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Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity!

Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity!

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Free dashboard software - ClicData Reality check For each marketer, the initial phase of research always involves sifting through a great deal of numbers and trends since assessing the potential of a target market typically involves many segmentation criteria (region, age, habits…). Visualization of this data is critical, not only for a marketer’s ability to analyze and calculate information, but also for his or her ability to convince management of the right investment decisions. Without the right tools, data is only facts and numbers. WikiLeaks - Sony Archives In order to construct more complex searches, you can use a number of boolean operators. This applies to terms only (it won't work with sender, recipient, date or subject filters). If you don't use any operator, the search will show results containing all the specified terms.

Free Web Tools to Support CCSS Reading & Literacy - TeachingForward Many of us remember the excitement for the arrival of our Scholastic Weekly Reader magazines in the classroom. These days, with increasing emphasis on non-fiction, informational texts, teachers need high-interest, timely reading materials for use in the classroom now more than ever. The internet is full of these resources, but few teachers have time to comb through to look for the gems. As part of a recent workshop “Free Web Tools to Support CCSS Reading and Literacy” I compiled a list of websites and summarized each one to make your search a bit easier. These sites were selected because of their ease of use and searching as well as the quality of the reading material. TweenTribune and NewsELA both offer the ability to adjust the Lexile reading level for all of their articles so that you can easily adjust the text complexity to suit a diverse student population while ensuring all of your students are reading and discussing the “same” article.

Volunteer Like many nonprofit organizations, the work of Libraries Without Borders would not be possible without the help of volunteers. If you would like to lend a helping hand to our efforts to bring books and knowledge to the developing world, please get in touch with us at the contact information below based on your geographic location. Your help is an essential part of our mission! We are currently looking for volunteers to help us organize our book storage facility in Brooklyn, NY. It would especially be helpful to have volunteers who have experience creating catalogs. Skype Logs Reader/Viewer (.dbb and main.db files) See Also Replay Telecorder for Skype: Capture/Record Skype Conversations (Video and Audio) All In One Keylogger - Invisible Keylogger surveillance, Keystrokes Recorder, Spy Software tool that registers every activity on your PC to encrypted logs. Description SkypeLogView reads the log files created by Skype application, and displays the details of incoming/outgoing calls, chat messages, and file transfers made by the specified Skype account. You can select one or more items from the logs list, and then copy them to the clipboard, or export them into text/html/csv/xml file.

مراجعات فراس محمد - مشاهدات سينمائية قاريء الخلاصات مشاهدات بحسب التقييم الثلاثاء، 9 مارس، 2010 مراجعات فراس محمد المومياء - يوم أن تحصى السنين (1969) Favorite Web Tools of 2014 Just before the year finishes, here are my favorite web tools in 2014. Evernote should certainly be the first on this list! I have been using it as my e-notebook for a long time. Also, the students in my 1:1 iPad class are using it as their electronic portfolios. They take their notes on the lessons, write their reflections, and keep their products online.

Six tips for managing your professional online profile Professional online profiles are part of the toolkit of everyday life. You may have one (or more) and your services users may have one too. Here are six tips distilled from Matt Holland’s experience of creating and maintaining a number of profiles over time. 1 The biography The two watchwords for your biography are ‘relevant’ and ‘short’.

The lost art of story telling? So, we know that it’s not really good for us to get stuck in our drama, to connect with it or share it. We know that it can keep us stuck. It can deplete our energies and the energies of those around us. My concern is not about removing ourselves from our drama but the growing amount of people I hear and witness talking about removing ourselves completley from our stories before they have even been heard.I disagree with this completely. Maybe it’s because I’m a story teller, a story lover. Maybe because I believe our stories hold our essence, our Soul. What’s Up with QR Codes: Best Tools & Some Clever Ideas A Word About Creating QR Codes I almost always create QR codes on a desktop or laptop computer. That’s because I usually like to display them on a project screen, and my laptop is already connected to that. If I want to print or incorporate the QR code into a document, I’ll probably be doing that from my desktop or laptop. If you make your code on your iPad and want to save it, there’s not a good way to name it, which can be problem since all QR codes look similar.

Mind (The Mental Health Charity) The following is an interim description which may change when detailed cataloguing takes place in future. This collection contains catalogued and uncatalogued material. This is an extensive collection of the organisational records of Mind dating from its foundation in the 1930s. Some of the material included is as follows: Minutes and committee records, 1920s-2000s, including of Mind, predecessor and related organisations. Subject files on a wide range of mental health topics, organisations, projects and initiatives (local and national), 1920s-1990s.