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Cartoonize My Pet - Cartoon customizable gifts for pet lovers

Cartoonize My Pet - Cartoon customizable gifts for pet lovers
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CRÉER - DESSINER EN LIGNE - Create your own comics! La 13ème Fête du cinéma d’animation du 17 au 31 octobre 2014. (création, ressources, outils…) La Fête du cinéma d’animation La 14ème Fête du cinéma d’animation se déroulera du 1er au 31 octobre 2015. Elle est le moyen, durant un mois, d’impulser et d’accompagner des initiatives et des projets pour faire connaitre le cinéma d’animation sur tout le territoire français et au-delà. L’événement se déroule chaque année dans plus de 200 lieux en France, et dans le réseau culturel à l’étranger. Jellycam pour les ordinateurs Windows et Mac. STOP-ANIME est un logiciel d’animation utilisant une webcam. Réaliser un film d'animation à l'école primaire Réaliser un film d’animation avec des photos Dessiner une suite d’images que l’on peut ensuite animer. Pour aller plus loin : Comment faire un scénarimage ? Créer de merveilleux dessins animés image par image en HD #StopMotion Android IOs Windowsapps - Edupad

100 Tools For Teachers Here are 100 tools to make teachers lives easier, most are free and all are allowed to be used in the classroom Organization & Collaboration Save your bookmarks, collaborate with colleagues, and stay in touch with parents using these web tools. Search Engines & Directories Make use of these search engines and directories that offer the best of the web. Google Google is known for its useful web tools, but did you know that a lot of them have incredible applications for education? Templates & Lesson Plans These simple tools will make your job just a little bit easier. Student information roster: Download this PDF to have student information easily at hand.Lesson Plans Library: Discovery Education offers a wide variety of lesson plans, from Ancient History to Economics.Record-Keeping Template: This chart is useful for a wide variety of applications, including permission slip checkoffs, parent communication, and more. Research & Reference Games Reading & Writing Math & Science Arts Online Libraries

Create a new strip You are using an ancient web browser, Stripgenerator does not work properly in it.Get rid of Internet Explorer 6! Upgrade to a new version or use another browser like Chrome, Opera, Safari or Firefox. StripGenerator Say hello to manoli_martin 384,934 Members 1,029,660 Strips Sign in or register Merchandise Hello Draw Me / Custom Portraits – Custom Caricatures Create Create an app for free with AppShed, an intuitive and flexible tool that enables anyone to build content based web apps.Now you can have your own app on any smartphone (Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7).Step-by step instructions and interactive learning make app creation easy for complete beginners and experienced app developers alike. For education Engage your students in app creation and deliver cross-curricular learning in schools, colleges and university. Teachers - use app creation in curriculum-based activities. Access the Academy Dashboard to track students' progress and download lesson plans. Students – combine app creation with your interests and hobbies. Find out more about AppShed Academy. For business Develop an app for your business to help expand your customer base and reap real commercial rewards. Begin your free business app now. Contact us TODAY to find abour our professional app-building service. For fun

Dozens of Ways to Use Comics and Cartoons in the Classroom | Emerging Education Technologies In December, having been inspired by Emily Wierszewski's “Teaching Visual Rhetoric with the ComicLife App” session at the 2014 TLIPAD Conference, I had a lot of fun putting together an article featuring 20 Free Tools for Making Comics and Cartoons for Teaching and Learning. Over the recent holiday break, I had a blast using one of these apps – Pixton – as the main element in creating this video to accompany my original song Lotto Dust. In today's article, I wanted to further illustrate (pun intended!) the potential for using original comics and cartoons by searching out lots of ideas for using these fun applications in teaching and learning. It didn't take too long to find plenty of great articles sharing ideas for ways to use these fun applications in the classroom! These resources offer dozens and dozens of approaches to using free comic and cartoon creation software in classroom lessons, projects, and other teaching applications:

PrimaTICE STOP-ANIME est un logiciel d’animation utilisant une webcam. Il a été développé dans le cadre du projet "Cinéma d'animation à l'école primaire". Il permet la prise de vues image par image, ainsi que quelques fonctions supplémentaires : Gestion des projets. On peut travailler facilement sur plusieurs films. Téléchargez Stop-Anime. Pour la partie pédagogique, consultez le document joint à cet article. 10 octobre 2011: modifications mineures pour rendre Stopanime compatible Vista et Windows 7. 16 février 2012: optimisation de l'affichage pour les films longs. 1er mars 2012: ajout des fonctions de montage. 15 mars 2012: extension de la visualisation à 5 images. 26 mars 2012: possibilité de déporter le dossier de stockage des projets.

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