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William Shunn : Manuscript Format : Short Story

William Shunn : Manuscript Format : Short Story
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23 Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. ~Ernest Hemingway How strong is your writing? No matter how good you think it is, there’s always room for improvement. In most cases, plenty of room. Luckily, there are some amazing websites that’ll help you improve your writing, and take it to the next level. (***By the way, have you seen this amazing online creative writing course, “Story Is a State of Mind,” created by Giller finalist Sarah Selecky? Want to strengthen your story, empower your performance, and beef up on the publishing business? Here are 23 sites (in no particular order) I look to for daily inspiration and advice: PS If you find this list useful, please share it on Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon – I’d really appreciate it! 4) Query Shark A query critique site you don’t want to miss. 5) Men with Pens Fantastic articles on copywriting and freelancing. 6) Ask Allison Writing and publishing Q&A by novelist Allison Winn Scotch.

Fanfic demographics - Google Forms How to Make Money at Home by Freelance Writing - - Graduate Jobs, Schemes and Internships Author: Adam Category: Category:MoneyDate: 23rd September, 2013 If you’ve used the Internet for any length of time, you’ll no doubt be aware of the ten million “work from home” scams emanating from dodgy adverts found on a range of different websites. Due to the number of scams surrounding the work from home industry, a lot of graduates are extremely sceptical of it. You can’t make money working from the comfort of your own home, can you? Well, actually you can. Online job sites A new breed of website has come to the fore over the last couple of years. The sites I’d recommend signing up to in order to look for work include: – – – – – There are lots of others out there too. Typically it takes a couple of hours to sign up to each site, that allows plenty of time for you to craft a great profile that will entice potential clients to hire you. Types of jobs It’s not just graduates that can take advantage Working from home just got easier

DarkCopy - Simple, full screen text editing Eight Secrets Which Writers Won't Tell You Image from Flickr by Lazurite This is not particularly relevant to the post, but I’m getting an awful lot of comments telling me, often a little snarkily, “it’s ‘THAT’ not ‘WHICH’”. The “don’t use which for restrictive clauses” rule comes (as far as I can tell) from Strunk and White. Plenty of authors, including Austen, have used “which” exactly as I use it in the title. There was never a period in the history of English when “which” at the beginning of a restrictive relative clause was an error. I thought about putting “that” in the title – but I like the sound of “which” between “secrets” and “writers”. And with that out of the way, enjoy the post! A few years ago, I’d look at published writers and think that they were somehow different from me. They were real writers. But as I’ve taken more and more steps into the writing world, I’ve realised that my perception just doesn’t match up to the reality. I’m going to go through eight secrets. Secret #1: Writing is Hard It doesn’t end there.

The Journey, Not the Destination: The Sanctifying Effect of Travel in ‘Grim Fandango’ | Christ and Pop Culture For a long time, there has been a Holy Grail of sorts among the gaming community—the game Grim Fandango. Constantly praised as the best adventure game, the most intuitive point-and-click interface, and the finest work ever produced by Tim Schafer (Psychonauts, Full Throttle, Broken Age), it has long been sought after by those familiar with its legend. However, the game had not sold well on its release by LucasArts in 1998, and as a result it was discontinued (along with most of LucasArts adventure line) a few years later. As it had only been available on discs, and those who had them were reluctant to part with them, copies of the game became elusive and expensive. However, Sony, which recently purchased the rights, re-released a re-mastered version of the game this past year, making it finally available to many curious fans, including myself. Grim Fandango is a bizarre point-and-click adventure game, set in the eighth underworld of the Land of the Dead. Like this: Like Loading...

Freelance Writer Job Guide - UK Jobs Guide We have put our Freelance writers job guide into our "Fun Jobs" section as its a job I enjoy doing and here are my top tips. 1. Freelance writers make money from writing, either full-time or on a part-time basis, though what they write about can vary significantly. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What Do Freelance Writers Do? Freelance writers make money from writing, either full-time or on a part-time basis. In fact, as a freelancer, you may make your money writing words for the websites or major multinational businesses, you may be asked to take on a corporate blog or write a charity’s fundraising letters. Benefits of Working as a Freelance Writer While it may not all be glamour, freelance writing does have its attractions, among them: The ability to get paid to write: it sounds simple, but this is the main draw for many people. Potential Downsides Becoming a Freelance Writer There are no fixed qualifications for becoming a freelance writer. The ability to write well An organised, reliable nature

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How To Steal Like An Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me) - Austin Kleon Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 Buy the book: Amazon | B&N | More… Here’s what a few folks have said about it: “Brilliant and real and true.” Read an excerpt below… Tags: steal like an artist