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Molly’s Sketchbook: Felt Baby Shoes

Molly’s Sketchbook: Felt Baby Shoes
I think it’s lovely to welcome a little one into the world surrounded by thoughtful handmade gifts, and these itty-bitty boots are just the ticket for such a reception. Brimming over with the “awww” factor, everyone who sees these Felt Baby Shoes wants to pick them up and coo, almost as if they contained a chubby little baby foot already! Sometimes when I get on a roll with a fun and easy project like this, it’s hard to stop. In this case, I ended up with a pile of eight pairs of shoes, all from one Purl Soho Wool Felt Bundle! Our gorgeous Autumn Bundle covers a beautiful spectrum of warm earth tones, just right for boys or girls. And a bright red, hand-embroidered edge finishes the color story with a zing, while adding a sweet handmade, rustic charm. I love the idea of sewing up a big bunch of booties to have on hand for baby showers and welcome-to-the-world gifts. Materials To make eight pairs of 3 month sized baby shoes: Pattern Cutting and Pinning Cut two 1-inch lengths from the elastic. Related:  Patrons de couture

Patron et tuto du top en jersey velours très simple - Les p'tits trucs de Miss Loulou Bonjour, bonjour, Avant tout, je tiens à vous souhaiter à toutes et à tous une très bonne année 2015 ! J'espère que les fêtes de fin d'année se sont bien passées chez vous. Ici, les nouveaux jouets ont pris place dans les chambres et le salon de la maison ! Bref, j'imagine que vous avez listé vos résolutions pour l'année. Je commence donc cette année avec le patron et le tuto du top en jersey simple présenté précédemment. Voici donc le PATRON DOS avec les indications en cm, avec marges de couture, pour une taille 1 (vouiii je suis un mini pouce Pour le DEVANT , il faut reprendre le même patron en enlevant 3 cm sur le col comme indiqué sur les pointillés violet. Le patron peut vous paraître disproportionné, inégal ... enfin bizarre quoi ... mais c'est normal. - Couper le devant et le dos selon le patron dans un tissu jersey. J'ai utilisé la surjeteuse pour les coutures, idéal pour ce type de tissu élastique. - Endroit contre endroit, coudre selon les pointillés. A bientôt !!

DIY Crochet Rug With Yarn & Old T-Shirts This Crochet rugs are made by Olga at All you need is yarn, old T-shirts & crochet hook. Now the images will guide you trough the process. And that is it simple but really nice! Thank you Olga for this tutorial! Source Click here... for more great ideas! 25 Handmade Gifts Under $5 If your gift list is long and your budget is small here are some great Handmade Gifts that you can make. Keep in mind that handmade items are not just beautiful but special… I love to give them and I love to receive them. Jersey Knit Bracelet Lovely! This would make a perfect gift for any of your girlfriends. You can choose the colors and recycle t-shirts that you have around the house. Cheap and cute! tutorial Paper Clip Earrings Tutorial This is a brilliant idea… and the possibilities are endless. Love it! Printed Candles Who doesn’t love a candle? Think about how many different stamps you could use to customize this project. tutorial Hot Chocolate Art! What a great gift for neighbors and teachers… I am personally a hot chocolate lover so this would make a great gift for me tutorial Tile Coaster You can buy these plain tiles at Home Depot for under a dollar. I’ve seen them with family pictures also… Way cute! tutorial Bow Belt I was amazed how easy this tutorial was. So Pretty! tutorial Paper Plate Clock Cheap?

modèles de couture do you mind if i knit: Quick pattern for Little Squares Scarf. Hello! Here's the quick pattern for you, for my Little Squares Scarf. At the end of this pattern, I show you the yarns I used. -Using DK yarn, and a size 5 mm hook, create a slip knot. -Make 4 chain. -Join to first chain made with slip stitch, creating a circle. -Make 4 chain (counts as 1 treble and 2 chain). -Do 2 trebles into the middle of the circle. -Make 2 chain, followed by 3 trebles into the middle of the circle. -Make 2 chain, followed by three trebles into the middle of the circle. -Make 2 chain, followed by 3 trebles, as before, then join with a slip stitch into 2nd chain of first treble. (The pattern above shows one way to create your square, but you do get a little bump at the end, with this quick pattern. And here are the yarns I used: Have fun making this!

Tiendas de moda outlet online | Comprar ropa de mujer por internet - Patron couture gratuit Newsletter May 2010 - A crocheted flower brooch What better time of year for flowers than spring? Crochet lends itself beautifully to a number of things, and one of those is jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and brooches. I love making these small accessories between larger projects. This time around, I wanted to make a brooch in the shape of a multilayered flower. The flower here is crocheted in DMC Senso, a fingering weight cotton or cotton blend yarn (depending on the type of Senso used), with a 2.5 mm (US B-1 or C-2) hook. This flower is also the occasion to learn a new stitch: the half treble (htr). This stitch is right between the double crochet and the treble in height, and makes a beautiful transition between those stitches. It is not a common stitch (I had not seen it before I read Suzann's book), and as far as I know, there is no standard symbol for charting it. So, now you've learned the half treble stitch. Using a sc in the picot contributes to creating a small eyelet on top of every petal - a detail I quite like. Flower 1:

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