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Tablettes à l’école : « Le couple pédagogie/technique doit être en harmonie »

Tablettes à l’école : « Le couple pédagogie/technique doit être en harmonie »

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Can You Name These Famous Figures from the Middle Ages? Here are 12 of the most famous people from the Middle Ages – can you match the name to the image? Top 10 Education Technologies that Will Be Dead and Gone in the Next Decade Teaching with Technology Top 10 Education Technologies that Will Be Dead and Gone in the Next Decade In our 2016 Teaching with Technology survey, faculty members offered their predictions on what the future holds for technology in teaching — including what hardware and systems will bite the dust over the next 10 years. The technologies that exist in classrooms today won't necessarily be the same ones that are around in 10 years.

7 Methods for Analyzing Your Great Idea Before You Bet the Company on It Over the past decade I have advised more than 5,000 entrepreneurs on the feasibility of an idea. Often the most difficult task involved for any proposed concept is the proper analysis of that idea. Following a concise idea assessment strategy will save you thousands of dollars in misguided assumptions. Best Website Designs from France: The Citadel of Fashion and Art France is considered to be the citadel of fashion and a cradle of numerous art directions and movements. Web artists, who live in such a fertile and inspirational environment, are destined to come up with original ideas, exquisite designs and matchless projects; and the burden of proof lies on the best French website designs that are presented in the list below. French culture plays a significant role in forming creative minds. Whether you are studying fine arts from ancient, almost pristine Celtic and Roman periods, or medieval period with its Merovingian art, Carolingian art, Romanesque art or Gothic or just seek some inspiration in Modern period with its Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Surrealism or even Pop art, it certainly has awesome, impactful, bizarre, thought-provoking and uplifting things. Dior The team managed to give the website an elegant and refined appearance, using a gorgeous fashion photo, magnificent video, wonderful coloring, sleek typography and artistic touches.

Andy Wolf Eyewear. Handmade in Austria - AWE He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in AWE, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. We proudly present our new line AWE, for 2014/15… We like to think that Andy Wolf Eyewear goes beyond improving your eyesight. We want to help you experience life. To take in the impressions, appreciate what is and marvel at this incredible world we’re living in.

French MP, Academic to Publish Anne Frank Diary Online Despite Bid to Extend Copyright - Jewish World News - Israel News - Haaretz Israeli News Source A French member of parliament and an academic are challenging the attempt to extend the copyright on "The Diary of Anne Frank." About a year ago, the Anne Frank Fonds, a Swiss foundation that holds the right, announced its intention to add Anne’s father Otto as a co-author, which would extend the right to 70 years after his death in 1980. The U.S. copyright lasts until 2047, 95 years after the book was originally published. The foundation recently issued another statement reiterating its controversial claim that Otto Frank did more than just edit the diary. But French MP Isabelle Attard and an Olivier Ertzscheid, a lecturer at the University of Nantes, have said they are both still going through with their plans to publish the original Dutch text online on January 1, The Guardian reported Wednesday.

5 keys to encouraging teacher innovation Change is hard. How can you get reluctant teachers to embrace change and try new innovations in teaching with technology? At ISTE 2016, popular ed-tech speaker Jennie Magiera shared several strategies for doing just that—turning those “yes, but…” objections into “what if…” adventures. Magiera, a former Chicago Public Schools teacher who is now the chief technology officer for School District 62 in Des Plaines, Ill., said there are three types of people whom ed-tech leaders will encounter when they encourage their staff to innovate: “hoorays, hmms, and hell nos.”

Why Instagram Worked — Backchannel A co-founder looks back at how a stalled project turned into a historic success Earlier this month we marked four years since Instagram launched. Throughout the day, I glanced at what time it was, and thought back to what we were doing four years ago: 6am: Biking through a misty San Francisco morning to our shared co-working space at Dogpatch Labs.7am: Stomach in knots, Kevin and I scarf down bagels from Crossroads Cafe.8am: Press embargo lifts, our first users come streaming in.9am: Kevin and I panic as our tiny server crumbles under the weight of our first-day traffic.12pm: Relief as we get things sorted out and back up.2am: Still awake. 25,000 people have signed up.6am (again): Taking the N train back to the Haight and collapsing.

Top 11 Marketing Taglines of 2008 - Resource Nation Small Business Articles & Advice Posted by Betsy Brottlund on November 20, 2008 in Marketing [ 4 Comments ] This year’s marketing tag lines have been incredibly catchy. From political campaigns to electrical devices, marketing campaigns and hot shot advertising agencies seem to be wittier than year’s past. Here are the Top 11 Marketing Taglines: Change we need – Barack Obama 2008 political campaign. These three simple words were embedded into the mind’s of voters via bumper stickers, commercials, marketing tools and instilled in his public speeches.Can you hear me now?