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30 Mins Aerobic Dance Workout - Bipasha Basu Break free Full Routine - Full Body Workout

30 Mins Aerobic Dance Workout - Bipasha Basu Break free Full Routine - Full Body Workout

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PsycheTruth Exclusive Content @ 10 Day Flexibility Challenge Day 1 – Basic Stretches & Warmup Workout Dance with Catherine This is a series of 10 videos designed to improve your flexibility for dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, Ballet or just general fitness. This series will culminate into stretches that show you how to do the splits, scorpion, back-bends, back-bend walkovers and more. Catherine is a ballet and Pilates instructor in Austin, Texas. Day 1 is general contains general flexibility stretches which can be used to ease into this series of videos or can be used to as a warmup routine.

Splash Page Delhaize Welkom! Bienvenue! Lose the Love Handles: The 20-Minute Workout Do three circuits of these eight exercises all the way through, resting for one minute after each circuit. Do 20 reps of each exercise. And don’t forget to warm up with some light cardio for five to 10 minutes first. Exclusive: Do-Anywhere Exercises From Madonna's Trainer You might wonder what kind of extraordinary human would be behind Madonna’s tour training program, and that’s where Craig Smith comes in. A certified choreographer, trainer, nutritionist, and all-around superman, Smith is the master trainer and creative director of Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness clubs and has served as her head personal trainer, getting her in shape for her upcoming 10th world tour—Rebel Heart—(no big deal or anything!), which kicks off September 9 in Montreal. Smith has recently been working closely with the legend, getting her through her grueling rehearsal schedule by working her out daily with a combination of cardio, strength, stability, flexibility, mobility, and meditation.

GIF Fit: My At-Home Barre Workout, by Lindsay Ellingson 1. Using two-and-a-half– to five-pound weights—I use my ankle weights, which I travel with for workouts on the go—stand tall with your core engaged, spine in alignment, and knees soft. (Need a pair of weights? Try Empower’s Ankle/Wrist Weights, $18.) GIF Fit: My 10-Minute Pilates Workout, by Lindsay Ellingson 1. Start sitting up straight with your hands and feet on the ground, knees bent, arms slightly behind you, and fingers facing inward. 2. Easy 30 Day Arms, Legs, Abs Workout Plan We have a to-do list. In fact, some of us have a to-do list for our to-do list...and a calendar that shows alarms for said to-do lists. But when we're busy as hell and trying to sort it all out, exercise is the first thing to fall out of its designated slot. The truth is, it deserves its very own calendar — one that can hardly be messed up. That's exactly what we and Puma are giving you.

How to Look Slimmer Without Actually Losing Weight It seems like a hoax, right? No, we're not trying to sell you a waist trainer or some sort of Spanx for your midsection to feign being thin. Instead, this "secret" is an actual exercise routine that strengthens your body but in the process also helps create a longer, leaner figure. The areas in question that you need to start focusing on: your back and shoulders. Kind spokesperson and Strong Is the New Skinny author Jennifer Cohen says that focusing on these areas of the body helps create a "V-shaped" back that creates the illusion that you've shed "10 to 15 pounds." More importantly, working out these areas builds strength and tones your upper body—something that should be added to your daily routine anyway.

The 5-Breath Yoga Move for Long, Lean Legs We admit we’re total suckers for an efficient fitness tip especially when our schedules (and bodies) are in overdrive around a whirlwind of holiday planning. High on our goals list at the moment is strong but not bulky legs that we can show off. And while we’ve covered one Bar Method technique before, exhaustive hour-long ballet workouts just aren’t possible for everyone. That’s why we decided it might be a wise (and Zen) idea to look to the practice of yoga.

Naomi Watts' Trainer Shares 5 Moves for Killer Abs There’s no denying Naomi Watts is a natural beauty. Her red carpet lipstick choices alone have inspired us to indulge in some online shopping sprees — how could we forget her glossy rose pucker at Cannes and that epic red lipstick moment at the Golden Globes last year. Looking beyond her many memorable makeup moments, we’ve also long admired that the busy actress continuously carves out time to stay in such phenomenal shape. How to Burn 500 Calories in 45 Minutes Burning 500 calories is no easy feat, as anyone who’s taken any intense cardio class can attest to. Burning 500 calories in 45 minutes sounds just too good to be true (or the stuff of nightmares, depending on your current physical state). Though you’ll easily find a workout class to help you achieve this lofty goal, sometimes we just want to burn 500 calories in the comfort of our own gym, on our own time—is that too much to ask? No, fitness buffs, indeed it is not.