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Beginning Level Quizzes

Beginning Level Quizzes

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English Phrasal Verbs List (Pre-Intermediate ~ Intermediate) ESL/EFL English Current If you have pre/lower-intermediate students or intermediate students who want to learn English phrasal verbs, then these materials are a good starting point. I compiled a list of 57 basic English phrasal verbs that every student should learn. I’ve created two documents: 1) Basic English Phrasal Verb List Download: EC-Phrasal-verbs-Intermediate-list.doc (note: does not contain phrasal verb definitions) How You Can Learn A New Language While Browsing The Web With If I look back at my day, I spend nearly all of it browsing the Web. I pick up a lot of information on the way. A new language isn’t usually one of them. The Internet has helped to do away with the language tutor – websites like Duolingo and Busuu can easily tell you if you have an ear for new languages; and how you can develop one. But once you get the basics right, you need to keep practicing.

Youtube videos with subtitles This post is an attempt at crowdsourcing. As I wrote in my previous post on developing listening skills, one great technique that really helps students to improve their listening is focusing on just one frequent word or expression whose pronunciation in fast speech tends to be very different from its dictionary form. Listening to lots of instances of this expression in fast speech one after another helps students to quickly adjust to the way it sounds. The interactive transcript tool built into youtube is an ideal tool for this purpose (check out the post if you’d like to learn more about the technique and/or how to use the interactive transcript on youtube).

Teaching Ideas Join our email newsletter to receive free updates! Close Search for Ideas and Resources Filter Results Menu English My Favourite Sites for Teaching Phrasal Verbs by Janet Bianchini Posted by janetbianchini on Sunday, April 4th 2010 Part of the Cool Sites series An Xtranormal Kind of Introduction Grammar - Advanced: Third Conditional & Mixed Conditionals Third Conditional A third conditional sentence is comprised of two halves. We use the third conditional to say what would have happened in the past. We have seen how the zero conditional, the first conditional and the second conditional are all used to talk about possibility and result in the present and future. The third conditional is what we use to talk about the past. Examples:

100 Day Activities  All About Me **Camping picture is shown, more themes available below** Print the page of your choice. Print the directions. Choose the difficulty. For beginners use the one step directions. For older children use the two step directions and for the oldest children use the three step directions. English Language (ESL) Grammar Quizzes for Students Test yourself with our selection of 517 free English language quizzes covering grammar, usage and vocabulary for beginner, intermediate and advanced level English students. Simply answer all of the questions in the quiz and press submit to see your score and other statistics. Each ESL quiz is also available as a printable teacher handout. We also have a range of phrasal verb quizzes in our reference area. Get our ESL quiz newsfeed: Showing 0 quizzes

Träna mera – länktips Links to improve your skills in English Vocabulary Vocabulary for learners of English Digital Tasks for Busy Teachers: Past Modals - Speculating about a Crime 1. Make a word web with all the words you learned that relate to crime in the unit. 2. You are members of the behavioral Analysis Unit and you have been asked to collaborate with the FBI in a crime investigation. Watch the first scene to get familiar with the situation. How to use English phrasal verbs exercise part 1 What is a phrasal verb? A phrasal verb is made of a verb and either an adverb or preposition or some times both. It's not really important to know if the verb is followed by either an adverb or preposition, so, we simply refer to them as a particle. So, a phrasal verb is made of a verb and one or two different particles. See the below examples of the structure of two phrasal verbs: Go awayVerb + Particle

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