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The Renaissance Connection, from the Allentown Art Museum

The Renaissance Connection, from the Allentown Art Museum

The Incredible Art Department | Art Education WorldImages J.-E Berger Foundation: World Art Treasures Arts Management Network :: The Network for Arts Administrators and Experts in the Creative Industries Using Textbooks as a Research Resource This bibliography lists and describes some intriguing works utilizing early imprints as well as modern textbooks and schoolbooks. The coverage of this bibliography is neither authoritative nor comprehensive. It includes primarily works which were easily found within the ULS collection. Where possible, the number of items used in each study was determined through checking footnotes, and bibliographic references presented by the authors. The literatures of various disciplines were examined to determine how scholars and researchers have used textbooks and schoolbooks as the basis of published studies. Contents: Back to 19th Century Schoolbooks Main Page Journal Articles Allen, Harold D. Discusses arithmetic or math problems posed in verse form, by authors such as Benjamin Workman, Zachariah Jess, Titus Bennett, Augustus R. Anyon, Jean. Looks at biases related to labor and economic history in selected chapters covering 1865-1917. Axtell, James. Baker, Carolyn D., and Peter Freebody. Firer, R.

Job and Career Information Center: Test Study Guides - Enoch Pratt Free Library This is an index to the test study guides available in the Job and Career Information Center at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Maryland. In this index, the guides are listed alphabetically by the first word of the title or by key word. They are also cross-referenced by key word. Circulating study guides may be borrowed by anyone who has a valid Enoch Pratt Free Library card or any one who has a card issued from a Maryland public library. 911 operator. A+ certification, complete guide to. A+ certification for Dummies. 3rd ed. A+ certification for Dummies, CompTIA. A+ certification, CompTIA. A+ certification, CompTIA Exam Cram. A+ certification, CompTIA Exam Cram Practice Questions. A+ certification, CompTIA Exam Prep. A+ certification, CompTIA Windows simulator. A+, Network+, Security+ exams in nutshell. A+ Certification Practice Exams. A+ Certification, Supporting Windows 7 for CompTIA A+. Accountant see also CPA ACT, Barron's. 16th ed. ACT, Barron's Pass key to the. 6th ed.

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