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Vimeo Music Store Graphic Tools Correas vaina / columna vestido de noche de gasa palabra de longitud / prom - USD $ 147.49 Obscure and cloudy, but hand-picked. Creative Commons Music. RECOMENDADO: Banco de imágenes, sonidos y videos Condiciones de uso El Banco de imgenes y sonidos es una iniciativa del Ministerio de Educación, llevada a cabo a travs del Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas, que tiene como objetivo fundamental poner a disposicin de todo el conjunto de la comunidad educativa recursos audiovisuales que faciliten y estimulen el desarrollo de contenidos educativos. Los recursos incluidos en el Banco de imágenes y sonidos están sujetos a una licencia Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual)(CC BY-NC-SA 3.0), en consecuencia, las acciones, productos y utilidades derivadas de su utilización no podrán generar ningún tipo de lucro y la obra generada sólo podrá distribuirse bajo esta misma licencia. En las obras derivadas deberá, asimismo, hacerse referencia expresa a la fuente y al autor del recurso utilizado. El disfrute de los contenidos del Banco de imgenes y sonidos supone la aceptacin de estas condiciones de uso.

10 Free Ideal Tools for Creating a Fantastic Color Scheme In this Collection you will find some of the best tools that will help you create a killer color scheme for graphic web designs. I’m only sharing the best ones to avoid clutter in the post and confusion in your mind. Creating an eye-catching effective color scheme is never an easy task for web designers. Each color carries an emotion and sometimes it gets very hard to choose one appropriate color that matches the sense of the business, layout of the design and likeness of the client. Hopefully, you’ll like my effort. Kuler One of the best free color scheming tools in the market. Color Scheme Designer This is a tool that solved the problems of many web designers. Check My Colours This is a unique marvel; basically a color scheme analysis tool. Color Jack: Sphere This is a rather simple and quick tool with only necessary functions. Color Explorer This is the absolute opposite of the previous one. Color Spire Color Rotate Colors come to life in 3D, that’s the slogan this tool has. Contrast A

Livescribe notebook by Moleskine: Create seamlessly. A new notebook by Moleskine has been designed for Livescribe smartpens and the Livescribe+ app, with each page containing a dot pattern that makes handwritten notes appear in digital form with surprising speed and accuracy. Here's how to create seamlessly and get the most out of this brand new notebook. Take notes in a Moleskine notebook, and send each penstroke to your device, so you can see your ideas travel from paper to screen. Enjoy the convenience of digital whilst indulging in the tactile pleasures of pen and paper, for a seamless creative experience. Convert handwriting into editable text to cut and paste, tweet or SMS your notes as you please. Livescribe smartpens can capture sound so you can associate key ideas jotted down in the notebook with the full discussion that can be listened to again and again. Ideas often come in a scattered manner; keep them organised by tagging them on the page and saving them in the app to review action items in one place.

tags A deep bass rumble with a rhythmic element towards the end. You will only get the true effect on larger ... A tense string pattern over a deep menacing rumble. A mixture of choirs and synthesised sounds - one of many I have made for use as intros/backgrounds to give ... Deep and slow tonal horror atmosphere. A sad paraphrased piece of music with a weak flicker of hope, played on a piano. Stereo recording of one of my musicboxes. a drumroll on my sonor snare drum. This is an ambient loop made with my Korg Trinity Workstation Sampled Choir played on Steinberg's Halion. Three cellos playing three melancholic (or perhaps a little scary) chords slowly. this short piece consists of a background which cuts into a typical television news wrap-up. soft melody of a children musical box, wind down, metallic sound, recorded with microtrack stereo T-microphone A classical style violin like sequence made with synthesised sounds. A sadness piano and cello theme.