading from this selection.

Institutional Repository Search - Home Page Reading list - University of Oxford: Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology Suggestions for pre-course reading Students admitted to study for postgraduate degrees at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology come from a variety of academic backgrounds and have very diverse needs and orientations. The reading list given below of initial reading suggestions is not mandatory: please use your own good sense in using it, whether you are new to anthropology or already have extensive training and relevant experience. In drawing up this list we have kept in mind not only social anthropology but also the range of more specialist master's degrees taught at ISCA (material anthropology with museum ethnography, visual anthropology, and medical anthropology). Many of the suggested readings are relevant to several of these fields. Anthropologists at work