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How to Create a Virtual Machine - View topic How to Create a Virtual Machine To create a virtual machine in W7 without using 3rd party software you'll need to download an update from here, if you also want a virtual machine running XP, download the Virtual Machine XP-Mode from the same page. It'll install XP Pro SP3 on your machine all for free Once you've installed Windows Virtual PC Beta you'll probably want to create other VM's running other OS's. To do that, do the following; 1. 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know Need to monitor Linux server performance? Try these built-in commands and a few add-on tools. Most Linux distributions are equipped with tons of monitoring. These tools provide metrics which can be used to get information about system activities.

Ağ & İnternet > Super Network Tunnel Portable Version Super Network Tunnel is a professional http tunnel solution,include client/server,it equal SocksCap+Bidirectional Http Tunnel +Remote Control. Normally used in building a network tunnel between the home and office computer,it’s alias name is home2office. It creates a real privately owned bidirectional virtual data connection tunnelled in HTTP requests or Tcp connection,and easy bypass firewall and NAT. WLAN Security Megaprimer DVD Released - 10+ hours of Wi-Fi Hacking and Pwnage ! WLAN Security Megaprimer DVD Released - 10+ hours of Wi-Fi Hacking and Pwnage ! With over 40+ HD videos containing 12+ hours of Wireless Ownage, this DVD weighs in at around 4.2 Gigabytes! just released a 4.2 GB DVD containing over 40+ HD quality videos of their WLAN Security Megaprimer. These videos run over 10+ hours and start from the very basics of wireless hacking, then slowly build momentum and eventually introduces you to the more advanced attacks and hacks. The videos are fully practical and every hack is demonstrated. They have voice over with detailed explanations of every attack thus allowing a genuine learner to understand, learn and practice, rather then providing just a quick guide to using ready made tools.

Ross Anderson's Home Page Ross Anderson [Research] [Blog] [Politics] [My Book] [Music] [Contact Details] What's New Security protocols and evidence: where many payment systems fail analyses why dispute resolution is hard. In a nutshell, the systems needed to support it properly just don't get built (blog). Desarrollo > PDFBlackbox VCL 8.1 With help of PDFBlackbox your Delphi, C++Builder or FreePascal application can * Sign and verify PDF documents using RSA public keys and X.509 certificates * Encrypt and decrypt PDF documents using RSA public keys and X.509 certificates * Encrypt and decrypt PDF documents using symmetric keys (passwords, passphrases) * Timestamp PDF documents * Perform operations using keys stored on cryptographic hardware (USB cryptotokens and smartcards) * Compress the documents, being processed, using ZLib compression algorithm * Handle huge PDF documents without significant memory requirements PDFBlackbox components are a clean-room implementation of PDF format specification, which don’t use any third-party libraries for core functionality. VCL edition of PDFBlackbox can be used with Delphi 2005-2010, Delphi 4-7, C++Builder 2007-2010, FreePascal 2.4 and later. Download – Descargar – Télécharger – İndir

400 Free Online Courses from Top Universities Get 1200 free online courses from the world's leading universities -- Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 30,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now. Humanities & Social Sciences Art & Art History Courses Classics Courses

Desarrollo > OpenPGPBlackbox VCL 8.0 With OpenPGPBlackbox you can * Encrypt and decrypt your files using passphrase or OpenPGP keys * Sign and verify your files using OpenPGP keys * Compress and decompress one or several files * Generate, sign, revoke, OpenPGP keys * Create and manage OpenPGP keyrings * Sign and encrypt e-mail using PGP/MIME standard (requires MIMEBlackbox) * Use X.509 certificates with OpenPGP keys OpenPGPBlackbox VCL Edition is a comprehensive collection of native VCL components that add PGP support to your Delphi / C++Builder / FreePascal applications. OpenPGPBlackbox components are a clean-room implementation of OpenPGP specification, which don’t use any third-party libraries for core functionality. OpenPGPBlackbox is compatible with OpenPGP, GnuPG and PGP Corporation products.

3 Easy Ways To Restart Your Computer Over The Internet I am very obsessed with technology, and I like to push the limits of whatever technology currently exists. Personally, I think it’s very cool that there are lots of remote access tools out there, like the 7 free ones listed in Aibek’s article on Screen-Sharing and Remote Access applications or the remote mobile VNC app I wrote about recently that lets you access your computer with your mobile phone. However, there are circumstances when connecting to a PC isn’t easy or even possible, yet you still need the ability to reboot your web server or file-sharing server at home because an application is locked up or the server isn’t responding. These days, doing a remote computer restart is fast and easy – and it’s now even possible to do so from any web browser or by using the popular micro-blogging tool known as Twitter. 1. How To Perform a Basic Remote Computer Restart – Shutdown.exe