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The Renaissance Connection, from the Allentown Art Museum

The Renaissance Connection, from the Allentown Art Museum
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Graphic Design According to Wikipedia (and who doesn’t trust Wikipedia?), Bansky is “a pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter.” The fact that he merits a Wikipedia article is an indication of how famous Bansky has become. His worked has inspired many an artist to take their work to the streets. Click here for more » INK is a UK-based, multi-award winning digital production studio that combines imagination and cutting edge digital technology to create beautifully crafted images for advertisements, production companies, and designers. Jean-Yves Lemoigne is the go-to guy if you want fun and clever ads that will stick in your consumer’s minds for a long time. Click here for more » Anthony Guebels is a 3D digital artist who works on the details in our favorite game characters.He has worked on Splinter Cell (Conviction and Blacklist), Assassin’s Creed (Brotherhood, Revelations, Black Flag), Far Cry 3, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and Watchdogs.

The Kennedy Center's Arts Education Network: Thematic Collections /themes The Kennedy Center: ARTSEDGE — the National Arts and Education Network MY ARTSEDGE | Login Educators Lessons How To's Standards Families At School At Home Out & About Students KC Connections Features Just For You Collections Media Collections Reset Collections Finder: Filter by art form, place, time or category Big Ideas Select All | Deselect All Places Time Arts Genre All 0-9 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 | 2 | next › 1-24 of 29 Results: A Few of Our Favorite Things... A Few of Our Favorite Things... From musical theater to music in space, our media collections reflect the breadth and depth of the performing arts in America and around the world. Acoustics & Sound Acoustics & Sound How do composers "hear" outer space? Africa Africa Discover the real story of the Lion King and the rich tapestry of sounds from North African cultures. African-American History African-American History America America Ancient Empires Ancient Empires Animals Animals How does an actor become a chihuahua? Asia Asia

Mapping the Republic of Letters Not Everyone Lived in Castles During the Middle Ages Activity 1. Priests and Monks Review the types of medieval people studied in Activities 1 and 2. Begin group research of this topic by reading together the text found at Religion available through Learner.Org. Now read about medieval monks at Monks and Nuns available through Learner.Org's Middle Ages. Remind the students of the illuminated images they viewed in Activities 1 and 2. The multiple prayer services took place in the church at the abbey, although those monks who were out in the fields simply kneeled and prayed where they were. Assessment Discuss with the students what they have learned about the monks. Activity 2. After reviewing the topics covered in Activity 1, explain that the wealthy people studied thus far represented only a very small fraction of medieval society. Farming You can get a good idea of how the peasants spent their time by viewing the following images from the Book of Hours discussed earlier: Call upon students to describe the activities in each scene. Royalty

How to Draw Faster - 5 Tips to Improve Drawing Speed By Matt Fussell Artists that have drawn for many years often amaze people by how quickly they can get an image on the drawing surface. Often, what’s equally amazing is the accuracy that accompanies the speed. Unfortunately, when people see this skill, they assume that it is the result of talent, instead of developed skill. Frankly, anyone can draw quickly, but drawing speed without accuracy really misses the whole point. The truth is that knowing a few “secrets” will help to improve your drawing skill and ironically, improve your accuracy as well. Tip #1 - Look For and Draw Basic Shapes Many people first approach drawing by drawing contour lines, or the outlines of the object. Every object can be broken down visually into simple shapes. The tricky part is learning how to see the simple shapes in complex objects. Tip #2 - Make Comparisons within the Picture Plane This technique is mostly helpful for the initial layout of your composition. Tip #3 - Draw with Your Whole Arm

NCMA Asian and Islamic Art: Middle Eastern, China, Korea, Japan — The Detroit Institute of Arts — The Detroit Institute of Arts Print Page The collections of the Department of the Arts of Asia and the Islamic World at the Detroit Institute of Arts comprise thousands of works of art produced in Asia and Middle East, from antiquity through the present, as well as from North Africa and Islamic Spain. Conceived as a both a geographical and cultural area of study, the Department fosters research into individual works of art in their historical and cultural contexts, the connections between the artistic cultures of this immense region – both geographical and temporal – as well as cultural and artistic ties between Asia, the Islamic World, Europe, and Africa. Arts of the Ancient Middle East The arts of the Ancient Middle East comprise a remarkable group of objects created between approximately 3000 B.C.E and 600 C.E., from Antiquity to the pre-Islamic Middle East. Arts of the Islamic World Arts of Asia Arts of China Arts of Korea Arts of Japan Arts of South and Southeast Asia

Reformation Herzlich willkommen beim Reformationsportal! Das Redaktionsteam freut sich über Ihr Interesse an unserer Seite. Was das Portal will, wie es aufgebaut ist, welche Inhalte präsentiert werden (und welche nicht) und vieles andere mehr, erfahren Sie auf der Seite „Über das Projekt“. Das Portal ist ein „work in progress“. Zu den anderen Themenfeldern finden Sie bereits die Einführungstexte, die Füllung mit weiteren Materialien erfolgt sukzessive im Laufe der kommenden Semester. Wir wünschen viel Spaß und Erkenntnis beim Surfen! medieval Wouldn't it be terrific to travel back in time to explore a castle and see knights in shining armor and beautiful princesses? Just think of all the magnificent sights and heroic tournaments you would witness! But what was it "really" like to live in Medieval Times? In your quest you will discover the world of the feudal system and explore Medieval castles. Your serfdom will begin by watching a few short video clips from the movie Ever After. Are you ready to learn what is kept in a keep, how a morning star is used, or what (besides water) can be found in a moat? Throughout your quest, keep in mind the "big question" you are seeking to answer: What was life "really" like in Medieval Times, and what do we know now that could have made their lives better? Can you believe everything you read on the Internet? After you have completed the activity, go to the Task section to begin your quest. Created by Joan Weathers 6th Grade Teacher North Daviess Elementary School email me