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Technology News, Reviews and Analysis

Technology News, Reviews and Analysis

Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 10.1" 1280 x 800 LED Net-tablet PC - Atom Z670 1.50 GHz 62GB SSD 2GB RAM Q550-62GB-02: Electronics LAPTOP Magazine - Product reviews, tech news, buying guides, and more While the LG Fathom is positioned as an office in your pocket, the last time we checked road warriors didn’t want a stylus as part of their mobile arsenal. That’s right, without an extreme touch makeover like the one HTC performed on the HD2, you’ll occasionally need that little piece of plastic. The Fathom isn’t all bad; it sports a pretty good slide-out keyboard, its 1-GHz processor handles e-mail and documents like a champ, and it operates on both CDMA and GSM networks (which world travelers will appreciate). Unfortunately, LG has done very little to make this Windows Phone stand out. With stiff competition from BlackBerry and Android, and the much slicker Windows Phone 7 expected around the corner, perhaps the Fathom should just be called the Phantom. Design The LG Fathom is relatively compact compared to other smart phones, yet has a sturdy build quality. Like the Ally, the Fathom sports a 3.2-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Display User Interface Keyboard Apps

Head to head: Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S Read our Galaxy Nexus Review! Take the two top smartphones available today and put them side by side, and you have what we present before you here -- the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The former needs little introduction. Let's take a brief look at the two phones side-by-side. Galaxy Nexus Forums | Galaxy Nexus Specs | iPhone 4S review Youtube link for mobile viewing We're very much looking at contrasting hardware here. That's the greatest physical difference between the two. We're not going to delve too much into the internals here. The Galaxy Nexus "only" has a 5MP camera. And removable batteries still win out, in our opinion. But where Android absolutely has gone toe-to-toe with iOS is with Ice Cream Sandwich. The home screens are as customizable as they've ever been. With the Galaxy Nexus, Google's gotten rid of the capacitive buttons and gone with on-screen buttons.

Potential UK law to allow monitoring of emails and visited websites We were treated to a number of comical April Fools’ jokes on Sunday, but there was one story that ran over the weekend that had people doubting its authenticity. Plans have been unveiled that would allow intelligence services to monitor email and internet traffic in realtime, as well as phone calls. The new plan could be announced as early as May, and be introduced if it receives Parliamentary approval. Under the new UK law, ISPs would have to pass all email and internet traffic to the GCHQ (British Government Communications Headquarters). This new law would allow GCHQ access to more information, though, such as who a person is in contact with, how frequently, and how long for. The director of the director of the Big Brother Watch group, Nick Pickles, believes the new legislation is “an unprecedented step that will see Britain adopt the same kind of surveillance seen in China and Iran.” [via ZDNet]

Best Android apps for book lovers For centuries, the wisest of men – poets, priests, and scholars – have basked in the company of books to grasp the infinite knowledge of the world. Today, much has changed, yet books continue to parade the streets of enlightenment inside the minds of every thought leader of this mobile generation. However, the Web 2.0 era, with its “Midas’ touch”, has pretty much digitized almost everything form of physical media, making ebooks and audio books the gold standard in education, both formal and informal. For all book lovers out there, here is a look at the best Android apps guaranteed to please the bookworm inside of you. Kindle for Android Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Amazon’s insanely popular reader, the Kindle. Google Play Books Google Play Books is Google’s ambitious attempt to take on what Apple and Amazon already have. Aldiko Book Reader It’s sometimes hard to believe that the best Android apps out there are free. Goodreads Audible AReader No Limit Loop