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Snaco wallpaper from
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Sequin Graffiti by Theresa Himmer (6 Pictures) > Design und so, Installationen, Paintings, Streetstyle, urban art > artworks, denmark, island, New York, seqin graffiti Hat man sowas schon gesehen – Pailletten-Graffiti? Jetzt schon, hier sind ein paar Bilder der aus Dänemark stammenden und jetzt in New York lebende Künstlerin Theresa Himmer. Sie zeigen ein paar Ihrer Artworks, welche sie überall in Reykjavik/Island an die Wände gebracht hat. Sieht nicht nur beim ersten Hinsehen ziemlich beeindruckend aus, die Tausende von einzelnen Pailletten bewegen sich durch den Wind und schimmern dadurch in unterschiedlichen Farbtönen. I like: “Using Sequins, plastic, and plywood New York-based artist, Thersa Himmer creates shiny, pixilated installations dripping from the top of buildings.” If you like this Posting please “like” WHUDAT on facebbok – we deliver the best of the web daily: ___[Theresa Himmer Website]

¿Qué es lo que realmente te hace malviajarte? Bukowski te lo dice Aunque a veces podamos demonizar una sustancia, la realidad es que somos nosotros (y nuestra red de relaciones) los que generalmente las programamos para que sean de tal o cierta forma. Las drogas, como la tecnología, son herramientas que pueden lo mismo ser usadas para ver a dios o ver al diablo (ambos son trazos mentales en el espejo). Con drogas o sin drogas, no lo dudes, de todas maneras estás en un viaje. Por otro lado nuestra existencia es coexistencia: somos juntos y vivimos entrelazados no sólo a las demás personas sino también al plano de la información (o memoria): la conciencia inmaterial colectiva que flota sobre nosotros como una mermelada cuántica celeste . He aquí algunas pistas para entender por qué a veces nos malviajamos cuando fumamos un porro o tomamos un ácido, pero también por qué nos podemos malviajar cuando veemos a ciertas personas y por qué caemos en patrones conductuales recurrentes. Un viaje de LSD te mostrará cosas ignoradas por toda ley. ¿Un mal viaje?

The Geek's Guide to Getting Almost Anything for Free | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice Does it pay to be Internet savvy? Yes. In more ways than many people imagine. Want proof? 1. 2. 3. 4. Does it pay to be a bit of a geek? Matthew Toren is a serial entrepreneur (Co-founded, mentor, investor and award winning Co-Author of Kidpreneurs (Basic Principles of Entrepreneurship for Kids). The Infinity Room With this immersive installation, French artist Serge Salat invites visitors to take a journey through endless layers of space, decked out with cubic shapes, panels of mirrors, shifting lights and music. “Beyond Infinity” is a multi-sensory, multimedia experience that blends Eastern Chinese with Western Renaissance. Inspired by the Suzhou Gardens, a masterpiece of Chinese landscape, the three-lined trigram of I Ching is the main pattern that organizes the space of the work. Salat uses mirrors as optical illusions, exploding a single room into spatial infinity. via [Architizer] Views: 422998 Tags: Serge Salat, The Infinity Room, architecture, design

10 videos musicales que te volarán la tapa de los sesos Clay Rodery Si eres de los que cree que el arte del videoclip está en decadencia, seguramente estás en lo cierto. Pero es a veces, en ese punto en que un arte alcanza tal madurez en empieza a pudrirse, cuando la vida empieza a poseerlo. Es en la decadencia donde surgen los “enfants terribles”, esos seres que al destruirlo todo dejan al descubierto ruinas subterráneas y antiguos ídolos. Los animadores y directores de estos videos hace mucho se excedieron con sus dosis de Hendrix y Ovidio. Estoy seguro de que tus ojos disfrutarán el masaje psicodélico, pero los efectos posteriores son incalculables. Intentarás explicarte lo que pasa, pero lo único que vas a lograr es enredarte en un laberinto de palabras que te llevará a un callejón sin salida y a un espejo. Subirá la marea, no sabrás distinguir donde empieza la costa de la realidad y terminan las aguas del sueño. Mi última recomendación: súbele al volumen y arranca la perilla del estéreo. Forest. Zodiac Shit. The Music Scene. Ghosst(s).

Tamar Chansky: Overcoming Procrastination: 7 Strategies to Get the Job Done... Today "Bing-bing-bing!" What was that? That's the sound your brain makes when the "finishing things" circuits light up with excitement because you really, actually, finally completed something. It's like an internal hooray. Well, newsflash, that part of your brain just left you a note -- it says it's been feeling a little neglected lately. When I was in graduate school a friend told me there is no greater urgency to clean your house than when you have a dissertation to write. We feel guilty, we feel lame and we feel completely lacking in self control, but apparently what we should feel is like a normal human being in the 21st century. The number of people who admitted to procrastinating quadrupled between 1978 and 2002. 2002? Avoiding tasks has become so fundamental to our experience that it has been recently dubbed a human instinct. What is procrastination really about? Here are some ideas for how to overcome procrastination. Don't be shy. Break it down into small steps. Start in the middle.

Incredible and Scary 3D Pencil Drawings by 17-year old Fredo Realistic pencil drawings are always interesting. It is nice to watch how artist has managed to draw something like it was photographed by camera. However, the plenty of the pencil drawings you have seen by now probably cannot be compared with the following drawings which are literally mind-blowing.Those drawings were made by Fredo, a 17-year old guy from Chile who has found an interesting way to create 3D drawings.Fredo has started to think more seriously about his drawing skills when he was 15. He has learned from some already known artists in this field like M.C.Escher. Here you can see some of his 3D realistic pencil drawings which look like they were photographed with camera rather than drawn with hand.

La psilocibina - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Psilocybin[nb 1] (/ˌsɪləˈsaɪbɪn/ SIL-ə-SY-bin) is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms, collectively known as psilocybin mushrooms. The most potent are members of the genus Psilocybe, such as P. azurescens, P. semilanceata, and P. cyanescens, but psilocybin has also been isolated from about a dozen other genera. As a prodrug, psilocybin is quickly converted by the body to psilocin, which has mind-altering effects similar (in some aspects) to those of LSD, mescaline, and DMT. In general, the effects include euphoria, visual and mental hallucinations, changes in perception, a distorted sense of time, and spiritual experiences, and can include possible adverse reactions such as nausea and panic attacks. History[edit] Early[edit] Modern[edit] Albert Hofmann (shown here in 1993) purified psilocybin and psilocin from Psilocybe mexicana in the late 1950s. Occurrence[edit]

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