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TrashMail - Wegwerfbare E-Mail-Adressen

TrashMail - Wegwerfbare E-Mail-Adressen
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spamfree24 - Einweg E-Mail/disposable email 30 Ways To Leave Google Apps Behind Many of us rely on multiple Google services in order to conduct our everyday lives and run our businesses. Entrepreneur Joel Runyon thinks that’s a mistake, since ostensibly Google is turning evil. So he wrote The Complete Guide To Leaving Google to help you to at least diversify the range of online services you use. “I believe it’s a bad idea for one company to have control over multiple choke points in my business,” writes Runyon. ”Especially when their service is offered for free, and I have no path of recourse with them." We expanded on Runyon’s list to bring you 30 ways to leave Google. First, Free Your Identity Belgian developer Laurent Eschenauer staged his own PRISM break last year, unplugging from all cloud services and creating his own cloud on a hosted server. “Start decoupling your identity from the underlying implementations today,” Eschenauer says. Email Runyon recommends the privacy-focused, ad-free email service Hushmail, which is based in Canada. Calendars Blogging Search

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