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26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates
Are you struggling to find ideas for posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+? Do you need to come up with additional social media updates? Even seasoned social media marketers can find it difficult to keep up with the demand for fresh content. In this article you’ll discover 26 (A to Z style) prompts to help you deliver a never-ending supply of social media updates. Find 26 ways to publish updates on social media. #1: Attention-Grabbing Quotes Quotes are always popular on social media and there are hundreds of websites that curate different ones. Choose or make quote images that are visually appealing and convey a sentiment readers connect with. Quotes are popular on just about every social network. Avoid the temptation to limit yourself to well-known inspirational quotes. #2: Book Recommendations When you read a book you think your audience can benefit from, tell them about it. Offer resources to your audience. Depending on where you share it, of course, you may have limited space. #24: X vs. Related:  Community ManagementSocial Media Tips

What Really Happens When Someone Clicks Your Facebook Like Button Funny, we’ve had the Facebook Like button along the side of every Buffer blog post for the past several years. And I don’t think I’ve ever clicked it. I’ve hoped that others would, of course. I hope they click all the share buttons. But until now, I’ve never known what that experience was like for the end-user. What’s it like to actually share a story to Facebook? And how can I make it a better experience? We talk a lot about reversing the decline in organic Facebook reach and succeeding with Facebook marketing. Come along to see what I learned (and what I’ve fixed) when I clicked on my own Facebook share button. What happens when a reader clicks the Facebook Like button? Each post on the Buffer blog has social share buttons that sit along the left side of the post (via the Digg Digg plugin for WordPress). Now for the moment of truth. Not a whole lot. In fact, to the naked eye, nothing happened whatsoever beyond the share number going up by one and the Like button changing to a checkmark.

How to Create Social Videos With Your Smartphone Are you using video to promote your brand? Do you want to create videos without having costly equipment? If you have a smartphone, you already have all of the tools you need to create fun and engaging social videos. In this article you’ll find out how to shoot and edit videos to share on social media with your smartphone. Learn how to create social videos using your phone. #1: Choose Your Channel Before you start creating a video, you should choose a primary channel for sharing that video. Instagram allows you to post videos 3 to 15 seconds in length. An example of an Instagram post on Facebook. Instagram is a great place for your brand if your team is creative enough to produce visually appealing content. Vine lets you publish videos up to 6 seconds long. An example of a Vine post on Twitter. While Vine is technically a channel, most of the user engagement happens within Twitter, so you’re better off building and engaging your audience on Twitter than building it exclusively within Vine.

Lead Nurturing - Consilium Global Business Advisors What is Lead Nurturing? If you are like many companies, the prospect’s information goes into an SFA system like and sales gets alerted about the new lead. The problem is that up to 95% of prospects on your website are not yet ready to talk with a sales rep. They are on your site to research your product and your industry. Some of those prospects may be truly unqualified, but as many of 70% of them will eventually buy a product from you – or your competitors. Fortunately, there is a better way – lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship by conducting an informative dialog that helps qualified prospects who are not yet sales-ready, regardless of budget, authority, or timing – and of ensuring a clean hand-off to sales at the right time. The ROI Benefits of Lead Nurturing Our Unique Lead Nurturing Process

Customer Relationships - Three Ways to Have Fun With Your Marketing (Even If You Have a 'Boring' Brand) When I'm talking to other marketing people about my job, one of the things I hear over and over again is, "You're so lucky! You get to have fun with your marketing. "I wish we could have fun in our jobs." That's because I work at a company with an irreverent brand, where it's perfectly OK to come to work looking like we do in the picture on the right. And where this is a part of our website: Here's the thing, though: You, too, can have fun with your marketing. Sure, maybe you don't want to put up a video where one of your sales folks dresses up in a shiny silver jumpsuit on your website. Fun doesn't have to mean goofball copy and silly GIFs. I want my fellow marketers to have fun, and I want their audiences to have fun, so here are three tips you can use to make your marketing fun. 1. Think about your customer's day. Like this shipping notification from Photojojo: Way different from your typical shipping notification, and different in a way that makes you smile and take notice. 2. 3. Fun:

