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15 Twitter Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Twitter Ninja

15 Twitter Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Twitter Ninja
Admit it. Sometimes, your Twitter life is messy. You follow hundreds of people — maybe thousands. Staring at your timeline is about as intelligible as reading a stock ticker. How do you bring organization to your Twitter life? How do you rise above the confusion, cut through the complexity, and become a superstar on Twitter? You learn these 14 Twitter hacks. Once you pick up on these power user features, you’ll become a Twitter pro in no time. Exclusive Resource: Get a free, 30-page ebook of Twitter Tips! 1. Want to turn your Twitter feed into a streamlined and swift way of accessing only the information you want? Create a follow list. According to Twitter, “A list is a curated group of Twitter users. Click on your profile → “More” → “Lists.” Type in a name for your list and a brief description. To survey your newly-minted list feed, go to your profile page and click on “Lists.” Add Twitter users to your list by clicking on the gear icon next to the Follow button on any user’s account. 2. 3.

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Google Classroom from an Expert Educator and blogger Alice Keeler has written extensively on integrating Google Classroom with everyday school work. Spanning three posts on her blog Teacher Tech, Keeler has assembled 46 ways teachers can take advantage of Classroom, the latest in Google's Apps for Education lineup. Google’s cloud-based classroom organizer streamlines the flow of daily assignments and helps overcome teacher–student communication barriers. Earlier this month, Keeler was a guest on the TechEducator podcast, along with EdTech contributor Sam Patterson, and discussed how Google Classroom has aided her own instruction and how teachers can benefit from her experience.

New To Twitter Tips #2: Organizing Your Twitter Stream By Listing! Many teachers are still finding out about the benefits of Twitter for 24-7 Pro-D and resources. So I wanted to ‘re-run’ a post about ‘lists’ that made it easy, very easy, for me to manage my Twitter ‘feed’. Maybe the ‘list’ will help you to organize as well! Twitter has been amazing for me especially to see who I have followed, what their interests are, and more importantly who their contacts have led me to. But even judicious building of a PLN can lead to a large, and unwieldy stream of tweets. Installing WordPress Languages: English • Español • Deutsch • বাংলা • Français • Italiano • Nederlands • 日本語 • 한국어 • Português do Brasil • Русский • Slovenčina • Српски • ไทย • 中文(繁體) • (Add your language) WordPress is well-known for its ease of installation. Under most circumstances, installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete.

From Guilt to Google: Experimenting with Tech Tools to Improve Writing Feedback You know the feeling--that “gotta-get-this-grading-done” robotic trance. The blinding feeling of grading close to 180 essays. The guilt of balancing meaningful feedback without taking three weeks to do it. 5 Steps to Creating a Gorgeous Presentation Last week, we discussed how to create a powerful narrative. Now, it’s time to take everything one step further and bring your content to life visually. Assuming you are applying the techniques we unpacked, you should now have an outline of your presentation ready along with all of your on-slide content. So, what’s next? We start the presentation design process that includes these 5 essential steps:

Creating Badges with Google Sheets Thinking about adding badges to your class? There are many ways to award students badges including using Class Badges. If you would like to organize your own badges here is a system you may want to try that uses Google Sheets. Create a new spreadsheet in Google Drive ( Create a list of badges.

Twitter for Teachers, a resource Published on April 5th, 2015 | by Mark Anderson I was reminded last week on the power of Twitter which brought together 250 education professionals to London for #TMLondon. Selfies, trending, hashtag, learning and sharing all took place and not only were there 250 teachers there, there were more than 200 viewing online at the same time too. It was phenomenal. It got me thinking again about the power of Twitter. At the same time, I’ve come across another brilliant iPad app by the long-standing graphic and media software giant Adobe called, Adobe Slate. 10 Useful Chrome Extensions You May Not Have Tried I’m a huge fan of adding functionality to my browser, and we’ve featured some great extensions to supercharge Chrome in the past. Here are a few more that you might not have heard of, but are certainly worth a try. Jot If you’re constantly working in your browser, Jot is the best to-do list you could ask for: just open a new tab and add tasks or even quick notes to refer to later. Large fonts and beautiful background images of landscapes make it easy on the eye too.

Google Sites What is Google Sites? Google Sites is an online application that makes creating a team website as easy as editing a document. With Google Sites, you can quickly gather a variety of information in one place — including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text — and easily share it for viewing or editing with a small group, an entire organization, or the world. How can I use Google Sites in my class? Wikis and Wiki-like applications like Google Sites provide students with a simple way to author and edit documents, and to collaborate on research and writing. Sites can also server as places to store and serve class materials and link to external resources. The 6 Scientific Principles Behind Influence and Persuasion At the core of much of our marketing activity is one simple desire: to influence and persuade our audience. How does it actually work, though? Are we just throwing things out into the universe and hoping that someone, somewhere will find our content influential and persuasive?

Use This Image for Students Turning in Work In Google Classroom when you attach a Google Document to a lesson set where every student gets a copy the student does not see the thumbnail image of the document. The student needs to click on “OPEN” to view the attached Google Document. I have created an image that I attach with each Google Classroom assignment to remind students to click on “OPEN” and either “MARK AS DONE” or “TURN IN.” I have saved the images in my Google Drive so I simply click on the Google Drive logo when attaching files in a Google Classroom assignment and insert the image. When building my lesson set I can see that the assignment is attached.

10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Educational Twitter Account As a globally connected educator, I LOVE connecting, networking and engaging with my PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network) on a daily basis through Twitter. I wish I got connected to Twitter earlier on in my educational career (as it is the BEST form of FREE Professional Development I have ever found). Because of this, I love to share my passions behind using Twitter and how it makes me a better educator. To create a globally connected PLN, I firmly believe engaging in the online world of Twitter is a must. To get started, follow these 10 easy steps: