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Sound Horoscope

Sound Horoscope
A horoscope is a snapshot of a single moment in our solar system as seen from a geocentrical point of view. Actually the luminaries and planets are not fixed but constantly rotating. These rotations can be translated into different swinging systems, amongst others into acoustically recognisable sounds. Already in the year 1619 the great astrologer and astronomer Johannes Kepler wrote a book about "Harmonices mundi" (Latin: The Harmony of the World). At present the swiss musicologist and astrologer Hans Cousto does pioneering research on planetary swinging cycles. One comparatively easy way of translating planetary cycles into acoustic effects is the transformation of angle relations between planets into sounds. The length of the zodiac is imagined as the virtual string of an instrument. Two celestial bodies are "playing" at a time on the string. When standing opposite by an angle of 180° the celestial bodies "play" an octave. It is always the longer part of the string that is playing.

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Starlight Knight Astrology Aspects are arguably the most important part of any particular horary chart. Aspects, or the angles that planets see each other with, color the relationship between individual planets and give us information on what has occurred and what will occur. This is extremely valuable and is typically the information that a querent is looking for, so it’s important to have a good grasp of what’s happening in any particular aspectual relationship between particular planets. One of the most important foundations for aspects is being consistent with the orbs utilized. Classically orbs are determined based on the planets involved where brighter or larger planets are given larger orbs of influence, but the modern movement has put more of a focus on the aspects themselves, where more forceful aspects are given larger orbs than those deemed less forceful. As mentioned earlier in the article, aspects can be used to tell what has happened in the past regarding any particular question.

Find Your Karma through your Lunar Nodes If you find yourself pondering your life path, or muddled over what you were born to do, exploring the Lunar Nodes can point you in the right direction. Not only can you get an idea of what your future holds, but you can discover your karmic past. In her new book, Lunar Nodes: Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission, Celeste Teal helps you to pin point where your lunar north and south nodes are by sign and house position, nodal aspects to your planets, the role of the nodes in your Synastry chart, and what the ‘higher powers’ have in store for you; to name but a few of the book’s features. Sound Healing Classes - Globe Institute Intention As shown by Dr. Emoto, if you focus love on water, it will create a beautiful geometric crystalline pattern when it freezes. If you focus any negativity on water (such as hate) it will form a discordant, chaotic pattern. Many other clinical studies (covered in Lynn McTaggart's book, "The Intention Experiment") have proven that your intention not only affects matter, it affects yourself and others. Quantum Physics actually explains how this works. It is all based on the main law of resonance -- "A strong resonant frequency will overcome and entrain a weaker frequency into the same vibration as the stronger."

David Van Gough 500 × 680 - 956 × 350 - 494 × 640 - 3648 × 2736 - Tools of Esoteric Astrology Patrick Mulcahy The Three Divine Currents My understanding (at this time) is that the evolutionary movement of collective Humanity is, symbolically speaking, anti-clockwise around the circle of the Tropical zodiac - from Aries to Pisces. (See the article: Seed-Tree-Fruit.) This movement is given its momentum by the influence of two fundamental creative-evolutionary forces described by the divine name IHVH ALHIM (Yehovah Elohim). The term ALHIM (= 86) itself describes a dual stream of force comprised of the ADNI (= 65) and AHIH (= 21) currents - two streams of influence flowing symbolically in the same direction.

New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller New Moon AstrologyFrom "New Moon Astrology - Using New Moon Power Days to Change and Revitalize Your Life" by Jan SpillerPosted by: DailyOM Rules of the Road Timing This is a planet where we reap what we sow. By knowing what we want to harvest in our lives (the dreams we want to see come true) and by planting the seeds at the appropriate time, we can manifest the dreams of our heart. ~ Isochronic Tones ~ : ~ Brainvawe Frequencies I didn't do enough research before I published this post. Now I have searched the web for more references and found that they differs?! And I've forgotten the source to where I found these frequencies... (my bad). The webpage that seems most professional is Wikipedia's Electroencephalography.

On View: “The Fall of the Watchers” Group Show at Arch Enemy Arts David Seidman The forces of good and evil clash in an apocalyptic new group show, “The Fall of the Watchers,” at Philadelphia’s Arch Enemy Arts. The concept of the exhibit was inspired by the Book of Enoch, an ancient Jewish text that details the tale of the Watchers, angels sent to Earth and subsequently corrupted by humanity’s hedonistic ways. While the work in “The Fall of the Watchers” is not overtly religious or even moralistic, artists like David Seidman, Caitlin Hackett, Chris Mars and Maria Teicher created a creeping, ominous mood reflective of the show’s inspiration. The participants vary greatly in style and media — from watercolor to miniature sculpture — but their work shares an underlying tension and sense of foreboding.

The Enneagram is Astrology! by E. Alan Meece The Enneagram is a system of nine psychological types.