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A resource for aspiring illustrators

A resource for aspiring illustrators

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Contract Creator (This won't appear in the final contract.) Attention: Re: Services Agreement Dear : pleased that you have selected to assist you with: The scope of work is the most critical part of a contract and should be as precise as possible. NSFW!Kink & Perversion To The Next Level…TOSHIO SAEKI, Godfather Of Japanese Erotica There is a level of normal which most of us are used to. The hyper perverted work of TOSHIO SAEKI pushes the boundaries to the outer limits of what you might be comfortable with. His drawings are psychosexual storms of madness that make you ask, what the fuck am I looking at?

Effective Color Palette and Color Scheme Generators Though there are a variety of tools available, we have handpicked some of the best tools to generate the colors as palettes and schemes which are not only fun to work with but also can be of great help to choose the right combination. Play with the colors and design a site with exotic color combinations. 4096 color wheel A beautiful color wheel which changes colors while hovering over the wheel which can be done both through keyboard and mouse and the hovering over preview box changes the saturation, and also add the current color to the pick list by pressing the Enter key.

The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes PotC3 - Elizabeth's Chinese Battle Outfit Join the Pirates of the Caribbean costume group on yahoo. Reference Images Promo: Portfolio – Christoph Niemann Kraftwerk Blueprint Coworking Space Sunday Sketches 50 reader-submitted tips for Photoshop and Illustrator Over the past two months, we've been asking for your top Photoshop and Illustrator tips for a competition held in conjunction with Wacom to win an Intuos4 Wireless tablet and a Meet the Masters DVD set. Here are the best 50, and our overall winner. The top tip comes from George Profenza, who is currently working on an MA at University College London. His excellent advice shows how to swiftly create a 3D animation in Illustrator for output as a Flash SWF. And he's even created a short video to show you visually how to do it.

Grunge Brush Pack This week the Dorks wandered down to Melrose and found themselves surrounded by amazing textures. This epic journey lead them to create the Grunge brush pack! If you’ve created something with any of the StudioDork™ content, or your not finding what your looking for, we want to know about it! Send your Dorknificent™ work, or dramatically dorky suggestions to us via Twitter (@studiodork), , or by email ( click the contact button at the top of the page ^ ). Again we want to thank you for letting us Dork up your day!

These paintings evoke the 1980s in all its plastic neon-pastel cocaine glory " alt="title" /> Yoko Honda was a teenager in the 1980s, a fact that is evident everywhere in her work. Her images unstintingly evoke Los Angeles and Miami of the coked-up Miami Vice years when Michael Jackson and Madonna dominated the pop landscape, when Corey Hart wore his sunglasses at night and Frankie Goes to Hollywood urged listeners to “Relax.” Patrick Nagel‘s sleek women adorned the cover of Duran Duran’s Rio as well as the living rooms of many a day trader. As Rachel Shearer writes,

How to paint traditionally in Photoshop 08. Connecting elements After a while it's good to have an overall look and to connect again with all the elements. I add new layers with Image Adjustments and bring everything up to a similar level of detail. A more dramatic light source will enhance the image, so I introduce more sun rays in the background. A quick way to paint them is to create a layer above the image, apply Motion Blur with the desired direction, set the layer mode to Screen, adjust Layer Opacity and paint some stripes in a Mask.