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Hundreds of Free Photoshop Shapes There are thousands of free Photoshop shapes available that you can install and easily use right inside of Photoshop or another free photo editor. Photoshop includes only a handful of pre-installed shapes and with these free resources you can really spice up your photos. They can even be used to create completely new images. Below are several websites that, together, offer hundreds of free Photoshop shapes. You can find anything from simple shapes like stars, icons, and swirls, to more complex shapes like snowflakes, trees, and people. All of these websites contain download links to CSH files, which is the file type Photoshop reads as a shape file.

2,300 Floating Flowers In Tokyo The installation is handmade by teamLab, a collective made up of tech specialists based in Tokyo, Japan. Floating Flower Garden is a part of exhibition at Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. 2300 flowers, to be exact, are suspended in a room that responds to the movement of visitors as they enter and walk through the forest of floating flowers. As visitors approach, the flowers float above their head, creating a small dome. It’s like the Rain Room, but with vegetation. (Via) Did You Like the Post?

Free download of 7800+ icons in Windows 8, iOS 8 and Android style — Icons8 We tweet, message, and conduct structured interviews to determine which features the community needs, not to mention that the community invented many of them! Single Style All icons are done by a single designer, so your user interface will look consistent. Editable Vectors Paid Vector icons are not merged and have preserved shapes. Check it out Long Exposure Photography Tips Photographing the Ferris Wheel To photograph a Ferris wheel at night, move close and use a wide-angle lens to get as much detail as possible. Place your camera on a tripod and frame the image. Because we want all the elements to be sharp, choose a small aperture between f/11-f/32.

Tilt shifting Vincent Van Gogh paintings reveal so much more about this talented artist - Lost At E Minor: For creative people Vincent van Gogh’s art is already spectacular for its beautiful blending of colours in grand landscapes. So what could make it look even greater? Using tilt-shift photography to really bring van Gogh’s scenes to life. Third-year art school student Serena Malyon created these images through Photoshop by adjusting the photograph’s contrast, colour saturation, and depth of focus. Nothing in these images has been added or taken away in Photoshop – it’s simply tilt-shiting at its finest, focusing on things in van Gogh’s paintings we never took notice of before.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheets for Photoshop and Lightroom Shortcuts The design team at have created a series of incredibly handy cheat sheets for all Adobe Creative Cloud programs. Below you will find the ultimate keyboard shortcut cheat sheets for Photoshop and Lightroom. If you use either of these programs, learning the keyboard shortcuts for the tools you most commonly use can save you a LOT of time and improve your work flow. You’ll also feel like a boss by minimizing your mouse usage :) If you’re interested in a high-res PDF, you can nab them here: PHOTOSHOP | LIGHTROOM In 1975, this Kodak employee invented the digital camera. His bosses made him hide it. Steven Sasson in 1973, the year he started working at Eastman Kodak. Imagine a world where photography is a slow process that is impossible to master without years of study or apprenticeship. A world without iPhones or Instagram, where one company reigned supreme.

11 of the Most Interesting Lenses in the History of Photography For almost two centuries, the science and art of photography has allowed people to capture the world around them through carefully crafted lenses. However, not all lenses are created equal. While most lenses just aim to please, others aim to impress. Today, we are taking a look at some of the most exotic lenses we could find. The World’s Oldest Multicolored Printed Book Has Been Opened and Digitized for the First Time All images courtesy of Cambridge University Library The earliest example of multicolor printing is now available for the public eye, digitally available through Cambridge University Library’s Digital Library site. The 17th century book, Manual of Calligraphy and Painting (Shi zhu zhai shu hua pu), is so fragile that it was previously forbidden to be opened, its contents a total mystery before its recent digitization. The book was created in 1633 by Ten Bamboo Studio and is the earliest known example of polychrome xylography, invented by Hu Zhengyan. The technique, also referred to as douban, uses several printing blocks applied in succession with different inks to achieve the appearance of a hand-painted watercolor.

These Photos of Squirrels Playing Will Totally Make Your Day Vadim Trunov is a talented nature and macro photographer well-known for his amazing animal photos. Trunov’s macro photos of snails, ants and other small insects, bring to life a world that we often overlook. His photos of fungi and other plant life are also remarkable to see for their clarity, sharpness and beauty.

If you’ve ever waited on a three-hour line only to find the Eiffel Tower just…meh, then you know the value of avoiding tourist traps. Here, eight places we firmly think you can skip--and what to do with your time instead. Times Square Bright lights, big city. 6 Photographers Shoot the Same Guy But He Gives Each of Them a Different Backstory Is a photograph shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what’s in front of it? To test this, Canon Australia invited six photographers to a portrait session with a twist. The subject was an actor who gave a different backstory to each of them; from a self-made millionaire to a recovering alcoholic. The social experiment is interesting because it demonstrates how the photographer’s vision, perception and personal biases can shape the outcome. It also raises some interesting conversations about how media can frame a story with a certain angle or sentiment.

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