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Trying Out Gamification In the Classroom? These Tools Are For You

Trying Out Gamification In the Classroom? These Tools Are For You
Getting students actively engaged and learning by leveraging the power of gamification in the classroom is a hot trend these days. The idea of getting students learning, sharing, and laughing by using gamification shows great promise, to be sure. But where should you start in terms of finding the tools that will actually help you out? PBS Learning Media thought it might be useful to give you a little help in that department. There are certainly a lot of innovative tools like this out in the wild. Top Gamification Tools Worth Trying 1) Star Swiper Give your young learners some counting practice with this fun, interactive game from the popular PBS KIDS program PEG + CAT. 2) Dunk Tank: Liquid Volume Learning about measurements have never been more fun than with “Dunk Tank” from the PBS KIDS math series Cyberchase! 3) Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons & Dragons, developed in 1974, is considered the originator of the modern role-playing game industry. 4) Learning in Virtual Worlds 5) Indie Video Games Related:  GamificationÀ ANALYSER

Using Games for Learning: Practical Steps to Get Started Joan Ganz Cooney Center Part 19 of MindShift’s Guide to Games and Learning By now, you’ve probably read enough to be convinced that it’s worth trying games in your classroom. You understand that games are not meant to be robot teachers, replacing the human-to-human relationship. There are so many great reasons to include digital games among classroom activities. Though every educator can find her own way, here are ideas for the first four steps to getting started with digital games in the classroom. Step 1: Assess Your Resources What platforms do you have available in your class? Hardware is one of the biggest determining factors, and it will have a significant impact on the way you use games in the classroom. Tablets work great for lots of different reasons. Laptops also have their virtues. If you’re using Mac or Windows, Spore is a popular game that introduces students to the basics of biological adaptation. Step 2: Find Games Step 3: Play Games After choosing a game, you have to play it.

Crack the Books Interactive Science Books - Mobile Education Store Crack The Books™ is a state of the art, interactive book series for upper elementary students. Developed in collaboration with top universities, scientists, educators and specialists, Crack The Books™ is the first standard based, core curriculum aligned digital book series that includes both interactive enhancements and universal design accessibility features. Designed for all students, from children with special needs to students who are academically gifted, Crack The Books™ gives educators a powerful new teaching tool to help students of all academic skill levels meet state standards for reading comprehension. Crack The Books™ are the first interactive books that can be adjusted for reading level. Crack The Books™ will cover a variety of topics, including earth habitats, geography, weather, physics, human body, US government, explorers, US history, US states and the solar system. Digital Science Book Features - Adjustable reading levels from 1st to 8th grade - Videos and custom animations

Le rôle des TIC dans l’apprentissage transdisciplinaire « L’école doit devenir le lieu de construction d’un autre savoir, ce qui signifie entre autres sensibiliser et former le jeune à l’apprentissage du projet, de l’entrepreneuriat, de la construction de l’individu, en ayant recours aux nouvelles technologies pour être en adéquation avec un environnement complexe au sein duquel l’utilisation intensive des technologies de l’information est généralisée. » (Laberge, 2003, p.8). En considérant les TIC comme outils d’apprentissage transdisciplinaires, il s’avère essentiel de définir le concept de transdisciplinarité. Comme l’indique le préfixe « trans», la transdisciplinarité présuppose une circulation d’une discipline à l’autre, pour les entrecroiser et les dépasser. « Le Programme de formation vise le développement de compétences qui font appel à des connaissances provenant de sources variées et qui ne répond pas nécessairement à une logique disciplinaire. Par Hélène Archambault, Ph.D. === Références bibliographiques Laberge, M.

6 Steps To Get Started With Gamification Getting started with gamification is easier than you think. A playful attitude and curiosity prepare you for understanding the power of gamification. If you are interested in getting started with gamification check the following 6 steps! Gamification has seen a lot of buzz in the past year. But while many misunderstand it as “building games,” the truth is far from it. Because games reward players and level them up, games need to know how well the players are performing. Due to this inherent tracking of player data, gamification is here to stay and will fundamentally change the way business is done, employees evaluated and promoted, and what the role of managers and HR business partners is. Make it a habit to look out for applications that people are talking about. In the next articles we will learn about motivational factors for gamification, and introduce gamified systems that you probably use, but haven’t realized that they use gamification to change your behaviors.

Gamification in Education: Top 10 Gamification Case Studies that will Change our Future New to Gamification? Check out my post What is Gamification & my Gamification Framework: Octalysis Education Gamification in Action. There’s a lot of potential in the field of Education Gamification. I believe that humans have an innate Desire to learn. However, much of the school system these days “gets in the way of our education.” If you ask children, “What is work?” Clearly there should be a way to help kids learn from what they do best – play. No longer viewed as a mundane process for presenting information while testing for retention and understanding, the modern educational challenge involves tasks of engaging students, stimulating their interests, retaining their attention, and maintaining a positive attitude in a nurturing environment. Key to these goals is the effort to maintain a rich communications environment that encourages feedback and reinforcement, not only between the instructor/teacher and students, but also between the students themselves. What about you?

Pirates de la vie privée : jeu en ligne pour la protection des renseignements personnels Ce jeu interactif initie les enfants âgés de 7 à 9 ans au concept de la vie privée en ligne et leur enseigne à faire la distinction entre les renseignements qu’ils peuvent divulguer et ceux qu’il est préférable de garder pour soi. Le tutoriel les aide également à comprendre que leur décision peut varier, selon les contextes. Le jeu demande aux enfants de réunir les fragments d’une carte menant à un trésor (renforce l’idée que les renseignements personnels ont une grande valeur). Deux modules renferment le contenu éducatif. Avant de jouer Il est vivement recommandé aux parents et enseignants de parcourir l’unité avant de travailler avec les enfants. Cliquez ici pour jouer

gamifi-ED - PeaceMaker Gamifi-ed Score: 18 PeaceMaker is a serious game where you play as either government officials from Palestine, or Israel. Then, you make the discussions that decides whether your country fails or prospers. Summary of Evaluation Educator Review(s) Reviewer: Colin Osterhout @costerhout Date: 3/7/2014 Rating: I really enjoyed this game! Student Review(s) Student instructions: Please write your review below, include each of the 7 points we're using as well as any other factors that should be considered. This is one of my favorite serious games that I have played. Resources Resource instructions: Include helpful resources for getting started with this game including download links and help files. Categories This game falls under the following categories. Game Mechanics and Player Types (optional) Describe the game mechanicsfrom Game Design principles used in this particular game. Player Type(s) this game appeals to:This game appeals to gamers who like to be in control. Screenshots

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