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Vegetable growing cheat sheet

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How To Grow Squash Learning how to grow squash can open your garden up to an astonishing variety of cultivars, most of which are not very difficult to have success with. Squash falls into two categories: summer squash and winter squash. Summer squash includes all the varietals of squash that will grow best in hot weather and mature during the mid to late summer. Summer squash typically should be harvested when its skin is still relatively thin, which means you can harvest summer squash before it is fully mature. However it also means that summer squash will not keep as long in your pantry as winter varietals will. Winter squash includes all the varietals will grow best in cooler winter during the late summer and fall.

Dino Pet: The living lamp that grows brighter the more you care for it The BioPop Company have come up with a very different and very cool living light/virtual pet by the name of Dino Pet. This is a biological lamp that has very small bioluminescent plankton inside it, called dinoflagellates, which glow in the dark with their own inner light. [Image Courtesy of Biopop] This is where the Dino Pet gets its name from, with the dinoflagellates being inside the plastic shell. The plankton are in salt water and they need care, but very little of it, if they are to thrive and provide you with a light show when it gets dark. In the day the Dino Pet should be placed in indirect light.

Guide to Sweet Corn Varieties - Below we list those varieties of sweetcorn which we believe are worthwhile for growing in the UK climate and we list their advantages and disadvantages. Beware of the descriptions given by the seed merchants for sweetcorn, they are almost always very over-optimistic! A well-proven variety which always receives a good deal of support in gardening forums throughout the UK. This is a supersweet variety which produces long cobs in mid to late season. The plants are on the tall side so would need staking in windy sites. Restrict this variety to one cob per plant and then expect a cob of about 22cm / 9in long.

Death By Oreo Cupcakes They are probably the best Oreo cakes I have ever tried. A lot of cake's that I have experimented with before are like a vanilla cake with bits of Oreo in them, which didn't really give them enough Oreo flavor. But these were a lot better. I used a dark chocolate fudge cake mix instead of just a regular chocolate cake mix, which went really well with the cookies and gave the cakes just a little more flavor. So, in this recipe there is Oreo's in the cake, in the frosting, and at the bottom is a Oreo surprise. That's right, you put a whole Oreo at the bottom of the cake.

15 Foods That Can Be Regrown From Scraps I love gardening. Well, not actually the work behind the gardening so much – it’s the harvesting that I really look forward to. There is nothing like fresh veggies from your own personal garden! I actually just planted a bunch of things in my vegetable garden, and may have gone a little plant happy at the feed & seed store. Oops.

Plant Incompatibility – What Plants Should Not Be Planted Together By Kristi Waterworth Gardeners do all they can to keep their plants happy and healthy, but sometimes, no matter what you do, certain plants just don’t go together. Plants that don’t like each other may be responding to different environmental needs, could be in direct competition with one another for major resources or one may attract insects that severely harm the other. Determining plant incompatibility can be a guess and check situation since soil types also have an influence on what plants should not be planted together. Incompatible Garden Plants There are a few basic rules of thumb when it comes to plants to avoid near one another.

When to Plant Vegetables Learning when to plant vegetables is key to a successful garden. Some vegetables will thrive in spring and fall, while others will produce better during midsummer. If you spend the time to understand when to plant your vegetable garden, you can ensure that you will have vegetables maturing throughout the summer. There are four main vegetable garden planting periods: Early spring - as soon as the ground can be worked (soil temp. of ~5°C or 40°F) Midspring - approximately 2 weeks before the last expected frost date Early summer - when the trending weather provides warm sun and soil Midsummer to Fall - late June until two and half months before the first killing frost of Fall

Gutter Gardens Grow Produce Without Taking Up Space If you’d love to do a little at-home gardening but don’t have much space to do your planting, a simple gutter garden might be the perfect option. Alaskan news site Juneau Empire features a smart, simple idea for planting a small vegetable garden with very little space: A windowbox garden built from gutters. In Alaska, this idea solves a few problems for the author: We live near the glacier, so the soil is cold and has very little organic matter, there are lots of big trees shading it, and we have all the slugs and root maggots anyone could want, with porcupines, cats, bears and ravens meandering to boot.There is only one side of our house that gets much sunshine, and, of course, that side of the house has the smallest yard. Even if your garden doesn’t face the same problems, the idea behind the gutter garden could be perfect if you’re low on space but would kill for some homegrown veggies.

This Wearable Plant Cleans The Air For You When Pollution Is Bad It’s a simple and poignant concept: A tiny plant in a transparent backpack as the sole source of sustenance in a bombed-out world. Chiu Chih’s "Survival Kit for the Ever-Changing Planet" bounced around the design web on the strength of these images, with only glimmers of information about their provenance. But the artist’s backstory make it all the more interesting. The project was ostensibly a school project for Wuhan University, where Chih studied industrial design. "My project wasn’t what my teachers expected," he says.

From a Worcester Allotment: Growing Welsh Onion A member of the Onion family, Welsh onion are well worth cultivating in the vegetable and flower garden. They take up very little space, and the whole plant can be eaten from top to bottom.Welsh onion are cultivated both for their culinary uses and their ornamental value; the violet flowers are often used in ornamental dry bouquets.Welsh onion are perennial evergreen plants, and keep their leaves in most winters. In colder winters, the leaves may die back completely, but don't despair - their roots are still alive and they will begin new growth next spring. How to grow Welsh onion - Crop rotation

Gardeners Calendar - Gardening App for Android Phones Take the Gardeners Calendar everywhere with our Android App. The App gives you a monthly guide to the garden and various gardening guides which we are continuously updating. There is also a daily moon planting guide, and a list of plants with information on soil types, pH, sowing month etc. All this for the bargain price of £1. GreenStalk - Vertical Garden System by The Peterson Family Risks and challenges Packaging - The GreenStalk is a large lightweight planter. This presents challenges for product packaging.