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Make Room! Cool Color-Changing Walls for Your Home

Make Room! Cool Color-Changing Walls for Your Home
This may be the best room-changing design idea since interior house paint: forget your white living room walls, green bedroom or brown kitchen and bring your favorite rooms to life with these incredible, changeable and colorful do-it-yourself pixelated wall displays. Feeling dark? Switch from colorful rainbow patterns to a pitch black surface in seconds. Want a bit of a flavorful accent? Spin the wheels again to display words or patterns of your choice. This ingenious pixel-perfect wall design renders paint redundant. Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov (better known as Amirko) has come up with this simple but dynamic wall decor idea for transforming an ordinary surface into a do-it-yourself design canvas that lets you set the tone (or tones) depending on your mood.

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Wild Hybrid Walls: Decorative Wood & Plastic Wall Panelling Interior space or … spaceship interiors? These raised, hybrid-material wall panel systems are nothing short of spectacular. Using various combinations of resin, plastic, wood and metal, they are sensuous in texture and span the spectrum from opaque panels to translucent tiles. Designed by Lamellux, some of them sit as flat as any painted drywall surface would, but compensate by containing an array of textured materials trapped in resin, curved arcs of colorful infill and/or semi-see-through waves of plexiglass or plastic. Others bulge and bend outward as fully three-dimensional shapes, or give the appearance of being carved into like a wooden or stone surface. While the more transparent versions might not work for a bathroom, they would make for great room dividers and interior wall panels – separating spaces in style while still letting light and shadows show through.

Beautiful Warehouse Conversion in Melbourne By Eric • Feb 14, 2011 • Selected Work Spotted on MBP, here is a completely renovated apartment located in a historic building in Melbourne, Australia. This three bedroom, two bathroom residence is on sale and according to the agent, “this superlative warehouse conversion in “Leicester House”, an historic 1880′s building, provides privacy and vast spaces. DIY Solar Lamp: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Sun Jars The principle is simple and seductively clever: solar lights that store energy during the day and release light at night. These can be purchased ready-made in a variety of colors (yellow, blue and red) but they can also be built at home. A simple, less-technical approach involves buying a conventional solar-powered yard lamp and then essentially harvesting it for key pieces to put in a jar.

35 Irresistable Terrace Designs for Fresh and Dynamic Apartments The personality and feel of every home is seriously influenced by its relationship with the exterior. In the case of large residential projects, this indoor-outdoor connection is very easy to accomplish, especially if there is a garden involved. But what can one do when confronted with a limited living space? Extremely Bizarre Surreal Artworks In this post, we bring a collection of the most bizarre and conceptually creative surreal artworks. Hope you all will enjoy this post. Feel free to share your feeling about this post with others.

Tips For Easy Installation of Paneling For Walls Wall panels are lighter and smarter materials that are crafted using wood or other material that not only keeps the walls safe but also gives protection to them. Since, paneling for walls comes in numerous colors and design patterns; it allows people to select their favorite panel that suits the interior decoration of the home. Paneling for walls is very useful not only to protect the walls but also to bestow them with an attractive look. If decorative panes are the preference of individuals, then they can choose panels from a wide variety of options like brick or knotty pine paneling for walls. The specialty of knotty wall paneling is it gives a rustic look to the walls and creates more elegance. If one concentrates more on the interior decoration of the home, then interior wall paneling like perforated wall panels are the apt choice.

Another Way To Hide The Bed: Put It In A Box We often show ingenious ways of hiding the bed . French architects Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec offer a new one: turn it into a sculptural element, in this case a box hanging from the ceiling. Watch Video: World's Greenest Homes From the other side, it is a short step up from the existing mezzanine. Vessel Series 01-03 by Samuel Wilkinson for Decode London designer Samuel Wilkinson created these mouth-blown glass lamps specifically to house the Plumen 001 low-energy light bulbs released by Hulger last month (see our earlier story). Called Vessel Series 01-03, the designs produced by British brand Decode feature three different cuts, allowing them to be suspended or laid on a table. The product was launched at The Tramshed and 100% Design during the London Design Festival last month. See all our stories about the London Design Festival »

Anamorphic Illusions by Felice Varini If you’re one of those pandas who read our magazine daily, you probably remember Anamorphic Medusa Inside a Factory by Truly Design or Anamorphic Typography by Joseph Egan we’ve talked about earlier. Well, it appears that these guys are not the only ones experimenting with this technique. Swiss artist Felice Varini has been creating illusions of flat graphics superimposed on three dimensional spaces since 1979 using the same eye-deceiving technique called anamorphosis.

Create a Dark Fantasy Manipulation of a Broken Girl - Photoshop Tutorial Step 1 Start by creating a new document (Ctrl+N) of 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high. I gave this document's name: broken

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