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Projeto Draft - Pessoas, ideias e projetos que estão mudando o mundo.

Projeto Draft - Pessoas, ideias e projetos que estão mudando o mundo.

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Where Niche Industries Are Thriving – and Why Before you think big, think local. Often, companies get their start maximizing what a local market has to offer before making the big time. Take a look at industries flourishing in cities across the country and why. 1. Ridesharing. Establishing Teacher-Child Relationships Establishing relationships with your students is the most important factor in managing behavior in the classroom. When an individual child knows you love them, it will become easier to guide them towards positive behavior. This is important with all children, but particularly with children with the most challenging behaviors. We’re destroying our kids — for nothing: Too much homework, too many tests, too much needless pressure My own awakening to the toxicity of the achievement race came the way it does to many parents: via years of trying to keep up with it. I sensed the problem in my home before I could name it. My daughters, Shelby and Jamey, were in middle school, and Zakary was in third grade. They were still children, in the essential sense of the word. They still played hide-and-seek, treasured their American Girl dolls, and relied on me to make their meals. But their lives had mutated into an adult-like state of busy­ness that gave our home the air of a corporate command center.

The Top Israeli Startups And Innovations Of 2014 On the eve of 2015, the culture of innovation is more robust than ever and Israel, the self-proclaimed “Startup Nation,” is doing all it can to maintain its title. Israel fosters a culture at the brink of innovation, and in 2014, the country out-did itself, creating cutting-edge technology, enabling breakthrough medical devices and vaccines, new platforms for businesses, and one concept in particular that is revolutionizing the workplace environment. Meet the Israeli companies and innovations that made 2014 a year to remember! Collaborative Learning Spaces: Classrooms That Connect to the World Editor's note: This post is co-authored by Fran Siracusa, co-founder of and educational technologist for Calliope Global. As citizens of the world, students in today's classrooms seek global contexts for learning. Opportunities for networked and international collaborations are bringing both the world to classrooms and classrooms to the world. With a focus on international standards of instruction, globally-minded programs inspire students to be curious through investigation and reflective in analysis of thought.

Professional artists re-created children's monster doodles. They're hideously cool. Artist and designer Katie Johnson has a thing for monsters. Not those of the morbid variety, but the cutesy, kid-friendly kind. GIF from "Monsters, Inc." How These Entrepreneurs Found Success in an Industry They Knew Nothing About It was January 2011 and Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein were waiting for 2,600 pairs of sneakers to be delivered to their home in Chicago, which was experiencing a massive snowstorm. When the shipment arrived, via a container on the back of a big rig freight truck, the friends realized they’d failed to think things through. The driver wanted to know where the unloading dock was and who was going to unload the delivery. There was no unloading dock -- “we were like, ‘dude, this is a residential street,’” says Nemani -- and the pair had planned on doing it themselves. That, they quickly realized, would take forever. So they called a few friends, paid the delivery guy $100 to help out and spent the next three hours unloading boxes of shoes in the snow.

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom Is Social Media Relevant? Take the Quiz Before we talk social media, let's talk about the relevance of social media by taking a quiz. Which of the following is most likely to be true? ☐ Should we teach letter-writing in the classroom? Japanese Designers Create Nameless Paints to Revolutionize How Children Learn about Colors Design duo Ima Moteki is determined to revolutionize how young children address the colors of the rainbow. To help get kids' creative juices flowing, Nameless Paints was designed to represent colors without labels. Instead of giving each shade a specific name, various circles represent primary colors that were blended to make the color at hand. The size of the circle also portrays the specific proportions that were used. “By not assigning names to the colors we want to expand the definition of what a color can be, and the various shades they can create by mixing them,” explains Yusuke Imai, who makes up half the design team with Ayami Moteki.

Now She Runs One of the Hottest Startups in LA To an outsider’s eye, 25-year-old Nanxi Liu might be seen as a prodigy. She was an All-American cheerleader in high school, a beauty queen, earned enough scholarship money to pay her way through UC Berkeley, founded two successful startups before the age of 25, and recently made the Forbes 30-under-30 list. But it wasn’t always like this for Liu, and her road to success is everything that encompasses “the hustle.”

Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University Education Agencies In 2013, the project was piloted in 100 classrooms in New York City, Georgia, and North Carolina. Currently, 400 teachers and their principals from districts in Delaware, California, Colorado, and Georgia are participating in the project. Organizational Partners In addition to the participating teacher and administrator volunteers and leadership from the states and districts with which we work, the Best Foot Forward Project’s partners include technology companies, nonprofit organizations, and education consultants. BloomBoardPanorama EducationPearson EducationTeachstonethereNowTNTP Meet The Woman Who Did Everything In Her Power To Hide Her Pregnancy From Big Data By Jessica Goldstein "Meet The Woman Who Did Everything In Her Power To Hide Her Pregnancy From Big Data" The server room at Facebook’s data center in Prineville, Ore. CREDIT: AP Photo/Facebook, Alan Brandt Janet Vertesi, assistant professor of sociology at Princeton University, had an idea: would it be possible to hide her pregnancy from big data?