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Tecken som stöd

Tecken som stöd

Fun with flashcards - Kortkul och Ordskatter FREE Printable Blank Maps Whether you are learning about geography or just trying to show your kids the route you are taking on your next vacation, these free printable blank maps will come in handy! Before I dive into all these free printable maps perfect for homeschool and geography, here are some other resources you'll love: In the free download below you will find the following blank printable maps for whatever your individual needs may be: World Map (with /without country names)North America (with / without country names)South America (with / without country names)Australia (with / without country names)Asia (with / without country names)Europe (with / without country names)Antarctica (with / without country names)Africa (with / without country names)United States (with / without country names) Download Maps >> Download Maps <<

Flashcards | free printable flashcards, matching worksheets, printable bingo cards, printable games, activities, handouts and more There are 100+ sets of that I used to design curriculums for children ages 3-9 and 6-10. However, I use most of them up through to high school students and many with adults. See the left-hand menu for the current list of sets available. READ ME FIRST: These cards are excellent image quality and as such some of the files are quite large (1mb~4mb.) I suggest looking at the hand out first. If the material is something you'd like to put together, then take a look at the other files. About the flash card sets: There are some multilingual handouts in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese for teachers of other foreign languages. The pictures were all put together with children in mind. The printable flash cards and game cards do not have the vocabulary written on them. large flash cards do include articles at times. PowerPoint Flashcards and PowerPoint Presentations for teachers : These contain text in each slide. The power of bingo: I use the printable bingo cards

love-game-for-kids Hey friends! Love is always in the air--even at home, right? Okay, well at least we are trying to have loving moments from time to time. My original version is all made out of regular construction paper and yarn. You'll need 8 different colored hearts. Each person wears the heart color of their choice around their neck during the game. The board is simple. For the spinner I used a regular Popsicle stick. HOW TO PLAY The Love Game: *Each family member picks a colored heart and puts it around their neck. *Choose someone to go first. *I love it when you . . . * I love you because . . . *I especially like it when you . . . *I appreciate you when . . . *Then the person wearing the blue heart gets to spin the spinner and talks to the person wearing whatever color he/she spins. I love this game because it's such an easy way to remind each other what is most important and to forget about the petty problems and annoyances for a little while. I hope this helps bring a little LOVE in your family!

Free Butterfly Printables and Montessori-Inspired Butterfly Activities It’s the 15th of the month, and I have a new post at PreK + K Sharing. Today, I have some Montessori-inspired butterfly activities using free butterfly printables … perfect for spring and summer. Here, I’m sharing the links to lots of free butterfly printables for preschoolers through 1st graders (and sometimes older). To keep the list manageable, I’m sharing links that are specifically related to butterflies rather than caterpillars except where the printable focuses on the complete butterfly life cycle. At PreK + K Sharing, I tell where I found my materials and how I used the printables to prepare Montessori-inspired butterfly activities. Free Printables Featured in the Butterfly Activities at PreK + K Sharing Safari Ltd. Safari Ltd Butterflies TOOB Key Matching Activity Free Printable: Safari Ltd. Safari Ltd Butterflies TOOB Key Matching Layout Butterfly Matching or Memory Activity Butterfly Matching Activity Butterfly Hundred Chart Art Butterfly Hundred Chart Art

FREE Children Around the World Learning Pack I love introducing my kids to other cultures. One way to do that is to share with them about the lives of children from other countries. Stay tuned this week for resources that will help you do just that. Today, I’m going to share with you a fun Children Around the World printable pack. You can use this fun freebie to introduce your children to other cultures. Inside this fun 76-page freebie, you’ll find the following learning activities: Coloring pages for 12 different countriesWriting pages for 12 different countriesCursive and print To download your free printable pack, please enter your information below. Please note that your link will expire in 3 days, and it can only be downloaded twice. Check back tomorrow for information about a fabulous new 6-week Christmas Around the World unit study I’ve discovered, because it goes perfectly with my free printable!.

Layers of the Ocean: Under the Sea Science Activities Every summer, we seem to gravitate toward ocean science projects and learning about the various ocean layers and animals . My kids have always been fascinated by ocean animals -- probably because we hardly get to visit any large body of water :) But this year, we'll be vacationing at the ocean! So we are very excited and doing some fun learning activities before our trip. Today's activity focuses on some under-the-sea science questions that will help your kids understand the five layers of the ocean, who lives there and how light travels -- and it's one amazingly beautiful project! This is one of those crafty science projects that can be done with kids of all ages! Younger kids will learn about the various layers of the ocean (since the ocean has 5 distinct zones) along with where marine animals live. We've include details about how to construct your own ocean layers along with affiliate links to items you might need and some awesome books to read for this project! • Water • Food coloring Abyss

3 Insanely Cool Egg Experiments Activity for ages 3 to 8. These kids’ science experiments use one egg and a few simple kitchen items for some seriously egg-citing results. The three sequential experiments are super simple but loaded with learning. Getting Ready To prep for the science experiments, I grabbed a few supplies: Raw Eggs {we did multiples, in case one broke when being handled}VinegarCorn SyrupWaterFood DyeGlasses or Jars {lids can help keep the vinegar smell in check} Disappearing Egg Shell For the first experiment, I handed my daughter a raw egg and asked her what she thought would happen if we placed it in vinegar. I had her label 2 cups, one for water and one for vinegar. We left the eggs overnight and in the morning, almost all the shell was eaten away and the top of the vinegar was foamy. We used both brown and white eggs and the brown eggs had more visible results. Next, I carefully rinsed the vinegar egg under a gentle stream of water, rubbing away any broken down shell with my fingers. The Shrinking Egg