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Atlas of True Names

Atlas of True Names

s Magazine Winter 2011: The Rise of Enlightened Sexism by Susan J. Douglas Is the ‘F’ word co-opted by conservatives & consumerist media? Where are real icons & core values? On The Issues Magazine, Winter 2011, considers feminist icons, feminist values and feminist cons. The Rise of Enlightened Sexism by Susan J. Today, we once again have what Betty Friedan famously called "a problem with no name." At the same time, these young women get the message loud and clear that the absolute last thing they should embrace is feminism. After reviewing the media fare geared to girls and women since the early 1990s, I came to see a rather large gap between how the vast majority of girls and women live their lives, the choices they are forced to make, and what we see -- and don't see -- in the media. What the media have been giving us then over the past fifteen years are fantasies of power. Today many young women regard feminism as the ideological equivalent of anthrax A New Brand of Sexism With women's equality supposedly won, sexist stereotypes are considered amusing

Some paradoxes - an anthology Confessions of a Car Salesman — Car Buying Articles Republished: 05/04/2009 (Original Date: 01/18/2001) Car Buying Learning Center What really goes on in the back rooms of car dealerships across America? What does the car salesman do when he leaves you sitting in a sales office and goes to talk with his boss? What are the tricks salespeople use to increase their profit and how can consumers protect themselves from overpaying? These were the questions we, the editors at, wanted to answer for our readers. We hired Chandler Phillips, a veteran journalist, to go undercover by working at two new car dealerships in the Los Angeles area. We invite you to read the following account of Phillips' day-to-day experience on the car lots. Read, learn and enjoy. — The editors at Read Confessions of a Car Salesman Part 1: Going Undercover

12.08.2010 - Our brains are wired so we can better hear ourselves speak, new study shows Like the mute button on the TV remote control, our brains filter out unwanted noise so we can focus on what we’re listening to. But when it comes to following our own speech, a new brain study from the University of California, Berkeley, shows that instead of one homogenous mute button, we have a network of volume settings that can selectively silence and amplify the sounds we make and hear. Activity in the auditory cortex when we speak and listen is amplified in some regions of the brain and muted in others. In this image, the black line represents muting activity when we speak. (Courtesy of Adeen Flinker) Neuroscientists from UC Berkeley, UCSF and Johns Hopkins University tracked the electrical signals emitted from the brains of hospitalized epilepsy patients. Their findings, published today (Dec. 8, 2010) in the Journal of Neuroscience, offer new clues about how we hear ourselves above the noise of our surroundings and monitor what we say.

The Animals That Make Australia The Deathtrap It Is Theres a reason Australia is surrounded by nothing but water. God is trying to protect you from the hell trapped within&&(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Trident') != -1||navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE Just The Facts Australia is home to some of the worlds deadliest animals All those animals want you dead Overrated Introduction When you look at Australia in a travel brochure , it's usually described as a tropical paradise getaway (or some shit like that) but what they don't tell you is the numerous animals that can kill a human in many painful ways. Saltwater Crocodile Crocodiles. Crocodiles are ambush predators , they wait for unsuspecting pray (you) to go close enough to the riverbank so it can hurl its body out of the water and grab you in its Jaws armed with razor sharp teeth. Not Photoshopped in anyway Deadly Rating : 8 Sharks. The three most dangerous types of shark are: The Bull Shark , Tiger Shark and the big daddy of them all the Great White. "Look at that smug bastard" Box Jellyfish

Cool Tools Gar's Tips & Tools - Issue #154 Gar’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales is published by Cool Tools Lab. To receive the newsletter a week early, sign up here. I was thrilled to discover this shout-out from Kevin Kelly in a recent Recomendo. Maker tips: I continue to be impressed by Gar’s Tips & Tools, a newsletter that we co-publish with Gareth Branwyn. I got a big bump in subscribers after this. For years, I saw other people, like my pal Kent Barnes, recommending alignment dots for mindlessly mating a jack to a plug without having to align the exact location or figure out the plug orientation. One of the most-requested projects I get asked about are DIY rolly cabinets for storing portable parts organizer cases, popular among makers. Several weeks ago, I got a message from a subscriber saying that they couldn’t believe I hadn’t written about Tim Hunkin’s latest series, The Secret Life of Components. In this thorough video and written guide, Erin St. Reader Chuck writes:

Lofoten – Arctic Circle Anomaly The archipelago of Lofoten in Norway is north of the Arctic Circle. Yet throughout the year it has temperatures which belie its position. This is because of the largest positive temperature anomaly in the world relative to latitude. It makes Lofoten an unexpected delight – its early settlers must have thought they had stumbled across an arctic paradise. Prepare to have your breath taken away. What they found there was a sea teeming with life and the largest deep water coral reef in the word. The settlers gave one of the islands (now known as Vestvågøya) the name Lofoten which is Norse for the foot of the lynx. The first settlers must have arrived here centuries before but the archipelago, because of its climate, has been the center of huge cod fisheries for over a millennia. People were drawn to the area mostly because of the sea life. As time went on Lofoten became the name for the whole chain of islands. The place is so far north that here you can experience the midnight sun.

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