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Beyondblue: the national depression initiative

It's Allright - SANE Strengths + their influence on your happiness Building ‘strengths’ means... focussing on the best parts of you not worrying about your flaws and weaknesses using your best qualities more often. What are strengths? ‘Strengths’ are the best parts of your personality. Hilarious Fun Kind Creative Passionate Enthusiastic These great parts of your friends’ personalities are a few examples of different strengths. We’re not talking about talents, like being a fast runner or a great guitar player (or whatever your thing is). The reason strengths are so important is that everybody is at their best and happiest when they are using the best parts of themselves, or their individual strengths. Everyone has twenty four strengths Researchers have identified twenty four different personality strengths, which everyone in the world has. Check out the Happiness Institute's list of the twenty four different personality strengths. Why would I focus on my strengths? On the flip side of that, concentrating on the good things about yourself makes you feel good.

If your friend threatens to end their own life Having a friend who is feeling suicidal can be a pretty confronting thing to deal with. If you think they are in immediate danger, there are services you can call. Sometimes it can be tough if your friend needs your help, but there are always things you can do to help. Make sure you look after yourself first and if you feel like it’s more than you can handle, talk to someone who can help. This might help if… you’re worried about your friend you think your friend is suicidal you’re not sure what to do What you can do right now If you need help now please call Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. How can I be sure they need my help? If your friend tells you they are feeling suicidal or that they want to end their life, it’s important to take it seriously. Things you can do Don't keep it a secret Your friend may have asked you to keep it a secret or made you promise not to tell anyone. If your friend refuses to see someone Keep encouraging them to see someone. Finally

How to Deal with Depression - Noah Kagan I was hanging with my uncle Kenny at a Mexican restaurant (obviously) a month ago in San Diego and we started talking about smoothie recipes. It dawned on me at that moment how grateful I was to be alive. There were so many more smoothie recipes to make the next day and I had something to look forward to… Compare this to October. I had one of the best weeks and worst weeks this year. WTF happened? I’m not completely sure. For the great week, life was simple, my mind was insanely clear, I was trying new recipes / activities, I knew what I wanted in almost all decisions and was able to empower others to surprisingly high levels. Then the 2 following weeks I hardly wanted to take phone calls, life seemed pretty dully and our refreshing of AppSumo seemed like another setback instead of progress. It’s SO much easier to NOT feel depressed when business is going well. Over the past months I’ve been clearing out distractions in my life. I have some assumptions why I may be “down”: AND (bonus!)