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23 Useful Websites for Teaching and Learning English

23 Useful Websites for Teaching and Learning English
September 6, 2014 Below are some valuable resources for ELL and ESL teachers. With these resources, you can find great ways to communicate more effectively, explore lessons, and be a great ELL teacher. Check out this lexicon that offers images demonstrating the true meaning of the word, making it easier for English language learners to understand. On this website, you’ll find quizzes, word games, puzzles, and a random sentence generator to help students better grasp English as a second language. is a really fun site for ELL learners, with reference tools like a dictionary and vocabulary, supplemented with quizzes, games, and a community forum. On this site, you’ll find free English videos for both students and teachers. Okanagan College’s resource offers 13 different unit lessons for learning and teaching English pronunciation. In this website from the BBC, students can find help with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, with plenty of references to current events. Related:  Engelska ESL

Eingleses: páginas recomendadas A continuación os pongo una serie de páginas webs que considero imprescindibles en caso de tener cualquier tipo de duda. Se incluyen tanto páginas en castellano como en inglés, y junto a la página una pequeña descripción de lo que podéis encontrar en ella. Espero que os resulte útil. - El blog para aprender inglés: Tengas un nivel avanzado o acabas de empezar. - Wordreference: Te ofrece los resultados de cualquier palabra que busques traducida al castellano (y varios idiomas más). - Wordnik: Se le podría considerar como un recopilatorio de diccionarios. - Diccionario de Cambridge: El diccionario británico por excelencia (en inglés) de sobra conocido por todos. - Ejercicio de inglés: Una de mis páginas favoritas de habla hispana. - Daily writing Tips: Página web en inglés en la que cada día te ofrece un nuevo consejo sobre como mejorar tu gramática, ortografía, vocabulario, y en general, para escribir mejor. - The New York Times: La versión digital del popular magazine estadounidense.

10 Free Mobile Apps To Help You Learn English Faster Language is the most powerful communication tool. Learning different languages is the current trend among youngsters. There are a large number of ways you can learn or develop your skills in a specific language, by attending coaching from expert teachers or by conventional methods of reading and practice. Although you are a new learner or you just want to improve your English, here is a list of 10 new mobile apps for both Android and iOS that will improve your language. Memrise The power of Memrise is now available in pocket-sized format for on the go learning. LearnEnglish Grammar (US Edition) LearnEnglish Grammar is a top interactive grammar practice app designed to help improve English grammar accuracy. Learn English, Speak English by SpeakingPal Busuu Learn English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish with busuu in a fun and easy way and practise with a community of over 50 million native speakers. Phrasalstein Listen & Speak Carton – free English

Scrapbook kits, templates, papers, stickers and more to print Black Bat Printable Coloring Mask Black Cat Printable Coloring Mask Night Owl Printable Coloring Mask Pumpkin Face Printable Coloring Mask Pumpkin Face Printable Mask To personalize, simply type the information directly into the bottle wrapper template or you can also print-out, then handwrite a message. Baby Shower Bottle Wrapper Beach Lanterns Bottle Wrapper Beach Party Bottle Wrapper Birthday Party Bottle Wrapper Flip Flops Bottle Wrapper Kids Birthday Bird Bottle Wrapper To enjoy these printable invitations, click the download button to save the content onto your computer. Baby Girl Invitation Card Birthday Girl Invitation Card Giraffes Baby Shower Invitation Card All Girls Party Time Invitation Card It's a Party! Jungle Animals Party Invitation Card Robots and Dinosaur Invitation Card Unicorn Rainbow Invitation Card Bear Circus Birthday Invitation Card Princess Tiara Party Invitation Card Pirate Ship Invitation Card Big Wishes Birthday Invitation Card Birthday Bash Invitation Card Mr. and Mrs. 2 designs

Silly Sentences Syfte med Silly Sentences Framförallt att ha roligt med språket! Övningarna visar tydligt vad en fullständig mening är. Eleverna tränar på att formulera sig, samt att skriva med stor bokstav och punkt. Läraren reflekterar om Silly Sentences En rolig uppgift som lockar till många skratt! Metod Kopiera materialet och låt eleverna tala och skriva parvis eller i mindre grupper. Lgr 11 Förmåga Formulera sig och kommunicera i tal och skrift. Centralt innehåll Enkla beskrivningar och meddelanden. Top 10 Essential Web Tools For Project-Based Learning Making learning interactive has always been difficult for educators. Students rarely want to collaborate and get involved in discussions, because most of them are afraid of making mistakes and saying something wrong. Luckily for all of us, the emergence of technology used in classrooms has made educators able of making the learning process interactive. Blending the traditional textbooks with innovative web tools that inspire collaboration will be the wisest thing you’ve ever done for your students. The goal of project-based learning is to enable your students to put the things they have learned into practice and develop valuable skills through the project development. They will learn how to make priorities, manage sources, and summarize new concepts. By implementing the usage of digital tools into the classroom, the students will get engaged and interested into each other’s opinions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Thumbnail image via

Update your browser to use Google Drive - Google Drive Help To use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Sites, Slides, and Forms, you need to use a supported web browser. Learn what a browser is, which browser you use, and how to update to the latest version. Option 1: Find the update for your browser Update your browser If you can’t update your browser, you can use a different browser. Browsers are available at no charge and are easy to install. Learn about system requirements for Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Sites, Slides, and Forms. Option 2: Update your operating system If you can’t update your browser, update your operating system. Windows Learn how to keep your Windows computer up to date. Mac Option 3: Use a different computer or mobile device If you can't update your browser, install a new browser, or update your operating system, try to use a different computer or use a mobile device. If you have an Android phone, Android tablet, an iPhone, or an iPad, you can install Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides on your mobile device. Still need help?

Hör vi ihop?: Engelska Strukturen Hör vi ihop? är väldigt populär i min klass i engelskundervisningen. Det är ett enkelt och tacksamt sätt att få alla elever aktiva och att få alla elever att TALA engelska. De tycker att det är väldigt roligt och alla vågar vara med. På korten finns en fråga och ett svar. Eleverna går runt och ställer frågan till varandra. What’s your name? What time is it? What are you wearing? What’s the weather like? Numbers MALL What day is it? Hör vi ihop? Idag har vi provat strukturen Hör vi ihop? I "Allmänt" Skrivtrappan Så här i början av höstterminen i åk 2 satsar vi lite extra på att komma igång med skrivandet. SFI: Att skriva en innehållsrik och strukturerad text Skrivuppgifter är en av de svåraste uppgifterna på SFI. piece-of-cake ICDL - International Children's Digital Library

Printable Alphabet Spinners Help the kids master the alphabet with this printable alphabet spinners. Practice the ABC’s or beginning letters with cute images kids will uncover as they spin the wheel. You can make these for your classroom or have the kids make their own if they have the fine motor skills required for this one. *this post contains affiliate links* While worksheets can be great for learning the alphabet, hands on interactive activities are way better. This one is really easy to set up, and as there are 6 images for each of the letters of the alphabet there will be lots of practice to master the sounds. 25 letters feature beginning sounds of said letter, while letter x has 2 with x as beginning sounds and other with middle or last sounds. Both color and black and white version are included – with black and white version, you can What you need: our printable alphabet spinners (available in our members area)heavier print paper (white and color)scissorsbrads (or something similar)skewer Step by Step Tutorial