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Scientific referencing and hypertext: The necessity of a visual overview About Frank Molenaar Born in 1986, Frank graduated from Stedelijk Gymnasium Arnhem in 2005. After a year off studying art history at the Vrije Universiteit decided to join the Media and Culture New Media department. For his bachelorproject he worked for Westergasfabriek to create a GPS game based in the Westerpark. Very sceptical and highly nostalgic, Frank is an avid doomsday specialist, conspiracy theorist and classic nintendo game collector. Also served in the salvation army as m60 machine gun operator. This entry is meant as an introduction to the tool my group and I are developing for our Datavisualisation class. In our modern day and age it gets increasingly difficult, with every passing year, to imagine what life must have looked like for traditional scholars. As with most fields there is always discussions going on about who the prime pioneers of that specific field were. References Bush, Vannevar. Nelson, Ted.

7. Lexiques Realiter - Realiter Realiter català Español français galego italiano Português română Présentation Règlement Membres Activités Réunions et journées Documents fondamentaux Lexiques Realiter Téléchargements Inventaire des producteurs de terminologie VIIIe Journée scientifique REALITER avec le soutien du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France - DGLFLF) ▸ Realiter ▸ Lexiques Realiter Quatre lexiques réalisés dans le cadre de Realiter - , , et - sont désormais accessibles en ligne sous forme de . Les autres lexiques publiés au format pdf à partir de 2006 - consultables également sous la rubrique - seront bientôt disponibles dans cette base. Secrétariat de Realiter Direction Terminologie et Industries de la Langue - Union latine 204 rue de Vaugirard - F-75015 Paris - FRANCE

Pulse of the Nation: U.S. Mood Throughout the Day inferred from Twitter Click for high-resolution PDF version (11MB) Video A time-lapse video of the maps, cycled twice, is available below (best viewed at 720p): Mood Variations A number of interesting trends can be observed in the data. First, overall daily variations can be seen (first graph), with the early morning and late evening having the highest level of happy tweets. Similar variations were discovered independently by Michael Macy and Scott Golder, and first reported in the talk "Answers in Search of a Question" at the New Directions in Text Analysis Conference in May 2010. Weekly Variations Weekly trends can be observed as well, with weekends happier than weekdays. About the Data and Visualization The plots were calculated using over 300 million tweets (Sep 2006 - Aug 2009) collected by MPI-SWS researchers [1], represented as density-preserving cartograms. About Cartograms A cartogram is a map in which the mapping variable (in this case, the number of tweets) is substituted for the true land area. Coverage

CourseWiki - CS448B Data Visualization The world is awash with increasing amounts of data, and we must keep afloat with our relatively constant perceptual and cognitive abilities. Visualization provides one means of combating information overload, as a well-designed visual encoding can supplant cognitive calculations with simpler perceptual inferences and improve comprehension, memory, and decision making. Furthermore, visual representations may help engage more diverse audiences in the process of analytic thinking. In this course we will study techniques and algorithms for creating effective visualizations based on principles from graphic design, visual art, perceptual psychology, and cognitive science. In addition to participating in class discussions, students will have to complete several short programming and data analysis assignments as well as a final project. There are no prerequisites for the class and the class is open to graduate students as well as advanced undergraduates. Schedule Tu Sep 28: Visualization Design

Planetary: A Visual Music Player for iPad by Bloom Studio, Inc. - Tout sur la terminologie, la traduction, la terminotique et la terminographie Moodwall / Studio Klink and Urban Alliance Media architecture collective Urban Alliance has recently finished the Moodwall: a 24 meter long interactive light installation in Amsterdam. The Moodwall is situated in a pedestrian tunnel and interacts with people passing by, improving the atmosphere in the tunnel and making people happy and feel less unsafe. The interactive urban wallpaper is built out of about 2500 leds behind a ribbed semi-transparent wall. The resolution is horizontally stretched so the images of the screen are better for the side so people are stimulated to watch the screen from outside the tunnel. The Moodwall is a pilot project for a 70 meter long media wall proposal by Urban Alliance (in collaboration with Daan Hartoog) which won a competition for ideas to improve the public space of the social unsafe area of the Amsterdam Bijlmer. Urban Alliance is a collaboration of: Studio Klink (architecture and design)Illuminate (interactive lighting and video content)Cube (building and development)

Weka 3 - Data Mining with Open Source Machine Learning Software in Java Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. The algorithms can either be applied directly to a dataset or called from your own Java code. Weka contains tools for data pre-processing, classification, regression, clustering, association rules, and visualization. Found only on the islands of New Zealand, the Weka is a flightless bird with an inquisitive nature. Weka is open source software issued under the GNU General Public License. Yes, it is possible to apply Weka to big data! Data Mining with Weka is a 5 week MOOC, which was held first in late 2013.

Technog?ographie | Dimensions spatiales des techniques de l'information et de la communication Banque de terminologie Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Une banque de terminologie, base de terminologie, base de données terminologiques ou dictionnaire terminologique est une sorte de dictionnaire abordant la terminologie, c'est-à-dire le langage spécifique, d'une ou plusieurs spécialités, généralement disponible sur la Toile. Banques de terminologie[modifier | modifier le code] Liens externes[modifier | modifier le code] Voir aussi[modifier | modifier le code] Portail d’Internet Interactive: Mapping the World's Friendships Technology bridges distance and borders. Individuals today can keep in touch with their friends and family in completely new ways — regardless of where they live. We explored these international connections through Facebook and found some trends — some predictable, some wholly unexpected, and some still inexplicable. Who can explain the strong link between the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the poorest countries in the heart of Africa, and Ecuador? But as we did a little research, some unusual connections become surprisingly clear. Immigration is one of the strongest links that seems to bind these Facebook neighbors, as thousands of people pour over borders or over seas, seeking jobs or fleeing violence, and making new connections and maintaining old friendships along the way. A Stanford graduate in International Relations, Mia Newman's research provided "A Closer Look" at the relationships between countries.

Use Google Refine to Export JSON Tutorial: Use Google Refine to Export JSON Introduction Google Refine is great at cleaning large sets of data. But one amazing under-documented feature is the ability to design and output JSON files. With Google Refine, you can turn a simple spreadsheet into a straight forward JSON dataset or multidimensional array quickly and easily. If you haven’t used Refine before, here’s some videos to get you started. Basic JSON structure JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is an increasingly common way of incorporating data in JavaScript. Let’s start with a simple spreadsheet in Refine. When converted to JSON, each row of data is converted into an element in an array. Converting your spreadsheet to JSON is easy. A new window will open showing you the default export template. Clicking Export saves a text file. Export JSON to match templates The real power of Refine is that it gives you control over how the JSON will be formatted. To get the same thing in our file, we edit the prefix.

Fi Case Study for Civil War 150 Making History cooler than it already is.... This infographic compares side-by-side statistics of the average Union and Confederate soldiers. From salary to supplies and rations, the numbers are sure to shock you. Showcasing the most critical weapons of the Civil War, this infographic puts an educational spin on the leading weaponry of the time and the turning point of impact these weapons had. Hundreds of thousand lost their lives. The bloodiest and deadliest battles are depicted here, and include casualty statistics such as people killed, wounded and totals of the armies that were fighting. Wars are incredibly expensive, and it wasn’t any different 150 years ago. This infographic gives users an insight in the education of some of the war's greatest leaders with interactive class statistics and much more. Some infographics that didn't work

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