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321 Free Tools for Teachers—Free Educational Technology

321 Free Tools for Teachers—Free Educational Technology
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GRATUIT enregistreur d'écran Now you can take a snapshot easily on your Android device (no root required: read the faq how). Take screenshots on your tablet, phone or other Android device without ads! Share, draw, add text to a screenshot or even send/edit multiple screenshots! ★Most complete screenshot app!★ Why is Screenshot Ultimate Pro the perfect screen capture app? We support rooted and non-rooted devices; however, if you have a non-rooted phone you might have to run a small app on your computer to enable screen shooting functionality. NoteIf you can’t get the app to work please email us and don’t post it in the reviews since we can’t respond to reviews. Trigger methods- Overlay icon which is visible on top of all screens- Shake- Service icon click- Audio- Power (dis)connect- Folder listener- Webserver- Camera hardware button- Long click search hardware button- Custom shortcut- Widget button- Button inside the app- Intent (Tasker / Locale support)- Interval- Cronjob- Light- Proximity Features- No ads!

A New Fantastic Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel for iPad Apps March 21, 2014 Today while I was browsing through my Twitter feeds I came across this fabulous Bloom's Taxonomy wheel of apps shared by Anthony. If you still recall, some previous versions of this wheel have already been featured here in Bloom's Taxonomy for Teachers section . As you can see, the wheel outlines a wide variety of verbs and activities related to each thinking level of Blooms taxonomy coupled with iPad apps that go with it. These apps are supposed to help teachers and students better cultivate these different thinking levels in their use of iPad apps. Create Evaluate Annalyse Apply Remember/understand This wheel is originally discovered on the website of Paul Hopkin's education consultancy site adopted by Allan Carrington.

Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions When I was putting together my book, The Teacher’s Guide to Tech, I kept getting carried away with thoughts of how so many of the tools I discovered were so empowering. Not long ago, a person’s talents were limited by money and other resources. For instance: If a writer wanted to write a book, he had to get the attention — and the financial support — of an established publisher.If a guitar player wanted to record and distribute her music, she had to get the backing of a music producer.If a painter wanted to sell his art, he had to find a gallery to show it.If a filmmaker wanted to see her film come to life, she needed expensive equipment — and a movie studio — to produce and distribute it to the world. But that’s all changed now. Because now, technology can enable the most ordinary person to do truly extraordinary things. The game really is so different now, and anyone with the tools can play. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 42:25 — 58.5MB) Image MakingCanvaInkscape

Stage TICE -- Langues étrangères Creativity on the Run: 18 Apps that Support the Creative Process "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein We do not need to teach creativity, but rather inspire its daily practice. Somewhere along the way, we simply forgot to honor this innate gift and how to access its power. Our role as educators is to encourage learning experiences that increase the ability to recognize and listen to our inner voice. Let us begin by shifting emphasis from finding the right answer to creating school cultures that encourage risk-taking and embrace ambiguity. The Idea Catcher We can start by using note-taking apps to encourage observation and reflection. Useful apps are those that encourage the recording of our thought flow and merge text with features such as voice recording, video, sketching and photography. Recommended apps: Tricking the Muse A strategy often used to help generate ideas is brainstorming. Brainstorming Let's Get Visual

CristinaSkyBox: Creating Websites When I began this blog, I had my (then) current students in mind as a potential audience. Since then, this blog has changed, gone through different phases, and it's likely that this may happen to everyone who shares in blog formats. For me, that is natural in the sense that blogs are organic, changing as oneself learns and grows professionally. As a result, I sometimes wonder what recommendations I could possibly give when others begin their own blog. In regard to learners, maintaining a blog is a great way to have an E-Portfolio ready to present whenever necessary, let alone an opportunity for practising and developing digital literacies. However, there is one question that is not always asked - Why open a blog? Answers will inevitably vary tremendously, according to the many contexts and aspirations that may be embedded in blogs. Strikingly is mobile friendly and free to start with. Once you register, there are different templates to choose from, according to one's purpose: Dropplets

Collaborer en ligne : facile à dire. Voici comment le faire Le problème avec les grands groupes est évidemment le nombre. Comment faire pour que la participation de chacun demeure significative ? Pour que le travail de traitement ou de lecture des données ne devienne pas herculéen ? Pour que les résultats soient satisfaisants ? À partir d’une réflexion de Jean-Michel Cornu, bien appuyée sur les fruits de la pratique de centaines de forum et de groupes de discussion, dans le cadre du projet CATALYST (Collective Applied Intelligence and Analytics for Social Innovation Project), le projet Assembl propose une solution de gestion de l’intelligence collective. Le logiciel n’est pas encore diffusé (on peut s’inscrire sur une liste d’attente) mais la réflexion sur laquelle il se base définit bien ses principes et les attentes. Les cinq textes suivants : détaillent les défis et les solutions proposées en une méthodologie qu’intègre le logiciel Assembl. Pas seulement une technologie Les trois rôles pour y arriver sont : Références

Effective Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom Updated by David Brear, May 12, 2014 KnowSchools Presentation 21st Century Learning & Sharing: Engaging for Success! Spring Online Conference 2010 Online Resource Site for Students - compiled by Dave and broken down by subject. E-Learning Web 2.0 Tools and Applications on Go2Web20 ( Great Resource ) E-Learning and Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom ( Another Great Resource ) Discovery Education: Web 2.0 Tools ( Another Great Resource ) Tools Directory - Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies Please use the sidebar to see the links under each heading, thanks.

CristinaSkyBox: Poster Projects I open my eyes wide and listen to the breeze, as I glide across this body of water. No one can stop me now! In the distance there is land. The story could go on. Learning is not always fun and sometimes students need a space of time to create, to let their imaginations run loose, or even, more simply, focus on a mini project that may (or not) be directly related to the subject they are studying. PosterMyWall, is free and has different templates to choose from. You can also use PosterMyWall to create collages, calendars and photo cards - all free. There is also a wide range of backgrounds to choose from, giving choices to learners. Glogster also has an app ready to use on iPads, while Thinglink allows interactivity by adding images and video. Other options for creating posters are Canva, Tackk, and why not, Easy Movie Poster, which also offers different templates and the possibility to customize as each learner wishes. Further Suggestions: A Creative Approach to Book Reports

66 Writing Tools for the 21st Century Classroom Here’re a wide variety of writing tools for students. Some practice good habits, others offer options for writing requirements. See what works for you: Blogs Brainstorming–simple to use, no log-in, free–but a bit quirky (IMHO) Inspiration–as an online tool or an appMind42–online, freeMindMaple—free or feeMindMeister–free trial for educationPearltreesPopplet—for iPads and the webSpicy NodesSpiderScribe–add text, pictures, files; free sign-up, Comics Comic creator–ArthurComic Creator–Boy’s LifeComic creator–BubblrComic creator–GarfieldComic creator–ReadWriteThinkComics, newspapers, posters—learn to createMake Believe ComixPixton–comic creator created specifically for schoolsToondoo–for olders, professional look, but intuitive for studentsWriting with comics Newsletters Tackk–picture and textThinglink–creative approach–click hotspots to get topical text–available to <13 yo, no email required Note-taking Skills Hemingway App--paste your writing in; it highlights areas of improvement Stories