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20 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

20 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom
Google Classroom ( is available to schools with a Google Apps for Education (GAfE)domain. Classroom is a way to get all of your students in one place and allows you to easily assign work and for students to turn it in. Book: “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” now available on Amazon. Sharing Resources: Google Classroom allows you to take a document, video or link and push it out to your students.Create a Lesson: More than simply assigning work to students, Google Classroom allows you to build an assignment. Include a description and attach multiple documents, links and videos. This puts the entire lesson in one place.Make Class Announcements: Google Classroom gives you a place to post your announcements. Link to my follow up blog post: 15 MORE things you can do with Google Classroom. Link to my follow up blog post: 10 additional things you can do with Google Classroom. Thank you to Sean Junkins for creating a nice poster infographic based on this blog post. Like this:

Google Classroom - @GUHSDtech Overview Classroom is a new tool created by Google to allow teachers to push assignments out to students and for students to turn those assignments back in to the teacher. Here is the basic workflow: Teacher creates an activity / template in Docs, etc.Teacher then creates an assignment in Classroom.Students receive that assignment.When finished they turn it in through Classroom.Teacher can check to see who has submitted them and can open each document to grade it.When finished, the teacher can return it to the student. Key Features Teachers can assign a Google Doc, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Drawing, a link, a YouTube video, an attachment, OR can just give a text description.

Everything You Need To Know In Google Classroom (Part 2) This is part 2 of a three part guide. View part one and part three. Google Classroom is one of Google’s newest, most useful, and least understood products. My inbox is constantly filled with questions on how to best use all of the features Classroom offers and often times I don’t know the answers. That was until a very knowledgeable reader graced me with this massive guide on everything one needs to know to get started on Google Classroom. Last week I posted part one of this guide, covering logging in to inviting your students. 60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom 60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom by TeachThought Staff Google Classroom is quietly becoming the most powerful tool in education technology. It may lack the visual appeal of iPads, or the student credibility of a BYOD program. It may not be as forward-thinking as we’d like here at TeachThought, but Google Classroom excels in providing solutions for a broad swath of teachers who have a variety of expertise and comfort level with education technology.

EdTechnocation: 3 Ways to Have Online Discussions with Google Classroom We often just don't have enough class time for those deep and thought-provoking conversations with our students. Online tools like a Google+ Community and a Google Group Web Forum allow you to extend the conversation beyond the walls of the classroom. But how do you use these tools in conjunction with Google Classroom? Let me show you 3 ways you can have online discussions with Google Classroom!Use the Comment Thread in a Google Classroom Assignment Add a Class Hashtag You may already have a class hashtag to post some of the amazing things your class is doing to Twitter. Suggestion to use that hashtag or create a hashtag to use with Google Classroom also. When sending an email to students from Google Classroom the email include the hashtag in the subject line. This allows students to filter the messages in their Gmail. From an assignment in Google Classroom you can checkbox students you wish to send an email to and click the “EMAIL” button.

The Best Ways to Use Google In the Classroom Maybe you’re using Google for your personal email or to look someone up, but have you considered the many ways you can use this web search engine in the classroom? Since was first registered as a domain name in 1997, it has become a ubiquitous source of information. And that’s not all. Google also provides an ever-growing list of tools that can make your and your students’ day easier and more interesting. Image from Flickr via Tomas de Aquino A Comprehensive Guide of Everything Teachers Need to Know about Google Classroom May 26, 2015 Since its release awhile ago, Google Classroom has been such a hit in the EdTech world with millions of teachers already incorporating it in their daily instruction.With this widespread use of Google Classroom, Google rolled out a host of important updates to improve the functionality of Classroom and to respond to the emerging needs of educators. All of these updates are included in this post. Today’s post is intended to help teachers and educators make the best of Google Classroom by providing them with access to some very useful resources, materials and tips on the use of Classroom in education. All of these resources are created and provided by Classroom Help Center.

Review of 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom If you are using Google Classroom you need this book. Alice Keeler and Libbi Miller have done a fantastic job creating a user friendly text that will help teachers make the most out of their Google Classroom access. 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom Leveraging their long experience with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Alice and Libbi not only explain the functionality of Classroom, but also the teacher moves that will allow you to give feedback sooner, monitor group collaborations, collaborate with colleagues, have virtual office hours, and much more. This book is not just "what Classroom does," but, "here are some ways you can take advantage of these possibilities."