Une étude sur les trolls : sociologie du commentaire indésirable Les trolls sont une espèce bien connue d’internautes en mal de sensations fortes. Ils se baladent nonchalamment aux confins de l’Internet pour s’amuser de leurs voisins, souvent par simple plaisir de rendre une conversation non-intelligible. Pour faire simple, les trolls sont de petits aventuriers du clavier qui aiment titiller leurs prochains avec des commentaires pas toujours très gentils. Ils apprécient retourner les débats, et affectionnent plus que tout la polémique gratuite. Mais quel qu’il soit, le troll intrigue beaucoup ses voisins digitaux. Jusqu’à son nom, qui pour une majorité d’internautes reste un mystère plus impénétrable encore qu’un réseau SFR Wifi Public en rase campagne. Authentiques trolls norvégiens - Pierre Haski/Rue89 Trois chercheurs Américains en communication et en politiques publiques viennent peut-être de lever le voile sur les habitudes de certains d’entre eux, grâce à une étude très sérieuse sur l’incivilité digitale. Etude des commentaires litigieux

6 Powerful Facebook Marketing Secrets That May Surprise You Despite of the fact that Facebook is the most versatile social networking platform for promoting your business among your target audience, it is not easy to master the Facebook “Ad” engine. While Facebook offers immense opportunities for targeting your audience, it is still full of secrets that even an experienced marketing professional will be surprised. These secrets are all related to the Facebook advertising techniques and if revealed they will surely help you in understanding the some vital steps required for promoting your business successfully through Facebook. Here are the latest Facebook marketing secrets that you must know for using the Facebook advertising engine effectively. 1. You must have heard about “Custom Insights” of Facebook, which is a feature that help in uploading emails of your customers and build a target audience on this social media platform. 2) Website retargeting with Facebook’s custom audience 3. 4. Isn’t it interesting? >>> Reserve Your Spot NOW! 271inShare

5 Tips for Writing Faster and Better Being an entrepreneur doesn’t absolve you from having to write. Most small-business owners have a lot of writing to do. Whether it’s composing great content for social media, blog posts, books or client presentations, writing comes into an entrepreneur’s day in many ways. It can also be one of the most challenging tasks to accomplish effectively. 1. Writing is all about achieving flow. Chunk out several hour-long blocks on your calendar for writing. Related: Hungry for Success? This is my method for almost all of my writing, from blog posts to my book, The Entrepreneur Equation. 2. You can be inspired to write at just about any time. Then, for each topic, write down a list of “bullets” that mirror the key points that you want to make in support of the main topic. 3. There are some people who are great speakers and verbal story tellers, but have difficulty translating their points into written form. Related: The Right Way to 'Stalk' People Online 4. When you start to write, just write.

5 Tools to Help You Discover Great Content to Share With Your Fans Do you need more engaging social media content? Are you looking for ways to discover great content to share with your fans? What if there were great tools that surfaced popular content you could share? In this article I share five tools to help you discover great content and brainstorm new ideas. #1: Search Popular Shared Content When you visit BuzzSumo for the first time, you’ll probably wonder why no one thought of this tool sooner. Discover great content with these 5 tools. BuzzSumo lets you research a keyword to find out what content people are sharing the most. You can also use the search results to see who else is posting about that topic, view your competition and track how others use social media. If you want to streamline your search efforts, you can filter results by guest posts, infographics, articles, giveaways, interviews and videos. BuzzSumo’s keyword search feature helps you come up with new ideas. Looking for influencers? #2: Share Great Slides #3: Discover Relevant Content

