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Thank you! Create Your Own Online Survey Now!

Thank you! Create Your Own Online Survey Now!
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Speech To Text & Video Transcription Services | SpeechPad 20 Signs You’ve Found Your Passion — ALO It’s often not until someone prompts us to think about the work that we do that we recognise how we truly feel about it. Sometimes, all it takes is the right question to make us look at our job in a whole new light. Today, I ask you this: How would you feel if you were to stay in your line of work forever? If, upon reading that last sentence, you were filled with warm fuzzy feelings – congratulations, you might just have found your passion. Here are 20 signs that let you know that you’ve found the passion that makes your heart sing! Could you relate to any of these? Image Source The Motivated Type & Rifle Paper Co

Vanessa Hudgens, star of ‘High School Musical,’ graduates to ‘Gigi’ Actress Vanessa Hudgens sits for a portrait in New York. Ms. Hudgens will star in the musical “Gigi,” playing at the Kennedy Center this winter. (Jesse Dittmar/For The Washington Post) NEW YORK — The star, burgundy sweater knotted around her tiny waist, raises arm to mouth and hacks out a phlegmy cough. Vanessa Hudgens never thought about calling in sick on Day One of rehearsals for the pre-Broadway revival of “Gigi.” “You can’t miss the first day of school,” she says with a smile. It’s a clever analogy considering that Hudgens made her name as Gabriella Montez, the brainiac with the booming voice in Disney’s “High School Musical” franchise. Since the third installment in 2008, Hudgens has been busy. “Gigi” is a new start. “Gigi” also doesn’t yet have dates on Broadway and will open on Jan. 16 at the Kennedy Center. That’s the big picture. “That’s it,” says associate choreographer Alison Solomon as she pulls it off. ‘Sweetest person in the world’ Hudgens is, in person, approachable.

مقدمة عن HTML لتصميم صفحات الانترنت - عمر مضحي الحربي اخصائي مواقع الكترونية مقدمة عن HTML لتصميم صفحات الانترنت السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته. شكراً لزيارتك موقع عمر الحربي , درسنا اليوم احبتي سيتمحور حول HTML سنتعرف عليها ونأخذ مقدمة بسيطة عنها. ما هي لغة الـ HTML؟ إنها اللغة المستخدمة لإنشاء صفحات الإنترنت. هل الـ HTML لغة برمجة؟ لا يمكن اعتبار الـ HTML لغة برمجة ومقارنتها ب لغة #C مثلاً. كذلك فهي لا تحتاج إلى مترجم خاص بها (Compiler). كيف تنشئ ملف HTML؟ تكتب ملفات HTML في صورة ملفات نصية بسيطة (Plain Text)، تأخذ الإمتداد .html أو .htm وتكتب باستخدام أي برنامج تحرير نصوص بسيطة، كالمفكرة (Notepad […] Choose a bid amount that works for you - AdWords Help If you're just starting out in AdWords, go with a budget and bid amount that you’re comfortable with. After your ads have run for a while, evaluate which keywords are more effective in bringing in sales, using reports in your account.Adjust your bids to spend more on keywords that are proven to work. This can improve your ad position for those keywords and attract more customers. Use Google tools to get custom bid estimates based on your advertising goals and performance history. You can also set up automatic bidding to let Google do the work for you. Choosing your first bids First things first: there's no one recommended bid amount that works best for everyone. Most people starting out in AdWords use cost-per-click bidding to pay for each click on their ads. Example Let's say you own a skateboard shop and you make US$10 from every skateboard purchase. When you set a max. You run a store in San Francisco and you’ve set a max. Evaluate your costs and revenue Tips

3 Tips To Caffeinate Teacher and Student Presentations -- THE Journal Presentation 3 Tips To Caffeinate Teacher and Student Presentations An award-winning teacher and author shares her secrets for transforming slide shows into interactive learning experiences. In a seminar I attended, media analyst Tad Simons once estimated that 30 million PowerPoint presentations are given every day. Multiply that by an average of 30 people in each presentation, and you are looking at 90 million people a day who are at best in a daze — at worst dying from boredom. On the education stage, the classic example of the talking-head syndrome is actor Ben Stein as the dorky high school economics teacher in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. A big part of the problem for teachers and presenters in general is that there is a limit to the time humans can just "sit and get" (what deluded teachers have been calling for years "listen and learn"). Yup. Video Breaks Breaks might be used to show illustrative videos.

GGC Fash&Tech Meetup #2 | Fashion Biznes Dane mapy Dane do Mapy ©2015 Google Mapa Satelita Kiedy: sty 22, 2015 @ 19:00 – 21:00 Gdzie: Hubraum Krakow Przemysłowa 12 33-332 Kraków Polska Jak nowe technologie wpływają na przemiany prasy (modowej)? AGENDA: 19:00-19:15 – Kasia Gola – wstęp, powitanie, szybka prezentacja o przemianach amerykańskiego magazynu Vogue. 19:20 – 19:40 – Gabriela Francuz ze Street Fashion in Krakow- o blogosferze i o relacji blogerów z prasą 19:45- 20:05 – Maciek Mysliwiec z Wydział Humanistyczny AGH – o przemianie prasy modowej z perspektywy socjologa i medioznawcy 20:10 – 20:40 – Paulina Barlik z Fashionote – opowie o tym jak już wkrótce wszyscy będziemy mogli w szybki sposób kupić produkty z magazynów drukowanych, bez straty czasu i szukania. 20:40 – 21:00 – przerwa 21:00 – 21:30 – panel z uczestnikami, pytania i dyskusje co będzie po 21:30 zależy od woli uczestników :)) Spotkanie jest darmowe i otwarte.

محرر CSS3 - معلم الويب | معلم الويب يوجد الكثير من الأدوات التي تساعدك في تحرير أكواد للغة CSS3، بحيث لا تحتاج منك إلى تذكر تلك الأكواد أو أن تصرف الكثير من الجهد والوقت في الحصول على النتيجة التي تبحث عنها. من الأدوات التي استخدمها دائما في بناء مواقع الويب الأداة css3generator حيث تتميز بالبساطة والسهولة في الإستخدام. أداة تحرير أكواد CSS يمكن من خلال هذه الأداة أن تختار من القائمة الخاصية التي تبحثها عنها. مثلا سنقوم باختيار الخاصية Border Radius من القائمة. تلاحظ أن الأداة تعطيك البيانات التي تحتاجها كل خاصية. تعليق

Getting Started Most webmasters are familiar with HTML tags on their pages. Usually, HTML tags tell the browser how to display the information included in the tag. For example, <h1>Avatar</h1> tells the browser to display the text string "Avatar" in a heading 1 format. provides a collection of shared vocabularies webmasters can use to mark up their pages in ways that can be understood by the major search engines: Google, Microsoft, Yandex and Yahoo! 1. 1a. Your web pages have an underlying meaning that people understand when they read the web pages. 1b. itemscope and itemtype Let's start with a concrete example. <div><h1>Avatar</h1><span>Director: James Cameron (born August 16, 1954)</span><span>Science fiction</span><a href=".. To begin, identify the section of the page that is "about" the movie Avatar. <div itemscope><h1>Avatar</h1><span>Director: James Cameron (born August 16, 1954) </span><span>Science fiction</span><a href=".. Back to top 1c. itemprop 1d. 2. 2b. 2c. 3. 3a. 3b. Enumerations