Top 10 des interventions de community managers On parle beaucoup des community managers sur le web. Trop, sans aucun doute, et la plupart du temps pour ne rien dire. Souvent pour donner des conseils en matière de gestion de communautés, pour analyser ce que font certaines marques ou encore pour pointer du doigt les supposées erreurs de certains. Mais il y a aussi des cas où les community managers se distinguent en sortant la réponse juste au bon moment. La FNAC et le voleur amateur Plusieurs tweets de ce type sont recensés. Damart et Myley Cirus Quand une opportunité se présente, autant la prendre avec humour plutôt que de faire le mort. CDiscount et l’internaute rebelle Le client est roi, certes. Wesh Gaumont Il faut s’adapter à ses clients. SNCF et la rupture en chanson Quand un utilisateur écrit un message fleuve pour annoncer sa rupture avec la SNCF, le compte officiel lui répond sur le même ton, et une chanson. Canon et le prototype Samsung et le portable customisé C’est un des exemples les plus connus en la matière. Oréo vs Kit Kat

10 Things We've Learned About Social Media in 2014 One of the best ways I’ve found to learn new things on social media is to try new things. We experiment, we make mistakes. We succeed, and we fail. And we get a better feeling for how things might work and the best strategies, ideas, and experiments to try next. I’ve had the privilege of trying out a number of these new strategies and experiments this year, learning tons about the best way to share on social media. I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned! Keep reading for my list of the biggest social media lessons from the past 12 months. 1. Facebook has built a hugely sophisticated algorithm to help decide which of the thousands of possible stories from your friends and favorite pages will show up in your feed. We went on the hunt for information on how exactly the Facebook News Feed works and the measures that Facebook page owners can take to give their content the best chance of getting more reach. 2. 1,024 pixels wide by 512 pixels tall For example: 3. #1. #2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

How to Optimize Your Content for the Top 5 Social Networks Are you sharing content on different social networks? Do you know the best way to share it for each platform? Sharing your social media content isn’t a one-message-fits-all exercise. In this article I’ll show you how to share content the right way for the top five social media networks. Find out how to optimize content updates for the top 5 social networks. #1: Use Brief Summaries on Twitter Twitter has always stood apart from other social media networks because of its 140-character limit (which includes spaces and the characters in links and images). A good way to repurpose content for Twitter is to comb through your best summaries or stats. For example, instead of tweeting the title of their article, FastCompany tweeted a summary of it. Make Twitter’s 140-character rule work in your favor with succinct summaries. Key takeaway: As you’re choosing and refining the summaries you’ll share, ask yourself this: “Would I click on this tweet?” #2: Be Conversational on Facebook Conclusion inShare721

How Much of Yourself Do You Share on Social Media? 133 Flares 133 Flares × Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a unique opportunity to get close to people who are hundreds of miles away. You can share anything with anyone at any time. You can share. Does this mean that you should share? I’ve come up against this question many times, hovering over the Send button on a status update or considering what’s okay to share and what’s too private (or uninteresting). I’m happy to offer some of my thoughts and ideas below, and I’d love to hear from you, too. Authenticity vs. When I try to wrap my head around the notion of how much of myself to share on social media, I often end up with a jumble of words and ideas. Let’s start with the two big ones: authenticity and transparency. Authenticity = Sharing genuinely = The way you share Transparency = Sharing deeply = The things you share One of my go-to explanations for the difference here is this simple explanation from Pam Moore: Now we’re getting somewhere. Always be authentic.

Le salaire des community managers en France Il y a 10 jours, nous présentions les résultats de notre enquête 2014 sur les community managers en France. Le quatrième chapitre était dédié au salaire des community managers. Nous sommes allés plus loin dans l’analyse, afin de mettre en avant les principaux chiffres à connaître sur la rémunération des community managers. Leur rémunération dépend-elle de leur expérience ? Est-elle corrélée avec le nombre de fans Facebook gérés au quotidien ? Et quid de la différence homme/femme ? Salaire médian : 26 830€ brut annuel Le chiffre le plus emblématique de l’enquête sur les community managers est le salaire médian. Les femmes gagnent 6,5% de moins que les hommes Le salaire médian des hommes s’établit à 27 710 euros. 30 150 euros à Paris, 23 710 euros en province Si les différence sont minces entre les hommes et les femmes, un véritable fossé se creuse entre Paris et la province. Le salaire du community manager selon son employeur La rémunération des community managers freelance